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  1. Hey guys since 3.0 is live and seems pretty stable. I wanted to get people together and play a bit for community nights! We can get our own discord goin and do some multi crew stuff. I really wanna run some custom ops if we get enough people. Like attack and defend outposts at night on a moons surface! Fukk yesss!! So yea if you would like to join up please leave your contact handle from Star Citizen below. Mine is treasureknight I look forward to responses cheers!
  2. Hey guys I feel like sc is in a good place right now! SoOoooOoOOOo lets do some community nights. I'll make a new thread for the fun of it. since this one is a few months old
  3. Starcitizen 3.0 is now live !
  4. I'll say 3.0 ad just launched PTU-675526
  5. Wow I'm so glad this thread kept going ! (credit to crazy crab what a hero). All jokes aside; 3.0 is finally here =3. If you have access we can hangout and search for that easter egg or what ever else! Since the new patch ac; 3.0 is much more stable. I'll check this more often and leave my handle. treasureknight <== what a surprise !
  6. Hey all TreasureKnight here!! I see starcitizen has been long lost in the AJSA community ! Well with the upcoming 3.0 update and moon landings I'd thought I would give it a shot and try to spark interest! With 3.0 I really don't want to lone wolf it ! SOOOOO JOIN ME !!!! The largest ship I possess in my fleet is the ANVIL CARACK (not out yet =/ ) which is the best exploration ship currently that is a multi crew ship let me add! So not good at dog fighting? WE can practice that by attacking each other, starting beef on the ptu, or doing pirate swarm! Have a sucky starter ship ? By no means do I have all the ships but I do have 2 of the best dog fighters the hornet and the sabre which I'll be happy to let any one try. Trying to get a healthy community is all a really want ! have any questions I'll be happy to answer them as best as I can (im up to date)!! Yeah so please let me know if interested !
  7. Well im not to familiar with teamspeak, and im counting on this forum to give me info. Is there a link or something that i missed so i can be in this.
  8. OKay well, my battle net is PlagueKnight#1416 , idk how im getting in this but I looked up the group/clan on starcraft and theres two the new ajsa and ajsa. So idk whats goin on so ill be on 4pm est today N america and if i find you great.
  9. How will I find you guys and join the event?
  10. So what do I have to do to get in this ! Starcraft is ma game.
  11. I really want to group with ajsa members in BF4. Most of the ajsa members I have as friends only play Destiny. Which is lame ! Even if we can only get a squad. Lets get together and maybe that will help support this game.
  12. Psn is TreasureKnight and ill be a combat medic
  13. PSN name TreasureKnight. Im into playing bf4 and I sold back my destiny for The Last of Us which is a great game !
  14. Please include me in the ps4 ajsa for BF4 my psn is TreasureKnight
  15. Hello AJSA, My name is James and I just joined the angry army ! I've never been in a clan or guild so I'm excited for this ! I joined the Angry Army for the sake of playing with really cool people and being able to communicate with a gaming community. Id love to support the angry army unfortunately I only have a ps4 that i just got today and not a super cool gaming computer. None the less I will support the army all I can on the ps4. When KUF2 comes out O I cant wait to help create the AJSA NATION ! I currently have Destiny and BF4 so if anyone wants to play with me or just add me im open to my fellow soldiers. ===> My PlayStation name is TreasureKnight (such a cool name). So a little about me I just graduated college and I'm a chemist. I never met Angry Joe but I've watched his entertaining reviews for years now and its about time i joined his army. I occasionally play paintball and I salsa dance every Saturday! Deem Latin girls =D. Also the only computer game I play is starcraft 2 so if anyone wants it; I'm a pretty good Terran. I Also have a Wii U with mario cart and I'm definitely going to pick up Super Smash bros.