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  1. I try to switch up MMOs occasionally so I can come back and it feels fresh for me still.
  2. I am going to start my account back up on the 1st of October. I play on Medivh-US.
  3. PSN: TonyTwo-Toes I'm waiting on some money so I can buy a PS4
  4. You best be certain that I'm playing EQN!
  5. @TonyTwo-Toes Could I get an invite, please? Thank you!
  6. That's why...
  7. Maybe a post of all the necessary info will be needed? Cause I'd like to know the server and faction. Please be Western! I don't wanna be a furry or a nancy boy! I wanna be Scumdog! Criminal extraordinaire!
  8. I will definitely stay tuned tomorrow.
  9. Salutations, brothers and sisters! My account name is TBagg.2675 I'm currently on IoJ. I deleted my main to be on there to play with a friend. But his main is lvl 80. I'll have to talk to him to see if he would like to switch servers too. I wouldn't care too much cause I already deleted my lvl 80 to move.
  10. Sup

    Welcome, brother! Glad to see there are others willing to lay down their lives for the good fight! May your life be short and full of battle!
  11. Welcome, fellow Recruit! May your life be short and full of battle, Brother!
  12. Hello and greetings, all! My name is Tony, and I'm looking forward to being a part of this community. I've been following the AJS since July 2010, gosh it's been a while! I'm originally from Alaska, but I have been all over these United States and around the world (currently in Georgia, odd place to wind up after Alaska). I'm sure the Army had a lot to do with that. I am now free of the big green weenie and using my GI Bill to attend college for Engineering. Particularly, of the Aerospace variety. That's right, Rocket Science. But I like reading science articles all damn day, so it's not bad. Also, math is kinda cool once you get the hang of it. I love to pass the time with video games, gaming right outta my mother's womb! But since High School I've been more of a PC gamer. Only because I had the money to keep my desktop up to date and able to churn out them beautiful graphics. Although, I never take games too seriously so I am either a virtual hooligan or a horrible gamer. I'll let you all decide! I'm looking forward to making friends here, and getting to chill with some good folks! Cheers, TonyTwoToes