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  1. If you have any citations to confirm this, I suppose I was incorrect in my assumption that Total War: Warhammer Fantasy was next. Unfortunate. I really wanted to see Creative Assembly attempt a Warhammer video game.
  2. Repeat, the next total war property will be Warhammer Fantasy. The Attila the Hun rumour may be linked to another block of DLC for Rome II.
  3. I support this kickstarter project, as the developers have proven their discipline at being capable of producing a functional and enjoyable product.
  4. I may be a little late to this discussion but I do GM tabletop games. I have opinions on the subject of D&D though. Ones which if spoken may result in some toxic vitrol thrown my way. That said, I GM everything that is not a D20 system. I try to avoid them.
  5. I do not notice. It is my library page that tends to be open the majority of the time when Steam is running.
  6. If you can locate a copy, do so. There are not many games where a battle can involve magic powered glass golems being given air support by dragons made from sand while attacking an army of clockwork men and steam powered tanks.
  7. The next Total War game will be Warhammer: Total War. Creative Assembly has already compiled engine assets for it. I support this decision to once more attempt a non-historical grand strategy game. Let us hope that Creative Assembly does not misuse this opportunity like they did with Stormrise.
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome and the easy links to follow up on. I stumbled onto one of those on my own earlier.
  9. Flagship on Kickstarter: LINK I hae been interested in the concept of a real time strategy game where you, from the bridge of your command vessel, are placed in command of an entire fleet. Where you can see the battlefield from both a UI for tactical decisions and can view the battle from the bridge itself. I am a fan of games like Sacrifice and the 1998 remake of Battlezone. I have always wanted to see that type of RTS be applied to large scale fleet battles. It appears someone else has an interest in the same thing and has a functional alpha to show off their work with this game. Youtube links to follow, though I do not know how to embed videos.
  10. Greetings to the Angry Army. As appears to be part of standard protocol for the joining process, I have decided to introduce myself. If you search this name, you will find two glaring results in whatever search engine you look through. This name is taken from the capital planet Mecatol Rex, of the Twilight Imperium board game. It is also my username for Star Citizen. I enjoy both these things, though I must admit my enjoyment of Star Citizen is limited by the performance capacities of my PC, which is about five years old. It will be upgraded eventually. You can naturally assume I play PC games, I also enjoy board games. The truth is that I enjoy all games. I am from Canada, which means one can safely assume que je parle bien en français que en anglais. On the subject of Angry Joe's show, it is something I have watched for quite some time, on and off for a few years now. Like many of you, I use his show to suppliment my attempts to maintain an informed opinion on the quality of the video games I buy. On a final note before I trawl through the forums to find a place to call home, I will reveal a point of personal pride, concerning my gaming material possessions. I am the proud owner of a still functioning FZ-1 Panasonic 3D0 R.E.A.L Media Player. I own nine games for it and two controllers. The games are as follows: 1. Crash N' Burn 2. Fifa Soccer 1992 3. Gridders. 4. Patank! 5. Road Rash 6. Samurai Shodown 7. Shockwave 8. Star Wars: Rebel Assault 9. Total Eclipse