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  • Birthday 01/16/1984

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    playing games (Paradox series, BF4, Borderlands, X-Com, Civ and WoW)
    Movies (Favorites Big Lebowsky, Heat and any trash from the 80s)
    Boardgames and watching LoL.
  1. hmm ofc the game should run well but this has nothing to do with the framerate why should a game running on 60fps have more crashes than a game with 30 fps?
  2. First of all I own a PS4 (I don't play much on it because there are not many games that are on this console and the pc version isn't cheaper and better looking/runing) and I own a PC which can play most of todays titles at 1080p and 60fps+. I think it is a fact that 60 fps is better than 30 fps. There is no game in which having 30 fps would be better than having 60 fps. But it is also true, that there are many games that are still playable and enjoyable at 30 fps (I played GTA5 on PS3 and I enjoyed it but it could be more fun on Ps4 or PC) I think it becomes a problem then games are poorly optimized so they don't get framerates above 30 fps on "nextgen" consoles and powerfull PCs. I think this problem happened to us because the consoles are to weak and people with good or high end gaming PCs are to few in regards of marketing. This trend must stop so we can get better and better graphics as the hardware progresses. Back in the day your high end gaming PCs was outdated after 2 years now it may last 4-5 years (if u stick to 1080p 4k is a totally different battlefield). So this is why I think it is important that we remind the gaming industry that we want 60fps in all of their games especially if the hardware can do it (even PS4 and xone can do 60fps if the engine is properly done)
  3. So they have done it. Not only do the do teams as day one dlc (not confirmed but this would be the lesser of two evils here) no they also tie the teams you are able to play to the console/place you preordered it from. Own a PS4 but like to play Woodelves ? ... that is your problem you get the lizardmen; want to have every team at launch? good luck they may provide you with a DLC because sure as hell you wont get it in any preorder version as of now. This killed the game for me at launch. It doesn't matter how many teams are in the game how much money it is going to cost. Bad pre-order/DLC politics are points I can't stand nowadays so I wont buy it till there is a bundle with all the races at 75% off even if it takes years there are enough games to play so I as the customer make the rules!! (atleast for myself)
  4. Caleb Mandrake ready to do things with engines.
  5. i like to play it it reminds me of enemy territory the unoffical rtcw dlc back in the day. Fast class- and objectiv-based egoshooter. I think the issue with the loadouts will solve themself overtime because u dont need more than bronze loadouts with the weapons and skills u prefer and u get lots of free crates just for playing (i'm getting random crate drops after a map at a 10 game per crate rate). The only problem i see is that u have to buy every merc with ingame currency and this may take some time. I am from the eu so if u want to play with me add me on steam: cmandrake
  6. Hey just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 30 years old and I'm living in Germany and I love games (playing since commander keen and the times of 2x86 PCs). My favorites are listed in my profile I dont stream but i like to watch u guys playing games on my off time. Due to work I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore player anymore (dont remind me of my classic wow raiding times) but I really dig multiplayer so I would like to get in a game or two together with u guys if the time allows it. on steam/origin every other network u can find me with my nick cmandrake (taken from the movie the skullz Caleb MANDRAKE in my youth I thought this name sounded really badass - I remind u I am no native speaker so duh- ) message me if our intressets go along and u like to play a game. CMandrake