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    York, SC
  1. I know that Zombie Army Trilogy was just released 3 days ago and I think this game is a real hidden gem that a lot of folks will over look! Its a digital only download as far as I can tell on PSN for PS4 only and 10 bucks off for plus members. I played this last night and had a real blast, its worth a look and imo. As far as I can tell there has not been a whole lot of advertisement or news about it. I did a lot of research on Zombie games one night and that is how I found out about it. Its made by Rebellion who also brought us Sniper Elite III. So this is a gem and a lot will miss it and miss out.
  2. Are you Doc Mesmer? had an awesome and fun run with you and funk two nights ago! Oh I am Trip Diddy or Bop!
  3. Oh my, I had put 15 gold at the top and then later on 15 at the bottom in the secure area, my bad as I had pm'd ya. Logging on now to see who stole our gold!
  4. Yeah give me a minute to relog on and I will donate some gold to the guild! Hopefully for the new hall or a kewl feature!
  5. I bought the Magic Carpet myself the other day and can say that I don't regret my purchase, but 40 gold for 263 gems was a lot, but still no regrets. I have a couple brooms from last year that my Asuran Ranger rides around on and another one for an alt human ranger. All in all the Black Lion Trader does have some kewl skins and I would like to see them keep up with the designs more, I enjoy buying them as much as I play! Your purchase sounds awesome congrats and enjoy them!
  6. I am trying to join yalls guild on NSP, My id is Horizontal Bop.1802, I had put it on another page and maybe I read it wrong is all. I think I posted in an incorrect area lol, except in the last few days in EotM, please invite me is all. I am dedicated to yalls guild!
  7. Hey I am Bop and have been on NSP since pre launch, my id is Horizontal Bop.1802. I have 3 GW2 accounts and love the game and 5 GW1 accounts, love that game as well. I can download and use TS or Vent too, just need to look for my mic is all lol, maybe buy one in a few hours. I would like to be a member and if yall could teach me WvW I would appreciate that as well, I have done that as well and enjoyed it!