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  1. SovietMankey liked a post in a topic by LordKronos17 in Mario   
    That's because they haven't done anything new with the 2D games since New Super Mario Bros. Wii. XD
  2. shadowgamesFTW liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in AJSA Smash Bros. Tourny (for when tournament mode comes)   
    It'd be nice to have Joe himself announce tourneys for the game since he put it in honorable mentions.
  3. Lhouraii liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in XenoBlade Chronicles   
    Its a really good game one that more people should play if they like JRPG'S. Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower are pricey because they're highly sought after, these three games became known through Operation Rainfall. They're a bit hard to find here in America and retail stores that have it charge a lot for them. Except for The Last Story which I've seen new for $30.
  4. SovietMankey liked a post in a topic by Mad_Keith in Super Smash Bros.   
    My Body is Reggie also I prefer to use Link when I play Smash.
  5. SovietMankey liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Oops   
    So Super Smash Bros for 3DS smashed my 3DS XL.
    Well... it caused me to smash it so its the game's fault! That is what i am telling myself anyway.
    Was pissing me off so much i slammed the console on the bed... on top of the hard plastic case for the Vita, smashing the LCD behind the top screen's glass. Yep, that is a write off.
    Only got 3 weeks until i get the N3DS XL... but sadly now i cant trade it in and instead... i am left with a lemon. My own dumb fault i know, but it dont make it any easier to swallow.
    Note to anyone thinking about buying this game... dont be surprised if it frustrates the absolute hell out of you as much as it did me. That and the apparent nature of the game is causing many gamers to break their circle pads due to extreme stress. The slamming of the controls to sides constantly eventually leads to breaking the plastic.
    (here's hoping i can pawn the busted console on ebay as ''broken 3DS XL for parts only" and get at least something for it.
  6. Ninjaneer liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in Super Smash Bros 4 Tier List   
    People think that because he's fast, strong, gets armor/flinch resist using a charged smash(still takes damage), and the K.O. meter(loses it if he gets hit). Mac is pretty balanced but he's not viable at all in the air so I can see why many people wouldnt use him competitively. I'm surprised Falcon is ranked that high, wish I could be better with him.
  7. SovietMankey liked a post in a topic by Ninjaneer in Which is your Favourite Zelda Game?   
    Oh this is a tough one...... I'm gonna have to go with Majora's Mask because, that's the only game that freaked me out as a kid and why it was Rated "E," I still can't figure that out.
  8. Mellow liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in Super Smash Bros.   
    We should do some unofficial AJSA Tournaments for both versions.
  9. Capsaicin liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in 16,000,000 heat units of PURE AWESOMENESS!   
    Welcome to the site.
  10. SovietMankey liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in EA won the lawsuit over Brokenfield 4's issues   
    EA does nothing but puffery and corporate optimism. We should all stop buying games from them.
  11. fridgeracer liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in new nintendo potential buyer. help + advice please.   
    I would suggest that you hold off on the 3DS until they release the new upgraded ones sometime next year. As for the Wii U there is plenty to play on it with more great games coming out the end of this year.
  12. SovietMankey liked a post in a topic by Null in new nintendo potential buyer. help + advice please.   
    Wii U:
    For Starters you have Nintendo Land which is a party game/mini game collection and some of these mini games will get you stuck in them for hours.  Like the Donkey Kong Crash Course Mini game or the Legend of Zelda mini game.  The downside is that some of these mini games are multiplayer only, so you can't play them without another body, but the single player games are actually a lot of fun and are reminiscent of classic arcade style games.  (Meaning Easy to get into, few levels, and no story.)
    Super Mario Bros. U goes without stating.  It is a simple pick up and play game with a very robust and indepth story.....The Koopa kids kidnap princess Peach with a cake....commence platforming for about 80 levels.  Standard Mario difficulty progression.  The challenge mode is a collection of challenges using some of the stages from the game that are, so f***ing hard.  Things like beat the stage without grabbing a single coin...........with the most nefarious and evil enemy and coin placements.  Laugh worthy frustration.  Also, gonna add Super Luigi U shout out here.  Same game, story, and harder levels, but Luigi is the main character.
