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  1. I just got the game I've been curious about the game since I've been looking into finding a mech game look for Shadow7871
  2. Hrm I shall add him in and do some testing. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Ah well there are many counter cards now that could stop Raigeki, as for why they don't seem to care? Hell if I know, probably too much weed XD
  4. Ah you have a point would Breakthrough skill work better on the off chance I can't get Wyrm out? I may give that Malefic deck a go
  5. I have a interesting Deck build I'd like to share with you guys and see what you all think, its a Skill Drain Beatdown deck with a twist! Monsters: 3x Alexandrite Dragon 3x Gene-Warped Warwolf 3x Vorse Raider 3x Insect Knight 3x Evilswarm Heliotrope 3x Archfiend Soldier 2x Cyber-Tech Alligator Spells: 1x Dark Hole 2x Axe of Despair 2x Forbidden Lance 3x Polymerization Traps: 2x Skill Drain 2x Mirror Force 1x Torrential Tribute 3x Black Horn of Heaven 1x Solemn Warning Extra Deck: 3x Gagagigo The Risen 3x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 3x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 3x Steelswarm Roach 3x Wyrm the Gensis Dragon The twist is Vyrm hes a fusion monster that requires two Normal Monsters to be Fusion Summoned and his effect reads as follows. 2 Normal MonstersMust be Fusion Summoned, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. You can only control 1 "Wyarm the Gensis Dragon".This card cannot be destroyed by battle except with Normal Monsters, and is unaffected by other monster effects.
  6. It is. I'll keep a hold of mine never hurts to have two 'Oh S**t buttons!
  7. Oh the charmers! Yeah those were handy though building a deck around em is hard but I'll give it a go as for EU card usage in NA tournaments I dunno you'd need to check the site for that though so long as their in English I can't see why not
  8. You know that could work. I must test this.
  9. Eh usually the rarely unheard of stuff, Evilswarm, Immortal Obelisk, Final Countdown sometimes Lightsworn or Stardust Assault, depends on my mood though I have a few Meta decks but to be honest no real challenge in running em so I like to try new things and it keeps it fresh. Been testing a interesting Relinquished deck that seems to do well as well as a powerful Quasar deck.
  10. I HAVE RETURNED! Sorry guys I've been busy with family issues anyhow, have you all heard about Raigeki being made legal next format? You can now have one in your deck this should make things interesting and keep Pendulum players on their toes.
  11. You do know that they are currently at one right?
  12. I believe you can so long as its in English not too sure however might be best to check the official site to be sure and I remember those cards old school
  13. Welp it happened Pendulums confirmed for TCG.
  14. On the off chance no ones seen em
  15. Yeah I just learned about em