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  1. Just wondering does anybody still play GTA5 on pc? I am looking for some people to do missions with
  2. Ok that is bull so you can't join party chat unless you have Gold
  3. If they can not make it so average and boring then maybe. I don't typically trust Ubisoft and Watchdogs one was a perfect example of bait and switch and their more recent game The Division was a good example of how to mess up a good idea and ruin multiplayer
  4. Hey guys i just bought an xbox one today sadly didn't have enough to get XBL Gold or any games yet but if you want to add me on Live gamertag is Sargefan19 I am realy kinda hoping to get halo 5, masterchief collection, gears, Forza 6, and prob arkham knight
  5. Why the hell does everybody think that change.org means anything. I am sorry but it has been said before the people who make decisions don't really care about petitions for stuff on a website which was never intended for stuff like this. The fact that it is not on pc and there is no talks about it coming to pc is a huge clue that there prob won't be a pc port of the game in the works.
  6. I personally myself stopped caring about Call of Duty because MW2 because it became less skill based and more run and gun spray and pray bullshit and IW giving the giant middle finger to the pc fanbase. I am honestly waiting ofr Bethesda to announce a new engine for their next game or an actual new IP
  7. I have never seen rampage due to the fact i do not want to support that prick in any way shape or form
  8. I demand the original title!!!!
  9. I don't consider anything by Uwe Boile (or however you spell that fuckers name) a real movie. The only decent thing he ever made was i think purely by him having dumb luck was the one where the dude goes around killing people in a padded suit. It has been proven that is films are nothing but a tax loophole. Also as for "why not make them longer?" beause most movie goers don't want to sit through a movie over 2 hours.
  10. because you have alot of backstory or characterization to fit in a short period of time as well as being the production company telling you what it has to be. Which is why you see these movies being turn into copy paste clones with diffrent characters.
  11. But the EF focuses on Pc games which is what Snapplemonkey is trying to say
  12. Everybody i know who played the beta liked it and unless the beta is like 80% of the full game can easily see it being enjoyable for a while
  13. EF just announced we are having it as our march game
  14. Can't wait lets kick ass
  15. Paintjobs are unlocked as you gain levels