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    Gaming and with that streaming! Or just a chill day with a bunch of my friends. mabey some beers, i live in sweden after all!

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  1. I don´t believe we have, but thx mate ^^
  2. Hi guys! Some of ou might ask where i´v been, or just havent seen my that much recently, Thats all bc im taking a break from streaming, i got a new job and it taking up alot of my time. Im at this point not certain when ill get back into it. But i will probably start streaming again alittle now and again now. Same goes for my position on the stream team, im taking abit of a break from it. I will try get ahold of some of the others to clear some stuff up on how to go from here. But i still check my mail pretty much everyday, so if you have any questions just pm me =)
  3. Download it in origin =) free beta now, so try it out! ^^,
  4. Im having fun with the game so far, during "walker assult" its heavily unbalanced between the empire and rebellion though. And other stuff they need to fix. But over all im having fun with it, and anyone saying this is like "battlefield" obviously have no clue about what they are speaking of. its a shooting game but saying its the same as battlefield would be like saying battlefield is the same as COD >: P, its not perfect. but then again, its a beta. hopefully they will add some more stuff to make the game fun for a extended period of time. otherwise i can deffenitly see ppl getting bored of this game after some time. i just wished they´d give you the chance to give some better feedback that "choose 3 sentences of 10 that fits the game" >: P Well im still having fun no matter if i lay the empire or the rebellion ^^,
  5. Thats a good idea, ill look into tehe option of having another subforum thread, where all members of the stream can do an introduction of themself and their stream =)
  6. To clarify, just bc a new member joins don´t necissarly means everyone els know what that new streamer stream. the best way of know will ALWAYS be to ask the new streamer yourself.
  7. Hi guys I play a lot of Battlefield 4 and i would say i am pretty decent at the game being on the top of the leaderboard quite often, Not great but decent. And i thought i could share some advice for others who enjoy the game. these might be some tips that will be obvious for you, but hopefully a few thats not =) So here goes: 1. Map awareness (its crucial when i enter a map, where do ppl usually spawn? where are the enemies going right now? what flag should i defend/capture. what routes do ppl usually run? expect ppl to be around every corner) 2. Minimap in combat (SOO many ppl seem to forget to use the minimap in combat, but don´t stare at it, just do some quick glances at it from time to time, and is there a red arrow close to you: is it moving? where can he take cover? where should i go to be able to get the drop on him?) 3. ALWAYS have cover, and if you gotta run over a field? take the shortest way TO cover (the easiest kills to get, is when a person totally leaves cover, and is on open ground. It´s a very basic advice, but as with the minimap so many ppl seem to totally forget all about cover when not being shot at, or moving from flag to flag. 4. Run to fight another day (Did someone get the drop on you but didn´t kill you right away? instead of returning fire, duck behind cover regain some health and fight on equal terms again. This is something i constantly try to improve with myself, and more often than not, if someone gets the drop on you, you wont be victorious in that battle) 5. Keep your cool. (we all know that it can be upsetting to get killed from impossible angels several times in a row.. but getting angry and yelling/typing in chat is ONLY gonna hurt your gameplay, it NEVER helps and never will. take a quick break or something and get back in the game and dominate after a few min) And as i said, these tips MIGHT seem very obvious, but i have a pretty good understanding of the game, and i see ppl who completly disregards these things time and time again ALL the time. And i hope this will help a few get perhaps a few extra kills at least. I also stream BF4 quite often, so don´t be afraid to stop by and join me when i do! =)
  8. Im sure there is, but most people sell them (even if cheaply) bc making new overlays/panels and stuff, take alot of time. And with the buyer actually paying money for it, gives them some say in how it should look like. I will ofc update this list as i learn of new artists and artists ask me to be added to the list =) so hopefully we´ll get some more in here! Edit: also, i would recommend that i you dont have alot of cash, buy what feel are important first, and slowly upgrade to more artwork.