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has no story and the only goal is to kill monsters get loots and make better gear...fight harder monsters...get different loot...make better gear.....it's a process.  The story is essentially your own creation and if you put the game down in April and pick it up in August it won't even matter.  If you can get yourself a raiding party then you'll probably have more fun.  (The definitively better version when compared to the 3DS version)
    Pikmin 3 much like most Nintendo oriented games doesn't shove a story in your face or bash you over the cranium with existential questions.  It's something of a survival game where you have to build up your pikmin while making sure you have the necessary food to keep Alph, Brittany, and Charlie alive.  At this point I had to go pick up my new glasses from my optometrist, so my train of thought on this game was sufficiently derailed, so I'll just move on and state it's a great game that puts emphasis on a survival mechanic and the game's actual story is fast paced and unobtrusive which is nice.  It's a very chill game despite a lot of multi-tasking which the game does try to ease you into.  Throwing Pikmin at enemies is as entertaining as it has ever been and the new Pikmin additions are nice and add to the game quite well.  I didn't move on at all, did I?  Also, shout out to the single player minigame from NintendoLand.  It's decent fun.
    The Wonderful 101.......I can't talk this game up enough.  While it can be hard to see what's going on on-screen at times, because of the chaos and the controls can take a tad getting used to; I found this to be one of the most surprising experiences on the Wii U.  The story is bat-shit crazy and the characters are sufficiently over the top.    The story is funny and not to be taken seriously at all.  The combat revolves around using the game pad to draw a straight line, circle, right angle, wiggle line, zig zag line, and so on and so forth to give your character a weapon based on the symbol drawn.  These symbols can be drawn via the touch screen or right thumb stick and do take getting used to, but you'll get used to it over time.  Some of these weapons have other uses besides just swinging e.g. the Sword can absorb energy beams and the Fist can be imbued with fire to boost it's damage output.  There are plenty of hidden items and an element of retrying stages to get those Pure Platinums, but that can be a pain in this game, because restarting a stage to be a chore.  It's been a while, so I don't remember why specifically, but I do remember there being some reason I didn't enjoy stage restarting as much as in, say, Bayonetta.
    Since Zelda games have been around for 30 years I'll just place it here, but I won't beat you to death with it.  By this point, you probably know what Zelda is and are probably best left to your own devices on it.  Suffice if to say, Wind Waker HD is one of my personal favorites in the series and if they deliver on what they've been hinting at with Zelda U then it will probably be my favorite game on the Wii U and has of all time potential, but that's just heresay bull crap right now.
    Sonic Lost World ins't the best Sonic game by any means, but it's decent enough fun.  There isn't anything particularly awful about the game, but there isn't much to sing it's praises either.  You can really just say it's a bright, colorful Sonic game.    Some stages are great and other stages can be an exercise in frustration.  Not as well put together as a Nintendo or Retro Games platformer, bu I enjoyed it and I don't really identify as a Sonic fan, but then maybe that's why I don't recoil in disgust every time a new Sonic game comes out.  (Sonic Lost World for 3DS is fucking meh.  It's just not fun to play and is just bargain bin worthy.)
    Super Mario 3D World is a game that I've praised so much already that I don't even think I need to bring it up anymore.  It's probably the best platformer I've played in years.  It takes the best element of Super Mario USA and combines it with Galaxy, Bros. 3, and World to make what is, IMO, the best platformer since Mario Galaxy.  Want gameplay specifics go ahead and ask me anything, because I could talk this game up for days.
