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  1. DPS Staff Elementalist Accessory: http://imgur.com/w7p4csf Weapon: http://imgur.com/El7MehH Chest: http://imgur.com/wedUkXN
  2. It seems we have a lot of DPS people here... I am still gathering materials for my ascended equipment. What are the other build can I contribute? I think I'll lean towards being a healer.... is Elementalist a good healer?
  3. What kind of event xio, inots and treeps do?
  4. Why mesmer?
  5. Great... Can't wait to join.
  6. Will there going to be more dungeon run in the future?
  7. I don't mind leading a team for multiple runes...
  8. I would love if this get implemented Once I have a better understanding of the dungeon, i'll be happy to give a hand however, i'm only available during weekends.
  9. Well..... Now that i'm level 80 for quite some time now, I still don't know what to do. I've been trying map completion but it's starting to become extremely boring I decided to read some thread in forum and bumped into this one http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/29724-so-i-gave-gw2-a-chance-and/ .... made me think trying WvW or PVP. Any tips guys or other suggestion, I still don't feel GW2 yet? ======= For items, is this one still legit? http://www.guildwars2guru.com/topic/84978-guide-getting-geared-at-level-80/
  10. Hello guys... what is 8 pm server time? Is it PST?? Is pre-purchasing the game okay?? or do we need to wait.
  11. Cool... the only thing missing is a rytlock costume
  12. I checked youtube.... its pretty interesting
  13. Since I already started with razer, I'll be sticking to it. (kinna my preference having everything on the same brand) So far... got to issues with them. I really thought the mouse you've suggested was a joke since it has the GW2 logo
  14. You really made my day.