  9. Its actually quite easy, if you have alot of ppl talking while you are streaming? jsut make sure to talk direcly to the viewers who actually direct their questions direcly to you =)
  10. aah well that sucks, but im trying to plan this for about in 2 weeks or so, so where we play sis gonna be where most guys want to play on, since i am fine either way =)
  11. Hi guys! Since we are pushing our members to do co-streams ever so often, i thought it might be a good idea to talk about etiquette when you decide to co-stream with another streamer, i will list a couple of things thats good to go over before actually starting the stream here: 1. You arent streaming alone! (Remember to give the other streamer time to talk to their viewers, with that i mean remember not to go on a 10 min rant about anything. Just put yourself in a situation where you aren´t able to thank a recent follower/donation/subscriber becuase of the other streamer constantly talking) 2. How will you promote each other? (Are you guys just playing for fun? or do you want to mention the other streamers name/link from time to time? give it some thoughts and discuss it over Skype) 3. Communication? Skype! (I would recommend either Skype or Teamspeak, to have that fluent conversation going in between you guys) 4. After the stream? discuss! (If this was the first co-stream, go over what you thought worked out good and bad. to make the next co-stream even better) 5. Talking to the other streamers viewers? (This is also something i would suggest not doing, since the other streamer might be occupied by something in the game when you talk to his viewers, and it CAN look like you trying to grab his viewers from him, even if you aren´t) 6. Change up who you co-stream with. (Its easy to jsut wanting to co-stream with the guys you already know, but maybe co-streaming with a person OUTSIDE of your stream team could be at times MORE beneficial for you, since you might get viewers outside your known area (the teams/friends/viewers)) These are a few tips/advices i think is simple, but still quite important, at the end of the day we want the co-streams to be beneficial for BOTH streamers. And we hope our streamers (and anyone els who tries to co-stream) want to do more co-streams. And if YOU have any tips? post them in the thread and i might add them to the list. And as always! if you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask!
  12. Hi guys! My name is Ravenfist and im the stream team captain for AJSA stream team, and i enjoy playing some HOTS ever so often, mostly i play when im not streaming, but i´d like to get a full squad going for a stream some time soon, i mostly play on EU, but i do have account on NA (tough for Ranked i can only play on EU) so if anyone is interested in joining me on Teamspeak for a day of streaming and fun let me know either here or through a pm so we can set something up =)
  13. Hi guys! If you guys are like me and our AJSA stream team members, you want to personalize your channel with some artwork, like overlays, panels, offline screen and custom profile picture. And if you are like me, it can be hard to do those artwork yourself. So to help you guys i will here post and link how you can get a hold of some artists that can help you out, making your stream channel look unique! 1. Tacticallion Designs Is a webpage that offers graphics for both Youtube channels and twitch channels for a VERY affordable price. And they make a lot of very neat looking art. They take payment from Paypal and credit/debit cards. and delivers within 5 workday. Tons0fun also have a deal with TL so make sure to use the code TONS to get 5% discount. Go check their webpage out here: https://tacticalliondesigns.com/ 2. Misucra Misucra is an artist that has done art for (to mention a few) me, Angerbeard, Bast_50 and Greensam17. He is also a streamer and usually stream when he makes his art. He offers artwork for a reasonable price. And he also offers refunds. When you contact him make sure to talk about what kind of artwork you want, for what section of your twitch channel (overlay, panels, profila picture etc) and give him an idea of what you can afford, to make it easier for him to know how much detail he should put in. To get in contact with Misucra, send him a PM on twitch to his channel here: http://www.twitch.tv/misucra/profile 3. Taure Taure is a graphic design student, qualified in branding and user expercience. he´s never worked with layouts and GUIs for streamers before, but have done many other similar projects for other companies. He have some experience in working with very demanding clients, and can provide support and share advice on how to create proper graphic identity for you. He´s offering his graphic skills and experience to any AJSA member for free. If you need anything, from a logo to a whole layout on your twitch channel, send him a private message on the AJSA board. Check his previous work here: http://imgur.com/a/AfIw1 Get in contact with Taure by sending him a PM on his profile page here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/user/74261-taure/ 4. Twitch Overlay Is a webpage that just like TacticalLion Design offers artwork for streamers for a very cheap penny. They also offer payment and instant download of their basic artwork. Check their webpage and portfolio here: http://twitchoverlay.com/ This forum post will be updated as we get a hold of more artist that want to be put on this list, and are you an artist? contact me here on the forums and we will discuss the possibility of you showing up on this list! And as always! if you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask!