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  1. Ok, they aren't really that ''boring and stale'' But they feel a little drawn out if you know what i mean And i'm really passionate about my animes, because i often get super attached to certain characters easily :9
  2. Yeah, I love watching anime as well! But i generally don't like the big ones like One piece, Naruto, Fairy tail, sword art online and such cuz i find them boring and stale. But one series i can recommend is Kuroko no basket. It's a sports anime and i KNOW some people don't like sports animes cuz they are often terrible but this one really stands out. It's one of my favorite animes and season 2 is currently underway. I recommend everyone to atleast take a peek, being an anime fan or not
  3. I would like to play on Underworld, cuz i've been seeing many people in the AJSA in there as well, but i don't know the exact numbers so i can't possibly say a straight answer.
  4. Lions arch is pretty packed most of the time, try heading there.
  5. Avarilles lvl 80 Human guardian.Ain't got impressive gear or such alas i just hit 80. (Playing on EU server Underworld btw)
  6. Wlcome to the ranks! Enjoy your stay and contact me if you got any questions
  7. Damn they released it later than i expected.. But i don't know, i guess such vast games take some serious time to develop.
  8. The endgame for the storyline i can understand not so many were satisfied about, But i really liked it, I was kinda bored at the start of the game because the quests were boring and stale, but they became more fun and diversed later. As for the game, sPVP and WvW will get boring after a while, but the freedom of doing whatever you want, when you want really caught me. When i was playing other MMO's, lets say WOW, I felt restricted by the storyline and you could not explore higher level areas because there was almost no way of avoiding attacks and therefore i was restricted from the explore part. I love the dodging mechanic and the openness but there are faults, and not so few.
  9. Watched Cry play through it on YouTube, Really awesome game and easily worth it's money. BAD ASS SEAL OF APPROVAL.
  10. Welcome to the army man! Maybe as you can see, i'm from Europe as well, but more to the northern part, i hope we can get along and build a good community
  11. From what i've seen it looks really promising, But i would recommend watching some reviews or gameplay vids before just in case. I also bought GTAV and i was really bored.. thought the story and online part would be more fun and stuff. Too little heists and characters atleast i could not connect to.
  12. In the game i've only met wonderful players, but the forums are shit. Though it is controllable, atleast for me. Check WoW and LoL if you want, i got the most negative impression on their forums.
  13. I've always been playing on Underworld, an EU server.
  14. Kinda mixed. whatever makes me feel more satisfied
  15. Nooooooooooooooo~ Dammit, i would surely have got if he didn't liink it wrong, ehh, good job man