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  1. Our NA outfit is on the Palos server
  2. We are switching to the Palos server due to it having a much more favorable population balance.
  3. Hello soldiers of the AJSA, Planetside 2 is now fully released on the PlayStation 4 console, which means we can now become a force to be reckoned with on the Eternal Battlefields of Auraxis. In order to join our mighty military all you have to do is download the game off of the PlayStation Store for FREE and then follow the steps below. Please list your PSN IDPlease list In-Game namePlease list RegionNORTH AMERICA If you’re a North American player wishing to join our outfit friend request your Commander Khasym. We are playing on the Palos server as the Terran Republic. Operations will be held every Friday @ 6pm EST. EUROPE If you are a European player wishing to join our outfit friend request your Commander ProdiGY_DE. We’re playing on the Ceres server as the Terran Republic. Operations will be held every Friday @ 6pm GMT. OPERATIONS Planetside outfit Operations are community events based in military tactics and comradery. Anyone who is part of the AJSA is welcome to join us on Friday nights. The servers of PS2 on PS4 are region locked, so the NA and EU members are separated and thus have different operating times. Check out the AJSA PS2 Outfit Information thread for more info. Also, check this post regularly for updates on Operation dates and times for your region, as well as any other miscellaneous updates. OPERATION DATES AND TIMES North America DATE: 9/4/15 TIME: 6:00 PM EST 5:00 PM CST 4:00 PM MDT 3:00 PM PST Europe 6:00 PM GMT HOW TO JOIN - Join the outfit by following the steps listed in the AJSA PS2 Outfit Information thread - You will be added to a Planetside 2 outfit message room on PS4 - Respond to the roll call with the given message in order to be added to a list of operators. - You will be invited to the platoon by the Commanding Officer of your region
  4. The devs did not swap anything. A few members where "let go" but other than that its the same team with a different name. As for the PC, it has come back from being shut down once before, its quite possible it could make a return. If you want to see it brought back I would suggest gathering people within the community who share your idea and make a proposal to the Commanders to have it brought back.
  5. Yes. The AJSA Outfit for PS2 on PS4 is not official until the full release
  6. Welcome to the community Texas.
  7. Release date hasn't been specified but you can sign up for the closed beta at www.planetside2.com/ps2onps4
  8. Overview: This is the AJSA Beta Platoon HQ. This is the hub of the platoon where I will relay vital information about the outfit to it's members. Operation Overview: Ops are held every Friday night typically with a start time of 7:00pm Eastern Time. Updates to this thread will come weekly with details on that week's operation ("Operation Briefing" section below), so tune back every week or follow the thread to receive email notifications when an update is made. Joining the platoon: You can sign up through this link: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/27592-beta-platoon-signup-roster/ NOTE: operations are currently pending until our force strength reaches squad size (10-12) Operation Info: Operation Number- Title- Date- Time- 7:00pm Eastern (6 central, 5 mountain, 4 pacific, 11 GMT) Briefing-
  9. Please put your PSN name and in-game name below in order to sign up for the beta platoon for AJSA's PS4 outfit. Only sign up if you can be online most Friday nights (ops typically start at 7:00 eastern time) and you must CURRENTLY have access to the beta. This roster will give me an idea as to the numbers I have and allow me to connect more easily with the members who are in the Beta Platoon.
  10. This was a preliminary set up for the outfit. It WILL and already has changed. The specialization will come later when we have enough troops to do it.
  11. The PS4 outfit will be seperate from the PC. We have a lot of people signed up on the WE NEED YOU! Signup thread so I hope we have a large turnout
  12. Simple answer: PTFO Detailed Answer: if you are seeking to play "solo" (not being in a squad, platoon or communicating with other players) yet still work with people you simply need to work towards an objective, don't just go for kills. Also play supporting classes (medic/ engineer). If people know that you'll be there to heal/ repair them then they will subconsciously stick closer to you. If you have more questions please ask.
  13. Genudine. Welcome to the Army
  14. Not being part of the beta won't affect your ability to be in the outfit and I am not going to discuss plans for the outfit until it is actually made and the full game is out.
  15. servers are only available between 3pm-9pm pacific standard time. Other than that I cant think of why you wouldnt be able to log in.