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Everything posted by Dan4tier

  1. Handle: DarkestTimeline Ships: Hull A Hull A Hull B Hull C Hull D Hull E Orian Idris P Super hornet Redeemer Retaliator Gladius Starfairer Gemini Saber Vanguard
  2. ARK Ark is a first person/third person survival game. Much is the style of rust or reign of kings. As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive. Use skill and cunning to kill or tame & ride the Dinosaurs & primeval creatures roaming the land, & team up with hundreds of players or play locally! Ark is a huge game, in terms of geographical space, scope of content, features, technology, and just about every other metric. Ark is a survival game that plays into the same senses of wonder that Jurassic Park did in the theaters. This survival game manages to be gorgeous and fun. PROS + Dinosaurs + HUGE map that looks and feels massive + User-friendly controls + Simple crafting (its so easy even an idiot like me figured it out. + Dinosaurs + Leveling up, you level up and get new abilities to craft things. This game is best enjoyed with friends because it takes a village to build a village. + Both pve and pvp things to do. + Did I mention you can ride those Dinosaurs CONS - Optimization: Needs a lot of work. This game is a HOG. (The developers have said that this is one of their priorities). - Not enough servers for the gaming population - Load screen errors - The volume mixer. The game turns down your team speak volume and you need to go into your sound mixer to fix this EVERYTIME you load. - There will be griefers in this game so expect it. - Raptors (not really a negative but they are dicks) - Admins have to watch the game closely as updates come fast and often. MEMBERS THAT PLAY Conan, Wildfox99, Crazykidbite, Agosparti, Allen Mermen, JackDemon, Kabechet, Lazureus Falcone, Onyxheart, Redfubar, Sethox, Sniper Edge, Snipercat, Torozor and many many others.
  3. who cares if its early access. It has enough people interested. There has been like 20+ people on TS playing this 24/7 since it came out. People are also donating money to the AJSA for this game to have a server.
  4. This is for ARK!
  5. I think this is a great game and I will join you Olson! I hope more come and join us.
  6. Redeemer Super Hornet Orion Xi'an Kharthu-al Hull A (times 2) Hull B Hull C Hull D Hull E
  7. The game is balanced you just have to understand the mechanics. Albeit match making can use a little bit of a tweak. The strategy element is awesome. We play on TS often jump on this game is boring alone but KILLER FUN in groups.
  8. I am Dan and I approve this message It should be mentioned that this is an FPS.
  9. It was a little foggy this morning on server but hey its good for the crops
  10. Orpo we have around 8 people so far on our server building in our town. It is frustrating playing alone because you can only skill so manythings. You need people to master in different things to make a well rounded community. We are on TS all the time working on our town. Jump on and we would love to have you play with us. Same for you FugativeSon
  11. Well Crazy jump on TS join the life is feudal channel. Everyone congregates there to help each other out. The server's name is "AJSA unofficial Server" Jump on at anytime. Beef or Kodan will be more then happy to forge you some nice steel tools to help you get started.
  12. That one was taken from last night more to come as we progress.
  13. Commanderbeef, Mermen, and myself started playing this. We liked it so much I purchased a dedicated server (32 players) for the AJSA if you wish to play we started a little hamlet. Server IP is Edit for player number
  14. Ditto I can hold on to it for you then when you come back gift it back to you. My certs if you need.
  15. These are our current goals. TRADE SHIP - We will be working on doing this. Mermen has generously been voluntold to collect the guilda stars for this. We will be running Mermen to hand in as many packs as possible. Mermen will get the design. It has not yet been decided who will be the captain of the S.S. 24/7 Trade runs. BLACK PEARL - The most dangerous ship on the seas. Avarice, Korian, and Myself are leading the charge on this one. We will be out farming this as often as possible. If you wish to help farm this we will be glad to have you. The Black Pearl will be given out to those who help the most. (If you get the black pearl you will be required to help AT LEAST the next two people after you to farm it). FARM CARTS - Beef is helping people get those carts. We have one completed so far. The second cart is almost completed for Richard. GETTING TO FIFTY - If you are not fifty we are here to help you when we are not focusing on one of the other above goals.
  16. Everyone should bookmark this map. Super useful; very detailed. http://map.guildblacksails.com/
  17. This will be updated as we complete and add new goals.
  18. PRX is a good guild. They plant trees where they are farming in hasla and if you go and pull from their side they will kill you over and over again. I saw it yesterday. However they were really good with me. Death Law - Everyone hates them it seems. I have seen people get off in trials because they were killing death law. I have also seen people insta guilty "because Death Law". Mostly Harmless - Not much dealings with them yet. Eastern Guardians - They were on the alpha server "Omega". They are a euro guild and were known for having a glitched tree farm under the world.
  19. Hasla rift has two parts. First is the scorpions small ones drop 2-3 the big ones drop 4-5. The second part is the Yaska's they drop 20-30. You need 150 for Tier 1 hasla, 200 plus a t1 for the t2 hasla, and 300 plus a t2 for the t3 hasla weapon. Hasla was made to be ground in small groups. The raids are necessary because of people like death law who kill people who go near where they are farming.
  20. We are not a hardcore guild and we should expect such things. However a few extra fifties would not hurt.
  21. Yes you may!
  22. If there is no character transfer I am not leaving.
  23. A: All the primary ones are important (weaponry, leatherwork, tailoring, machining, carpentry, metal working, handycrafts and cooking). The collection ones husbandry, farming, mining, logging, fishing, ect... are used to support primary. Now the cool ones are left, like composition, Larsony, and printing. An example of composition is you can write music for people to play on special instruments in their houses or from their characters. The higher Larsony you have the more you get out of money bags and the less time your footprints stay following a crime. A: You can master 3 if you pay for enough snowflakes. However it is best if you master a main one and master a collection one that is needed to do that main one. EG. Leatherworking and husbandry or Cooking and farming. You will need friends who do similar things. An example is for cooking you need: fruit, meat, and grains. So if you Main cooking and have farming to grow fruit and grains; you will need someone like a leatherworker who has husbandry. He kills animals to get leather and hopefully give you his meat. Another example is machining, construction, and carpentry need each other to build things. But all need logging.