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  1. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in What Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Have To Do To Top The First Red Dead Redemption   
    Nothing. As long as it has a story as good or better than the first one I would accept the same exact game! Although I like the kooky side-quest idea, those were fun!
    I can tell you what would completely ruin it is an over-focus on the multiplayer. The market is saturated with AAA multiplayer games, particularly those that have a lot of micro-transactions. What I really want is a good, solid single-player experience that last at least 18+ hours.
    That totally came out wrong.
  2. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in AJ and Zelda stuff   
    I don't think so, unless they changed it. I know I reported, flagged, and disliked videos that were really getting fucking annoying and clickbaity and it kept on showing up for me.
    Like I don't watch PewDiePie at all, but i keep on saying his latest fucking clickbait videos and his fucking desperate tactics like "IM QUITTING YT" and then he rambles about something that has nothing to do with leaving. I fucking reported, blocked and disliked all these videos, but more I do it, more it appears. 
    You can block people on YT, but it still shows their shit in recommended I think. There is a YTer I blocked months ago and since then I haven't seen his shit around, but it took like a week for it to work.
  3. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Shagger in AJ and Zelda stuff   
    You could try not believing a what that clikbait driven idiot who's video you posted and watch Joe's video...
    So basically, yeah. Joe is fed up, as anyone would be in his position, of Nintendo doing what thier doing on youtube as video like his clearly comes under fair use but Nintendo constantly claim them anyway. He made the preemptive threat about "taking them to court" over his planned Zelda Angry Review video for that reason, and you know, it's about time somebody did. So if it comes to that, I say good luck to him.
  4. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in UFC 207: Nunes vs Rousey. Who will win?   
    Phew. Good thing I didn't bet.
    CM Punk performs better than Rousey. That's pretty sad.
  5. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Gaming year of 2016 - Was it any good?   
    As long as I can have one game to tie me down then I'm good. Thankfully, Overwatch is that game. I don't see myself uninstalling that game anytime soon.
    Naruto storm 4 was a lot of fun too, especially when you have a few friends to fight against. Now I'm just hoping Xenoverse 2 will improve on the many faults the first one have. Always thought that game had a lot of potential that sequels could actually reach. Then again, it might only give us an added character roster so who knows. 
  6. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in PlayStation Now is coming to PC!!!   
    Well it is technically possible to hack a network using as homebrew console if the homebrew has been designed to do it, it's just not common.
  7. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in PlayStation Now is coming to PC!!!   
    I know. It's almost as if it's been derailed or something. The topic in mind was not how often sony gets hacked, but whether it's possible to pirate streamed content. I said sure since if the network to both microsoft and sony can be hacked then why not? Shaggy just stated that it was such a long time ago, being a year and a half and all. I stated then that well hacks do continue at least through accounts because yolo. Finally, you stated that it doesn't count or whatever.
    Yes, but only one of those things you've brought can relate to psn accounts being hacked. It's feasible through the playstation site sure, but homebrewing the console open options to hack your own console, not the network.
    Nah. It's fine.
  8. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in The hell is Konami doing to Metal Gear?   
  9. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Overwatch   
    Thought this was hilarious.
  10. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Overwatch: The Mercy Rant   
    "No wonder they call Mercy the momma of Overwatch. She is like a single mother trying to take care of 5 children, but the problem is her children are mentally deficient and are all carrying some kind of weapon." - Best fuckin' Mercy quote ever.

    That's how I literally feel when I play Mercy every damn time.
    "I need healing", but teammate runs away to death and then says, "Mercy idiot why don't you heal me?"
    Plays Reinhardt, but complains that his health is at 70%, but he forgets he is a tank and doesn't need me to babysit him, if there is a Genji or McCree at 40%, meaning they need 2 more shots and are probably dead so OF fucking course I will go heal them quickly and then jump to you Reinhardt, you big headed....dumbass.
    When I'm getting chased by damn cybernatic ninjas and freakin' cowboys and I'm getting focused in middle of battle, but nobody gives a shit to PROTECT THE MERCY, the one that HEALS THE TEAM, the CAREBEAR of the team, of course I'm just gonna fuckin' switch to playing my main Pharah and try to win the game by rather blowing the enemy team to pieces. Sure, I can play some other healer, but I'm really best at Mercy. Lucio I can do good with, but that really depends. I'm usually good with him on some maps. I completely avoid Zenyatta, just don't ask why, but I can't stand playing  that dude and I'm pretty good with Ana and since the last 2 patches, I have more success rate with her than Mercy.
    Last 3 games I played Mercy, I freaking lost. 2 games I avoided losing after I actually said, "fuck it" and switched to Pharah and just destroyed the enemy team. What's the point of healing and taking care of a team that's:
    1. Lost and doesn't know what to do. It's literally useless, I mean...you might as well die.
    2. Doesn't care to protect you when you need help. I MEAN SOLDIER 76, YOU HAVE A FUCKIN' AOE HEALING ABILITY, HELP ME HEAL YOU....UUUGH! Fine, you aren't getting any of my damage and healing buffs you aimbotting bastard!
    3. Everyone cries "HEAL ME!", but when you near them, they run away.
    Every time I play Mercy, I'm like bleeding and dying, while trying to heal my teammates and I'm standing there, almost dead and just watching my team and holding my freakin' head

