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Rage DragonX

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  1. Yea you're right it was not necessary
  2. I return back to the AJSA so please help get reintroduced back into the community.
  3. Simple yet epic I approve
  4. While that might happen, E3 is just around the corner, and games like Watch Dogs are coming out which is much better then Wolfenstien (just my opinion)
  5. I liked to buy it but not on old gen systems CAUSE THEY SUCK compared to X1, PS4, and PC
  6. Since the name is guardians, most like have guardians of humanity and the NeoGaf source was right the game was delayed to 2015
  7. I find weird they choose to release these songs now since MJ is dead and releasing it years ago makes more sense.
  8. I like it and if your project gets more funding maybe you could port to Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4
  9. I buy my copy in June or get it from a friend since the hype for me is lower for me ever since I saw it at E3. I love Ubisoft games (mainly those made by Toronto and Montreal divisions since I am Canadian), but there IS so much games coming out even better then Watch Dogs and don't plan to spend allot on games this year.
  10. Banned cause you had a spolier
  11. Have fun with your channel and do more games bro.
  12. I am taking this info with a grain of salt till at least E3, when we are giving GAMEPLAY footage
  13. Question what is the prisoner's name, and when do you expect to finish the game's SP
  14. This game might change the series forever, with a better story, sharper writing, (hopeful removing killstreaks and perks) changing multiplayer in the process though it could suck if it fails at this.AND KEVIN SPACEY IS IN DAMN YEA
  15. This new COD has peaked my interest, but what remains is will it be good or "the same old game recycled with a new name"?