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  1. I don't have many PC gamer friends, so I am down to play with anyone *cries eternally* johnythehero#1783
  2. That's a big blow to Microsoft's funds
  3. by basic I mean that I know how to manuver around computers pretty well, but I don't have much experience with coding or anything like that.
  4. Is Windows 10 stable enough for basic use? I obviously will clone my current drive to an external in case of problems, but is it okay for use at the moment?
  5. did you mean ps3?
  6. except for the fact that, I don't know, some people don't have a PS4 or One but want to play with people *shrugs*
  7. well 1 its cross generation, and 2 the PS3/XBONE are supposedly going to last 10 years. I HIGHLY doubt that though,
  8. I look at this game like most MMO launches. There is VERY little there, and is almost boring. Fast forward 3 or 4 years, and there is a mountain of content that would take months of constant playing to finish.
  9. That makes me feel much better. I am hoping that they do something to where they put out a large update every month where they add massive content (not expansion size, but something like a bunch of weapons, new enemy types, etc
  10. I think the Single player missions are there to just familiarize you with the locations and give purpose to strike missions and what not. I have a feeling that the expansions are when the story starts to actually do something.
  11. I honestly don't give a damn if its 30 fps or that its on a console. I think it is a lot of fun, and there is a lot of content that isn't visible on the surface. I would probably give it a 7-8/10 The story missions so far are kinda average (story is actually pretty cool), but the raiding missions and the heroic deals are where all the fun is. You just can't get access to them until lvl 20. EDIT: We will probably see what they did with that time and money in the expansions because that's the current game market unfortunately
  12. Well the little girl his is daughter and it doesn't let you do anything outside of that kind of relationship. The sister deal is based on that originally Leafa didn't realize that Kirito was her "brother" (they aren't actually related iirc) and fell in love with him.
  13. The combat system works like an MMO, the best thing to do is to let the auto attack do its job and just out dps them and use burst/skills when needed. The conversations are meant to simulate small talk, thats why it doesn't seem to make sense. O means disagree, and R means agree. There is a pattern to what they say and what to respond with. For example, with Asuna if she says something with legendary in it like "legendary table" or whatever, its always disagree. Conversations also work best when your in one of the "dating spots" around town. The best one seems to be the fountain in Arc Sophia, Whenever the party member says something in a yellow chat bubble, hit circle and their enjoyment of the convo goes up MUCH faster. Its how you get them in the mood to hold hands and trigger the bedroom scenes.
  14. The "Normal" part of the game (outside of all the hidden event story missions with each girl) isn't very long probably due to the fact that infinity moment was on Vita AND PSP so there is/was a memory issue.The Hollow Area is purely VITA which is why there is so much more content in it in comparison. That and the fact that the Hollow Areas are usually much harder than the regular floors (aside from the bosses). Edit: To answer the second paragraph, its a JRPG. It's not really a JRPG without the harem lel
  15. That moment will follow me forever haha. The games are good and there are SOME moments where you can really see how messed up he is on the inside. I haven't played them in a bit but if possible I HIGHLY recomend playing them in Chronological order and not the sequence that they came out in.