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About Olson808

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    A.W.E.S.O.M - O
  • Birthday 11/30/1990

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    Family guy 808

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    Aloha everybody!

    Real life I like to swim under the waterfalls, camping, fishing, drink alcohol, and play some speed paintball!
    However I mostly be managing my company, and working my side job over here at Kona.

    Gaming side of things I play MMO, RPG, FPS, and strategy games. Started 21 years ago playing Mario, Donkey Kong, and 007 on the Nintendo. I miss those times =)

    Anybody down for some gaming send me a invite!

  1. I am agreeing with everybody on this one. "The force is strong with this one"
  2. Hello everybody! I am currently leading a group of players through H&G, and welcome more recruits to join us on the weekend's. H&G is a free to play game that has a twist to a normal FPS game, because of the hint of strategy in the back ground of all the shooting. This game offers three factions Germany, USA, and Russia. We are mainly playing USA, but for fun we try out the others as well. To learn more about the game be sure to join us on TS, and I look forward to getting the AJSA known in this game. Aloha
  3. Maybe a AJSA game coming out? lol
  4. Roger that, but do you need my PS ID?
  5. GNGTA
  6. I would, but already got it for PS4. Does anybody know if I could get the PC version if I have the PS4 version? Because no way am I going to pay ANOTHER $60+! Aloha
  7. See you guys then! Aloha
  8. @Tigerjack I agree.. Way to late!
  9. My gaming life all started when I Saw my brother playing N64, and then I stole the controller from him. Been hooked on gaming ever since.... 1993 Aloha!
  10. Sweet good list! Hero's & Generals is a great game Aloha
  11. This game is not just any shootem up game. When working as a squad you can make things a lot easier & more fun. Also the only reason you will be in a unfair match is because staged match's have higher levels that kill noobs for more points. War battle fairness depends on the situation on the map that is caused by thousands of players! That is a great strategy concept, and do not forget this game is still in beta. Give this game a chance with our squad group, and join in TS =) Aloha
  12. Sweet! See you all during Hero's & Generals! Aloha!
  13. Only 1 server to join =)
  14. @baron- = Olson808 Aloha
  15. Welcome! Silvaqua & Brandykins1982!