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About wasuuuup

  • Birthday 03/29/1995

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    metal music
    game designing
    games offcourse :D
    and journalisme (i'm a student journalisme so that explains it)
  1. well maybay i will give it a go then but unfortunatly i will need to sort a lot of problems with my pc first
  2. well i really heard a lot about dota2, like it's the new legeau of legends and stuff. But is it really good or just your average rpg? And thanks i'm really glad to be here
  3. okay edited as you requested, i think it's okay like this. Sorry i really just joined so t's all new to me
  4. sorry just read the rules, so since i' not a member yet just ignore this one
  5. Hi guys i heard about this cool new game called heroes & generals Anyway it's a planetside2ish MMO situated in WW2. You get your massive battles, lot's of guns and vehicles, you can even ride a bike into. After playing mysel i really got to say, this game impressed me. It does deliver an authentic WW2 experience and it just feels so right. I just tought it would be really cool to charge in those massive battles with the angry army. Even more since after yo reach level 3 the fight consists of 1 huge battle map (just level 2 atm but multiple video sources confirm this) so we can all play together. so here are my pro's and cons pro: solid WW2 feelinga pretty good range of weapons and vehicles, considering it's open betaIT'S FREE so we can all play it, no reasons not toit is not pay to win, in game currency has a fair earning ratecontra: gameplay does feel a little rough sometimessome hystoric info allong with the game would have been coolqueueing can takes more than 1 min 30 for most of the timeso that's it for heroes & generals, i hope you guys give it a chance an join the allies just like i did
  6. So hi guys My name is Yoeri in reall life, but in most games my name is road2war (yeah i know it's a cheesy name, give me a break). Aaaaaanyway, i study journalisme, practice javelin throw, play guitar, do a lot of partying, and gaming ofcourse. I've never been much of a community man, but after watching just about all andry reviews, it seemed quite cool to sign up myself. So here I am, I don't think I know any of you guys, but i'd like to get to know all of you. What games do you guys like, what are your other intrests, you know social stuff (an no i'm not a stalker, just trying to be friendly ) I guess that's about it for this post, please forgive some possible hilarious spelling errors, i'm a belgian and speaking english works a lot better for me then writing it.