    In 4/10 games NOW, Mercy feels viable to me. Even tho she got her buffs to her damage booster and ultimate, I feel like she is currently very useless and due to her lack of mobiliy without teammates being nearby, she is an easy target to focus down, specially with Zenyatta buffs, who can now like do INSANE damage and Ana who can just put you to sleep and poison your ass and with her grenade thing, make your heals useless.
    I rarely enjoy playing Supports in games, but holy crap, Overwatch took support class to a whole other level, by making them viable for fighting while still havin' great utility, BUT Mercy even tho she had a handgun that does good damage, it's still kinda hard to hit when you have Genji speeding towards you jumping, McCree being able to snipe enemies with his current Left click buffs, Zenyatta who can 1v1 almost offensive classes, Ana who can also destory your healing, put you to sleep and do pretty decent damage and Lucio who is very mobile, pretty tanky and has much better healing IMO, with his AOE heals.
    I have a feeling Mercy now requires babysitting and help to protect her, but problem is, that's not the problem in MERCY, that's is the problem in teammates who don't give a shit about their healer. They wanna be healed, but they don't wanna watch your back.
    And then when you do a game winning ultimate or heal most of the team during the game, some idiot Junkrat gets upvoted cauze he pressed Q inbetween 5 people and got a triple

    Anyway, this video legit shows the pain of every Mercy player rigtht now
    Sorry, I had to go on a rant now. Just had several bad Mercy games in row, despite doing great without any of my team's protection. I'm not a Mercy main or anything, but if I have to play supports I go for either Mercy or Ana.
  11. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in No Man’s Sky players defy the odds to meet up, but can’t see each other at all   
    With them pushing the idea that "the world is so vast, you have a 1% chance of meeting another player" or whatever, it's easier to believe that it's hiding the fact that it's multiplayer is bullshit. Just leave it as always online and hope the consumers believe in what you're pitching.
    What's the budget to this game anyway? It's hard to believe that this indie group could make something not only vast, but player populated as well?
  12. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by FakeAvus in [SOLVED] Upgrade to Windows 10?   
    I upgraded all my computers to Windows 10 long ago... The best way to do it... - CLEAN installation. Latest Windows 10 ISO/media creation tools accept Windows 7/8/8.1 product keys for activation. So you don't have have upgrade on top of your Win7/8 to activate and then perform clean install again.
    Many people are having problem after Win10 upgrade are because:
    - Their previous OSes were already fxxked. Windows upgrade IS NOT Windows fixing. You will be LUCKY if your old Windows problems are gone after upgrade but don't bet on that. Most users never admit they fxxkup their own computers... Blame MS is the easiest way.
    - incompatible software. These should apply to those old ass software or some "custom made" software. But most people here are talking about gaming computer and that should not be a problem. Also, Windows 10 (like Win7/8) supports "compatibility mode"... google this.
    - incompatible hardware. This should be the only reason people should be careful before upgrade. But Windows 10 upgrade tools should told you if your system hardware are good or not. From my experience, (old) video card/GPU having the most upgrade issues. Windows 10 "cut off" a lot of older GPUs. But again, in here - a PC gaming forum, this should not be a problem. I don't think many PC gamer are/should using a very old computer/GPU for PC gaming...
    And for those who scare about MS are "sniffing" around with Windows 10 (telemetry and data collection), BTW, MS was doing that long ago even with Win7/8. So this is not really a valid reason not to upgrade Windows 10.  And yes MS is doing (and will do) more than ever, but so do Apple, Google, Steam... You are living in 2016 not 1996 anymore. It is a connected world, deal with it.
    There is also a tool to cut off some of the MS telemetry and data collection...
    Spybot Anti-Beacon

    Windows 10 has lots of those should be blocked... like WiFi Sense, P2P Windows updates outside local network... It will also prevent MS update re-enable some of the services you blocked. But I would still run this program to make sure once a while. There are more "sniffing" services in the optional tab, but I didn't block all because I use some of them.

