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Everything posted by SovietMankey

  1. I think I bought mine 3 years ago and since then there's been great games coming out. Currently playing Monster Hunter 4, Super Smash Bros,; I do plan on getting Xenoblade but unfortunately it wont run on my old 3DS. Aside from the great first party and third party games there are also several indie games that are worth playing on the 3DS such as Shovel Knight, Steam World Dig, Citizens of Earth, etc.
  2. I like the idea of Goemon and Bomberman appearing as fighters in smash, however I think Geno would be freaking sweet.
  3. The 3DS version is superior in my opinion since its visuals have been improved, it has better camera controls, fixed save points and a better frame rate.
  4. Good luck with this man.
  5. Mario games are usually geared towards all audiences so many people like them. I prefer the 3D and RPG one's like Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, Mario 64 etc; I've gotten a bit tired with the 2D side scrolling to be honest.
  6. Its a really good game one that more people should play if they like JRPG'S. Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower are pricey because they're highly sought after, these three games became known through Operation Rainfall. They're a bit hard to find here in America and retail stores that have it charge a lot for them. Except for The Last Story which I've seen new for $30.
  7. It'd be nice to have Joe himself announce tourneys for the game since he put it in honorable mentions.
  8. I'd recommend waiting because then you'll have to upgrade if a game you want is not supported by the old 3DS.
  9. Its a better game than Ghosts but I doubt Joe will play another COD. Who knows maybe he will, kind of funny that he didnt play either of the Black Ops games since those are pretty good.
  10. Welcome to the site.
  11. Already pre-ordered it.
  12. These are some nice bundles, too bad not for USA.
  13. I've wanted to snap my 3DS in half when I was doing For Glory. If you know anything about fixing electronics you can try replacing the screen yourself. If you dont want your 3DS anymore then I guess you should stick with selling it as you said.
  14. I'm actually surprised to see quite a few hunters on this site.
  15. Unfortunately that's local only, after completing all selections it tells you to link up with someone via IR.
  16. People think that because he's fast, strong, gets armor/flinch resist using a charged smash(still takes damage), and the K.O. meter(loses it if he gets hit). Mac is pretty balanced but he's not viable at all in the air so I can see why many people wouldnt use him competitively. I'm surprised Falcon is ranked that high, wish I could be better with him.
  17. There's plenty of kid friendly games that your child could play. Nintendo consoles generally appeal towards all age groups so you shouldnt have a problem finding a game. I let my 6 year old brother play Mario Kart, Super Mario, and Disney Infinity on mine, it has parental lock on so he cant play mature rated games when I'm not home.
  18. Bayonetta 2 is the best game I have played this year without a doubt. Shovel Knight is an incredible platformer that does the retro style well compared to other indie titles; solid game mechanics, awesome music and so much more. Smash Bros will likely be tied with Bayonetta on others list, I havent really played anything else.
  19. I can try to play with you when I have time, send me a request. NNID is the same as my username.
  20. I find it absurd that I need ORAS to mega evolve Diancie.
  21. I'm sorry to hear that, we all make mistakes. I'm sure you'll be able to play with him sometime.
  22. Welcome man.