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  1. Stats and loadouts as well as how much damage a gun will do in the end is subject to change. That is unknown. Simply go with what your eye pleases for now. One main difference between the two is the capability of holding more cargo for the Avenger.
  2. Why always the 'or'? You can also like both or simply let someone else have fun when you don't.
  3. That's pretty cool! I can't participate though. Live across the North Sea. ARGH!!
  4. How can a company flop when it already has customers that even payed more than 5x times for the final product? This world is suffering from troll journalism. It's a way of making money apparently.
  5. I have no favorite yet. For that i need to play all of it first. I'm one of those people that is open to everything till a decent choice on experience can be made.
  6. They can't just shut this down. At most a video can be blocked. Everything is on YouTube so that's where it happens. There's nothing wrong with a review. There's not a single judge that will not let you have a personal opinion on a product too. A company from another country has even less to say about what happens on a server in America when everything is according the rules and constitution. When a company wants to bring down a part of the community then they admit that they're failing in communication with their own customers. That's mainly it. In the end they never win.
  7. I'm using it too. Works great.
  8. I guess it's hard to give a verdict on a work in progress.
  9. Oooow.... That lady sounds so very innocent.
  10. The black only doesn't come stock with missiles and jail cells. You can still buy and fit missiles later. It has 30 freight units more too. The only thing is the main engines that are different for now. And yeah, who needs Constellations when there's 890's to earn.
  11. So they go dark afraid of too much negative publicity...
  12. Well... I've seen it yesterday for the first time. When i saw someone talking about transverse i was thinking about transsexuals in the SC universe lol. Oh dear...
  13. There's might be the Cutlass variations first or perhaps at the same time, however that is unlikely.
  14. I'm wondering why they gave themselves only a month or less to reach the 500.000 goal. It's not really a Kickstarter is it. They can give themselves as much time as there's needed. Why they don't give themselves an extra month of marketing is something i don't understand when a large portion of the community isn't aware of their existence.
  15. The presets are basically just a color layout. You can change everything else to your own needs and likes.