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  1. Dude I know E3 took a lot of his time and was tiring, I understand, but Doom one of the pioneer, loved by so many people first person shooter games that has been in development hell should not by no means be put 2nd by no game....good or bad. His review on the witcher 3; a well praised game didn't get put 2nd.
  2. IMHO I just think he spends too much time on movie reviews. but who the f***k am I? lol
  3. irregardless on what others say about the game, i still like to hear it from joe, some people are bias because doom holds a place in their heart, but that's not what I want to listen and watch, I like a no holds barred review. If he can waste hard drive space on ultra awful games, I think Doom deserves the respect to get a full review.
  4. After all this time waiting you do a f***in video on umbrella corps and not Doom? WTF is happening to this show. While I love the honest and great reviews and I know about the delay on costumes, putting that game before Doom a long anticipated for so many years game that's been out for a while now get's put on the back burning for Umbrella Corps? WTF Joe, there's a youtube video ready to upload just on why you put Doom on the back burner for Umbrella Corp, and trust me that will not be a good video review. A sad :-( and angry >:/(no pun intended) viewer.
  5. So after so much waiting for a game and just hoping it's going to be good it gets skipped for a review of over watch, wth? I really trust joe's judgement about games, and for him to play the multiplayer beta then not review the full game is sad. In the recent weeks I've seen more movie reviews, joe plays.... etc, I mean he'll review a horrible game and spend 15 min on it and not video review a AAA game? WTF? Joe you need to go back to your core, great game reviews.
  6. waiting for Angry Joe's video review!!! I liked this one also. Come Joe I'm waiting on it.
  7. I can't wait to preform Jax's fatality -----> https://youtu.be/BsS_wrBNsbk
  8. As the title implies, when is Joe going to do a video review of Far Cry 4?
  9. What's a Wii U?
  10. Well lucky for you; just don't watch the last few years of the VGX (VGA) on the internet and especially last years VGX, like I said they were a insult to gaming and the gaming community as a whole.
  11. You do realize that the VGX (formally the VGA) was the one on Spike right?
  12. So here where are at the end of the year with plenty of gaming sites and YouTubers polling up for their best games of 2014, and of coarse I am very glad not to hear so far that there will be a VGX Award for 2014 because all of them and 2013 VGX show being the worst, unorganized, unprofessional, uninteresting, buffoon & stale sounding (really a Po-Ta-To chant? ) which to me was a insult to gamers and the gaming community. Even the British have a gaming award show called the BAFTA which is 1000 times better then the F****ked up VGX awards. So now we have a video game award show with backing from the platform makers Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo as well as major third party publishing companies like Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, Rockstar Games and Ubisoft which will be held in Vegas on Dec 5, 2014 and will stream on XBox live, the PlayStation Network and on PC; so you have to ask yourself will this one be any different? So my question is, will be Angry Joe be there? and also to all the gamers here, will the award show be any good? Can Geoff Keighley who was the host of the VGX's be any good at The Game Awards or will he mess this one also? Will he take some of Joe's advice and make this a better gaming award show experience? Also being that its backed by the likes of Microsoft & Sony will there be honest and neutral judges to judge who's best? Will they have proper categories and also not pit XBox exclusives vs PlayStation exclusives? What are your thoughts?.....Joe any input from you? Maybe a video on your thought? *boy that's a lot of question marks lol Hmm, no paragraph spacing?
  13. Turtle Beach X41's, only one thing bothers me, which is the chat cable goes bad quickly. Other then that the headset works great.
  14. Dude, don't watch or read IGN reviews, the gave Gears of War Judgement a 9.2 and we all know how crappy that game is, and I wanted it (as a huge gear head) to be awesome. BUT IT BLEW CHUNKS OF CRAP!! The campaign was so-so at best and only one of the mutiplayer modes was good... OverRun. This cog vs cog was the worst idea, were they trying to copy Halo with red vs blue?? IGN reviews are do-do
  15. I can't say this enough about how good this review was, I have watched this video 4 times! 1) He's spot on (I had to trade Destiny in, got sick of the repetitive horde mode), even tho they fixed some of the problems in the game it was still not up to par; plus $34.99 is too high for a DLC, $hit I payed $10 dollars more for the full game of Alien Isolation!! 2) This video was so funny 3) Beating up corporate was funny at the end ("my spleen!") lol