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  1. Hey guys, I'm really enjoying the new Star Wars Squadrons game. But even in ranked, I keep having one problem. Nobody using a microphone. I'd like to connect to some people and play with them. The game is so much better when people have a mic and annoys me that nobody has a mic. I bought the game on steam. My Steam User Name is TTV Robert2424. Thanks in advanced.
  2. XL: Robert2424 Fourm: Robert2424 Wondering why i wasn't getting any messages anymore.
  3. Thanks for the support shagger.
  4. I was talking with Rune, and talked about people doing game nights and I've decided I'd like to volunteer to do game nights when I do have time. My work likes me to work allot, but they seem to like to have me work earlier and earlier which gives me the evenings, with me always getting Tuesdays off. I'm open to doing a Titan Fall event, (With a game officer present), and any game I actually own. (I'm quite poor actually for working so much). So if rune and the other Xbox officers don't have a problem with me or with me hosting something and we can discuss to figure this out, that be great.
  5. Hey guys, I'm here on and off and know best as Robert2424. My gamer tag used to be Sanctus Real24, but decided just to change it back to Robert2424. I've off and on tried getting my twitch thing going, and I like to stream a multitude of games. Mainly I'm restricted due to work, but I stream when I can and have no set schedule and try to stream when I do play. I'd appreciate and be honored if you would come by and check out my stream. My twitch channel is here: http://www.twitch.tv/robert242424 I like to sometimes upload my twitch streams to Youtube, depending on the game. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz-l-_9HoHNUnp6hdiAD6KA twitter, since twitter tweets my streams, though I can't see them...lol. : https://twitter.com/Robertf242424
  6. I'd like an Invite if at all possible.
  7. SanctusReal
  8. I'm ready and able to go. Just let me know.
  9. So it seems the new update is up, but, I can only get into Queues for Coast City? I'm guessing this is temporary and they want us to be testing this new map for awhile? Btw, I have all champions unlocked now? Meaning the ones I haven't Purchased?
  10. looks pretty cool. So long as there isn't bugs and glitches with the new stuff. Since I play the game on my laptop, I approve of the changes. Not that it should effect powerful PC owners.
  11. is it just me, or will people only play this to kill the animated characters in the worse ways possible....?
  12. add me if anybody wants to play Sanctus Real24 is my gamer tag.
  13. I'm taking a short break from it, but should be back soon to Evolve. (I kind of got dragged into a new show and want to complete watching it).
  14. You could probably poke me to join, but I don't have a partner. I dislike playing these multiplayer games with randoms, so even if its just one person it makes the game a lot better. I enjoy this game, but I don't really know anybody who actually plays it.
  15. I actully just got one of those. maybe we should make a list of the gamertags?