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    Wahpeton, ND
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    Fishing, Hunting, Computers, and Video Games
  1. Good job everyone yesterday! We were boss and the multiple groups worked brilliantly. GO AJSA!
  2. I am glad our first pvp group is getting better, today we all stayed together and took a couple of resources unscathed, proud of everyone see you at 7 tomorrow then!
  3. Agreed I will see everyone tonight at 7 then
  4. Hello AJSA EvilGamingPanda TeamSpeak EvilgamingPanda ESO Account KeneticSteele Nord DPS I think?
  5. I have been a subscriber to angry joe show for a while and now that eso is coming out thought this would be the best place to start up with. You guys seems to have a lot of fun. Online my name is usually evilgamingpanda but I also just go by jd and I play RTS and role playing games but fish a lot during the summer. Getting back into PC gaming so you have a new initiate to break in. Using a slow laptop but it works looking to build a 2000 dollars so any help with that would be awesome. Anyway excited to be here, GO DOMINION!
  6. Anybody up for starting up a section of the angry army to play world of tanks on xbox 360 free and pleasantly addictive. Message me at evilmonkeybite on xbox if you want to play, please have a mic, thank you. I have been playing it and it is a great fun game. If there is a lot of interest I will look into starting a clan to play during the evenings. JD
  7. what games do you play on the xbox, always up for halo 4
  8. what games do you play?
  9. Hey guys, just looking for some people to play call of duty ghosts with a headset. my gamertag is EvilMonkeyBite
  10. I work from 10pm to 7 am and off tuesday and wednesday so anytime in there
  11. sorry man just trying people out here
  12. Anybody that is up for AC4 multiplayer including wolfpack let me know via xbox message (EvilMonkeyBite). It is super fun so if you haven't tried it, let's go a few rounds
  13. Hey if you want you can add me ill be playing a lot EvilGamingPanda I am trying to get some COD players together
  14. EvilMonkeyBite........i am up for some xbox carnage and fun add me bro
  15. Hey ill except that invite bro, it starts with 2 and not all COD players are the annoying ones, I am also playing AC 4 online if you have that and I have halo 4