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  1. Crap, reviewing the post title I reailzed that I did our not your. So stupid..
  2. My battlelog is Truxc, feel free to add me if you want to play, I also own GW2 if you want to play that.
  3. One of Battlefield's 4 main market stragey (rightly so) is to have beta players talk about some "awesome moment" that they've had to a game. Now most of us who played BF3(or BF4) for a sufficent amount of time have had these moments that just make you jolt in your seat and just feel awesome. Mine was in a BF4 game on DawnBreaker. My friend and I were in the Little Bird. We just got done killing a Attack Heli, so it was spining wildly out of control, fire spouting from the cockpit and the back router, making a awesome speculate. Suddenly, and enemy jet passes inches beneath us, with the amazing sound qualtity of the jets in this game making my friend and I jump in our chairs. At the same moment a friendly F-35 passes just above us, barely missing us. We were later killed by a moblie AA, but moments like these are the moments that at least to me, make Battlefield 4 worth the money. I would like to hear your "moment" in either BF3, or BF4. Excuse my spelling and grammer thoughout this post.