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  1. Ahoyhoy Mateys. Ill be looking for some DOTA 2 coaching to play some interesting heros. I really want to be coached on how to play Morphling. For a little back ground iv played for about 1000 hours on non ranked matches only, fav hero's are kunkka, brew master, lina, and witch doctor. If anyone can coach me on morphling, or enchantress, sucessful stacking of the jungle, that sort of thing id be very happy. I just need a couple of matches because ill pick it up very quickly with all my previous experiance.
  2. Complaining that an Alch, carry role, on the team is spending to much time farming, that happens any time anyone plays a carry that needs farm and your team starts loosing, the carry will always get the blame, even though they havent fed. My last angry match was with a slark on our team that was level 14 after 45 mins and only core item was shadow blade, didnt even buy Yasha and died about 15 times, refused to learn that they have dust, it was like a moth flying into a flame over and over. The annoying part is refusal to take advise. "hay friend they have dust so your going to die if you try gank with your shadow" "cyka cyka mnaayyaaaaaaa"!! "okay fellow human have a nice day" "cyka ur mum" dota2 is like my girlfriend, either a complete bitch or the best ever!