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Wesker Reborn

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  • Birthday 10/06/1986

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    Resident Evil has been a passion for me for years, Gaming will always be apart of me, Cinema, Family Guy/American Dad, my bluray collection, Bowling and spending time with friends/family
  1. Morning, I have grown up surrounded by Anime and Manga its hard to pinpoint any favorites. In my school ages it would always have been DragonBallZ I would rush home after school just to watch the next show. I was introduced to Sword Art Online which if your a World Of Warcraft fan you MUST watch it is reaaalllllyyyy good. I feel they will always be my favorite two.
  2. Morning, The first ever console I owned was the Commodore 64, my Dad brought it for himself but couldn't figure out how to use it then chucked it in the loft. Mum made a deal with him and it got passed to me. The first console I brought with my own money was the Super Nintendo. It took me ages to save up my pocket money doing extra jobs around the house etc but I can tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT
  3. HHmmm, This is a very hard question to answer ..... but my final decision would go towards Resident Evil 2, it was by far the best one they have in their franchise and is still the ONLY one I beg for a remake. Legend of Zelda on the N64 and Golden Eye on the N64 come in second place for me.
  4. Arggghhh first thing to the left of my keyboard would then be my Sky remote ........ maybe I can put something on Tv that's bright, colorful and pure annoying like Spongebob to distract them while I jump out of my bedroom window two floors up.
  5. Morning, I would have to say my all time favorite would be Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and my retro favorite would be Killer Instinct Gold on the N64
  6. Afternoon, I would have to name and shame a few games that really didn't live up to the expectation, the titles below were played by myself which I later reviewed to friends giving them a out of 10 scoring. Ride to hell would have been on here but watching Angry Joe's video saved part of my soul from playing it 1) Aliens C.M :- HUGE fan but I can't lie. Terrible A.I , stupid story plot, what was they thinking only I enjoyed was some of the online features a disappointing 4/10 2) Dark :- Game could have been brilliant but no, stupid story, terrible graphics, poor dialogue and combat laughable would be a easy 3/10 3) Deadly Premonition :- Stay CLEAR from this game, what a colossal disappointment, poor character emotions, graphics and story close to a 1/10 game I do try to wait to see if the games I'm about to get Joe does a video on them as I trust his judgment allot of the times and he does give a good insight to the game with some actually game play footage etc. If he doesn't then I take a risk, sometimes it does pay of sometimes it doesn't.
  7. I have allot of favorites but I would have to say top 5 would be Albert Wesker :- Resident Evil Vergil :- Devil May Cry Sephiroth :- Final Fantasy 7 Ganon :- Zelda Spawn :- technically not a good/bad guy but still a badass
  8. What if they try again with a Dragonball Z Movie ........................ I mean the last one was sooooo ............. lets not go down that road
  9. It may never happen but someone from Sony NEEDS to send Joe a free Playstation 3. They need to watch his show on YouTube and think what better to promote some of the best games out at the moment or even some of the best looking games like Beyond Two Souls, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain etc I believe if this happened and Joe does get to finally play these titles, spent some work and released some outstanding, funny and informal video's someone who hasn't played these titles yet who has faith in Joe would run down to their local Games shop and buy a copy to come home and experience how awesome games are. Sales go up, Joe gets a Like and everyone's happy You never know
  10. Afternoon Army, Don't know if anyone has started this Topic but I have always been thinking about what Game would make the PERFECT film and who would be in the cast. Through experience I have seen many Game -> Film muck ups that never really stay true to the game or even put poor actors in the frame spoiling the experience. example : Tekken, Dead Or Alive, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Street Fighter For me, I would REALLY like them to look into making a proper Resident Evil movie based on the first game involving the Bravo team flying towards the mansion looking for Alpha team. Who would play it ? that's a hard question which has always caused many people to debate over. What about a MassEffect Movie ? Who could play the Commander ? What about a Metal Gear Movie ? Who could play Snake ?
  11. It would HAVE to be Dark Souls 2, I just hope they release it on Xbox One to see it running on Upcoming Gen would be awesome. If its further in the future then it would be Resident Evil 7 without a doubt
  12. Afternoon All, Want to say a BIG hello from the wet, miserable and cold London, England. Been a fan for a long time and finally get to be apart of something bigger. Real names Stephen, family call me Steve, friends call me Wesker not because I look like him but more that I'm a huge Resident Evil fan for a long time and love the franchise. I've studied the games and films and play them as much as I can, I've even dressed up as Wesker on a few occasions while attending Mid-night launches when I worked with Gamestation and attending conferences. I do enjoy many other games like Devil May Cry, Battlefield, GTA, CoD, Zelda, MassEffect and Darksouls. I could go on all day really but thats boring. My gaming experience started around 6-7 years old, mum supported it, dad didnt. I go back to the Atari, Commador and Snes, nearly all the Retro consoles working my way up with Sega Saturn / Mega Drive / Dreamcast, Playstation 1/2/3, Nintendo Gamecube / Wii / Wii U, Microsoft Xbox / Xbox360 / Pc and most handhelds. Girl friend is also a gaming nut mainly into Tomb Raider as Lara is her idol. I'm currently looking for work after leaving my last job as I wasnt happy which is giving me time to catch up with my gaming. I have been Watching Angry Joe for a long time and I have always enjoyed his videos and mostly agree with his reviews. The GTA one with him dressed up as a officer getting into a tiny police car is by far a favorite. Your doing a GREAT job Joe so please keep it up. I wont be able to commit all my time to coming online as I'm in and out of the house keeping myself busy but I will do my best from time to time to jump Wish this army all the best in the future
  13. Only had two instances were the website crashed closing all my browsers, but other then that great job on everything else. Site looks great, Army is getting bigger and stronger each second. Looking forward to see what we can all do together
  14. Slightly agree for me its always going to be the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario Bro's, Blue Yoshi FTW lol
  15. I've been waiting for this game for a long time, and from what I've seen it looks amazing. I'm really hoping there wont be any cross platform issues as I will be playing it on XboxOne while my friends will be smashing the game out on Xbox360