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  1. This is unfortunate, but thank you for the info friend.
  2. Hello friends, I am recently getting back into pc. I frequented the chat lobbies for the army back when i was active, however i cant seem to locate any IP addresses or even which client that the army currently uses. I know that vent was used when I was active a few years ago. Has it changed or is a client not used anymore? Let me know, thanks in advance.
  3. Oh ok, I didn't know that I've been offline for quite a while because of military, thanks for the info. And I wouldn't mind wild star either, I bought it a while ago and only went to level 20 something guess it would give me some incentive o level up some more
  4. Hello Friends, I dont know if AJSA has done it yet but I think Killing Floor 2 would be great to do.
  5. Hello friends, I was wanting to set something up to step back from the xbox one and onto the 360 to remember a great and my favorite game, Rainbow Six Vegas! (the first one) I was hoping to get a nice group of people to play with. at least 8 awesome if 14. We would play various different game modes and maps that everyone would be happy with doing. Let me know what you guys think. Hope this kicks off, because I miss playing this with an excellent group of people.
  6. High Friends, I have a Yamaha cd-30 that needs the 2 belts for the cd tray found a part store but they go by size and what kind instead of "this is for that". can someone help me find what size those belts are?
  7. It's ten dollars on steam.
  8. Earlier this year a good friend of mine that I met at WRNMMCB was finally able to go home, after less than a year of being home he had died from an unforgiving lung infection. This is the game that me and him always started up but never completed. We did this about 5 times. So in his memory I'm wanting to finish the game so i can brag to him about it in the afterlife. In conclusion, I am looking for someone to play all campaigns with me.
  9. watch out, there are vampire robot nazis behind you
  10. So just moments ago, I was watching a video. Soon after I was typing up a comment. I had noticed that a period was somewhere that it shouldn't be so I made an attempt to make the proper changes to correct this mistake. Every time that I deleted it, I put a space, but for some reason the period would come back. Come to find out, It was a dot on my screen in the perfect spot. >_>
  11. We use cable, with the modem provided by Comcast. Beforehand I wasn't using an Ethernet cord, I was using wireless because I didn't have a cable going to my room. The cable that I installed was just over 30 meters.
  12. I am groot. (I really want that tree topper)
  13. Hello friend. I can definitely speak for everyone in the AJSA and say that this is a friendly place where most people will fit in, unless your a straight up bowl of dicks, which doesn't seem to be the case here. :3 If you don't know already there is a team speak 3 channel for any member on the AJSA forum to join chat and play with other friendly members. I am usually in it too. If you want to play something then hit me up. :}