  13. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Biggest Surprises/Letdowns   
    I'll start with the disappointment cause it's the easiest one to answer: it's Metal Gear Solid 5. Basically the story is terrible, open world environment is boring as fuck, the enemy bases don't even provide the amount of depth ground zeroes had which is sad, 90% of the narrative is in cassette tapes, most of the missions provide no substance, and the ending left me feeling rather cold. I thought 4 was the low point of the series, but this game don't even feel like a main entry point. It's not metal gear solid 5, It's peace walker 2. To be overly-dramatic, I think this game single handedly killed any hype I could ever have for a video game.
    I think my biggest surprise was Devil May Cry 3. I remember liking the first game, but I wasn't exactly crazy for it as an up and coming franchise. Didn't help it when the sequel turned out to be garbage. Basically, it took me a while to pick up 3 and I'm so glad it did because I end up grabbing the special edition. Once I started playing I could not put the controller down. The combat was way better than anything I've ever played and if it wasn't for their successor, Bayonetta, I'd still deemed it the best the genre could offer. It was just so much fun from it's gameplay to even it's goofy ass story and not to mention it's awesome soundtrack. Still one of the best games I've ever played.
  14. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Awesome obscure game music & hidden well known game music thread.   
    This mobile tactics game have a great theme song as their intro.
  15. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Next Overwatch hero: A sniper support?   
    Blizzard: Do you struggle with aim??? accuracy?? and support??? Now you can combine it all to let your team down in ways you couldn’t before!!!!
  16. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in Prey for the Gods   
    Prey for the Gods looks like Shadow of the Colossus for the PC.
    You can fund it here on Kickstarter.
  17. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Youtube hate   
    Who gives a shit?
    We are not his personal white knight army and stop making dumb posts about people with OPINIONS about Joe! Not everyone is going to like him so deal with it, OP. Even I have my own and I think he's going downhill in terms of general quality and what is being posted.

  18. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Shagger in has anyone ever met Joe?   
    * Every night in my dreams, I see him, I feel him!
    That is how I know him... Oh Joe........*
  19. SgtMerrick liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Star Wars Battlefront Angry Review   
    Why are there emotes in this game? Seem like the most pointless addition you could think of for a shooter.
  20. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Joe does Infomercials   
    It's okay to be Angry at Joe.
  21. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Ranisel in Joe does Infomercials   
    Around to what? Being your slave and doing what you tell him how you tell him? You're right tho, If you don't like It unsubscribe, but not because you want him to change to your liking, but because you personally don't like the direction he is going in.
    Oh no! Things change! Who woulda thought? Holy shit guys, THINGS CHANGE! WOW! 
  22. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Youtube hate   
    Jun 25, Apr 17, Apr 10, Mar 19, Feb 23, and Feb 21. Straight from youtube itself, these are the published dates of every angry review Joe have done this year, excluding rapid fire and that shit with the oculus rift. Easy to say, I don't think the guy have been slacking off on his regular reviews. Yes, he created other types of content to keep the payroll going, but it's not like it's some painful shit to watch. Hell, from all the bs that pops up on my subscriber box, I'd say his movie reviews or whatever is pretty tamed, something that easily ignored. They're not even that bad tbh, just not as entertaining as his usual shtick.
    Personally I don't see the issue with the extra skippable content he spews out. It could be worse. He could start talking about youtube drama. 
  23. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Youtube hate   
    Me and other long term veterans have said this numerous times, but I'll say it again.
    We do nothing. Joe's a big boy and can look after himself.
    The AJSA is a gaming community set up by Angry Joe, no more, no less. We may be the "Angry Army" and us being fans of Joe's youtube content is one of the things that brought us together, but we are not his "White Knight" defenders. Us rallying together to do whatever it is to combat these people and comments would only make things worse for him and give the wrong impressions of what our community is about.
    People are free to have there own opinions of Joe's videos including the AJSA members. There are plenty of respected, long term and even ranking members in this community that would agree that Joe's content isn't as good as it used to be... including me.
    The best thing to do is ignore this stuff.
  24. TamaskanLEM liked a post in a topic by Jinzuro in Free Game Year 2016   
    Well I start work tomorrow. So begins the hard road of recovery and conquest.
  25. MadDemon64 liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Steam Sale   
    Just throwing it out there, but if you plan on buying any Sonic games, I recommend going to humblebundle instead. They got a good deal going on there because of Sonic's 25th birthday. I'm going with this for the cheaper Lost World price and to give a friend a copy of all stars racing transformed cause dammit that game is fun but no one believes me.