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    Sam Desel
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    Videogames and watching Angry Joe
  1. Hello and welcome to the Angry Army! You will have a lot of fun experiences!
  2. Welcome to the Army, Friend (:
  3. Welcome back, again lol. You're in good company
  4. Although, pretty nooby I would love to play with the Angry Army in such a beloved game! CrippledHobo.7624
  5. Hey guys, looking for some people to play Overwatch with over weekends! Enter your Battlenet in the replies!
  6. The Angry Army welcomes you, JrMoon
  7. overwatch

    Or... Maybe a BastionBot with like 100 armor and he goes around punching people and supplying armor
  8. overwatch

    AS cool as the idea may be, I think we are both slowly describing Reinhardt lol
  9. Hello Forum, I am recently getting into Total War games. I have a pretty powerful PC too. I beg the question to ask, What is your guys' favorite Total War Games and Why? Thanks so much, Hobo
  10. overwatch

    Based on my opinion, I don't know if this is correct or not But I think that they have to have health too. So that when they penetrate through the armor they can have an easier time killing the tank. And one kind of exists already, D.VA her Mech could be considered armor and when she gets blown out, She is just pure health?
  11. Welcome to the Forums, recruit.