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  1. Robert2424 liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in Xbox One Streams   
    Greetings members of the Angry Army Xbox Division!
    In case you guys didn’t already know….I'm Chumbry42, and I'm part of the staff for the Xbox One.
    I’m interested to know who else streams on the Xbox.
    I, for example, stream SMITE regularly (anyone who is interested in learning more about the game, check out my past broadcasts or try to make it to the next SMITE training event this Saturday) but I’m looking to stream more of our events across several of our different titles like Battlefield, Titanfall, Halo etc as well. This way we can capture some footage and allow interested members to watch in on the action before they jump into an event.
    I’m interested to find out what other members who stream on Xbox are so feel free to leave your twitch info along with what games you stream on Xbox One. Maybe we can all check each other out! Even if you stream casually…leave your twitch link!
    My stream is;
    Game On!
  2. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Robert2424 in Xbox One Streams   
    Hey guys, I'm here on and off and know best as Robert2424. My gamer tag used to be Sanctus Real24, but decided just to change it back to Robert2424. I've off and on tried getting my twitch thing going, and I like to stream a multitude of games. Mainly I'm restricted due to work, but I stream when I can and have no set schedule and try to stream when I do play. 
    I'd appreciate and be honored if you would come by and check out my stream. My twitch channel is here: http://www.twitch.tv/robert242424
    I like to sometimes upload my twitch streams to Youtube, depending on the game. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz-l-_9HoHNUnp6hdiAD6KA
    twitter, since twitter tweets my streams, though I can't see them...lol. : https://twitter.com/Robertf242424
  3. TheTitan liked a post in a topic by Robert2424 in The Infinite Crisis Community   
    I play this game occasionally. 
  4. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Robert2424 in wow really A TELLTALE episode two is messed up   
    New Games seem to have tons of gliches day 1. Its becoming a common trend. So I beleive thats why beta's and Alpha's are becoming more common. Witch I'm all for. 
  5. Robert2424 liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in So, can someone tell me why Batman has turrets on the Batmobile?   
    Because he's the motherf#cking Batman.