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  1. Hey! Don't insult Mako! XD That car could drive up any hill and survive any fall!
  2. I don't think I can finish the 3rd one tbh, I've really tried to get into it but just can't. Plus something just happened story-wise that pissed me off XD
  3. Please don't be that person. Stop making this more complicated. They are 3 different games, not the same game divided into 3. Yes, they are a part of the same story but the games all have differences in play style, etc. If people can pick a favourite film from a film series (like LOTR) then they can pick a favourite game from a games series.
  4. Just curious. I really enjoyed the first 2 but can't really get into the 3rd for some reason. I just hate the journal interface so much. The journal is ME2 was so much better, less confusing. So, yeah, my favourite is probably the second one!
  5. You haven't seen anyone ruin their lives from buying video games, but poor choices and lack of budgeting will surely derail any secure future. I'm just worried about those who do it, I care about everyone. You seem to think I'm looking down on people for gaming, obviously you don't know me at all. Actually, I don't know if I've seen it on here but I watched a Youtube video (I think it was called something like "Top 10 Hardest Decisions Gamers Make Part 2"). However, this is the only gaming community I am a part of - and I assume there are some here who may do that, I don't know. 💖
  6. I just saw that some of you use rent money to pay for games?! Are you serious?! Please don't do that, omg! Try creating a games money box. Like, get a money box and put a certain amount in it every week (a sustainable amount) plus any extra change or extra money you want to put towards gaming. I assure you, it will build up quicker than you think! If you can't afford a new game, just wait until you can! I still don't have an Xbox One, I've been saving up and waiting for the price to come down, but I won't enjoy it any less because of it. I'm playing lots of Xbox 360 games I would otherwise never have played too, and enjoying them! You're not a child anymore, you have to learn how to support yourself and survive in this world. Please listen to me, otherwise you'll end up as that 40 year old, fat, balding man living in his parents cellar steriotype. We all have great potential, but it comes from our choices. 💖💖💖💖
  7. I see, thanks for your answer. Yeah, I don't remember where I saw that image, I just remember it was being posted everywhere when people were talking about Fallout 4 being released. Like on Facebook etc. What you said makes sense though, you're probably right, thanks! 💖
  8. All of it. It just disconnects, like I already said.
  9. The rattle noise is coming from the X button, but that works fine.
  10. There is a little rattle yes, what does that mean? It was working fine all of yesterday though. Ah, this sucks!
  11. Yes but it wasn't just IGN. As I said, I have seen it everywhere. The IGN one is just a random one that I clicked on to show here. I feel like no one is listening to me, I've had to repeat myself so many times on this site in the last few days. I miss the old AJSA.
  12. Yep, everything else works. 💖
  13. Can anyone help me? It all started today when I was trying to play a game, it was working fine and then writing came up on the screen saying it's disconnected. I looked down and all four green lights were flashing over and over. - The batteries are full and new - The battery pack is inserted properly - Vibrate is switched off I honestly don't understand what is going on. The only thing I can think of is that yesterday morning I changed the shell/thumbsticks/etc. However, it worked perfectly fine all day yesterday so...? Please help! I just decked out this controller to look awesome and now it won't work!
  14. So you can compare ^^^^
  15. No, look. This is one from Google. It's the ecaxt same image.