    Oh yeah!  Tropical Freeze.  An amazing game with fantastic level design, one of the best soundtracks this year, and, of course, the gameplay.  You play as DK, and sadly only DK, as you platform your way to defeat the Walrus.....I think the final boss was a Walrus....it's been a while since February and snow based creatures aren't my forte.  You do pick up DK barrels that let you pseudo play as other characters.  If you pick up a Dixie Barrel then Dixie rides on DKs back and adds a hover to his jumps for added safety, but your main char is still DK.  This game is hard.  You'll die...a lot.  That said I always had plenty of Red Balloons, so there wasn't much worry about losing all my lives, but that didn't make having to restart Platform Panic 40 times less frustrating or the final boss about 20 times.(might be exaggerating that number, but I remember being frustrated with the final boss.)  The level design is superb and I never felt cheated by the game in any way, but Retro certainly gave no fucks as to whether your 5 year old son/daughter could beat this game.  Also, the Time Trials are just......yeah....I couldn't do them, because I suck and they offer zero room for error.  Normal Human error mind you not Speed Runner error.(Story scenes are short and unobtrusive and not the least bit thought provoking.  Focus is placed on gameplay)
    Mario Kart 8 is f***ing fantastic.  I hadn't played a Kart game since Double Dash, so jumping into this game for the first time since then was still friggin' easy despite that gap between plays.  The amount of unlockables in this game keeps you playing, the level of Kart customization keeps the game fun, fast, and simplistic, and the courses are just....so good.  The old school courses that return are great with an updated music track that sound fantastic and the new courses are just incredibly entertaining and fantastic.  The solo mode for Mario Kart in itself will suck up many hours of your life as you try to get that 3 star rating on each cup(4 tracks per cup) on each difficulty (50cc,100cc, and 150cc) and then Mirror Mode.  The online mode works flawlessly and is so much fun to play.  I have not personally had any issues with the online play.  The battle mode, much like in Mario Kart 7, is just a throw away.  (The DLC is probably some of the fairest and most robust ever put out there for purchase)
    Hyrule Warriors is fun, but I'm a Dynasty Warriors fan, so my opinion is quite colored.  That said, Hyrule Warriors is senseless Hack and Slash fun and if all you do is play through Legend Mode then you won't get much out of it.  The real meat and potatoes is the Adventure Mode.  This mode sets you up in various scenarios that use the same map designs as you would find in Legend Mode, but they ramp up the difficulty a bit by adding stipulations.  Most areas on the adventure mode map have a reward for getting an A rank.  Early on these aren't too bad, but some of the later scenarios and some of the stipulations can be frustrating, but completing it is rewarding.  You also have medals that unlock when you complete a certain task.  Some of these are as easy to get as pissing and some of them can be quite challenging.
    Bayonetta 2 is hitting store shelves on 10/24.  Haven't played it, but it's sitting at 91 on metacritic right now and the biggest complaint is that it's a sequel.  I've already payed in full for this game and just have to wait for release, so if you'd like more thoughts on it post release let me know.
    Upcoming Titles include Smash for Wii U which is gonna be awesome let's be honest and probably better than the 3DS version and I don't care how presumptuous that sounds.  Captain Toad(2015 UK) has me really excited, because it seems like an utterly thoughtless puzzle game and looks even more beautiful than Mario 3D World.  Yoshi's Wooly World(2015) which I will leave my opinion out since Yoshi's New Island wasn't very good, but it's a different dev team, so I wouldn't expect similar things.  Kirby's Rainbow Curse(2015) which much like Wooly World we haven't seen much and we'll probably know more later.  Zelda U at some point which based on past history will probably be awesome, but we shall see.  New Starfox game which is set to come out next year and will hopefully retain some of it's on-rails elements.  Devil's Third is a third person/first person shooter that was supposed to come out 2014, but has been pushed back to 2015.  I've not seen much to formulate an opinion.
    The Wii U purchase wouldn't be a stupid choice, but the number of games is limited, but we're getting to the point where the roster is getting padded in much the same way the 3DS did, so buying a Wii U now would probably not be a folly by any means.
    I didn't include any Wii U exclusive indy titles or cross platforms, whether they be "NEXT GEN" only(ugh) or current gen.  I'll work on a 3DS List soon.
  13. SovietMankey liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in new nintendo potential buyer. help + advice please.   
    hello ajsa,
    im on a gaming burnout and in the past 9 months of it, i used to have a wii and i loved it. i stupidly sold it thinking i would never play anything after DK country returns (which i didnt even finish and regret not doing so).
    i believe my answer to the burnout is i need a new perspective on video games. nintendo is the only thing i have never really explored. all these games like zelda, mario, pikmin, smash bros, resident evil revelations, metroid... whatever... i have never experienced, i know nothing about them except people tell me they are brilliant perfect games.
    i need to play games totally different to what i am used to, to be able to continue to call myself somewhat of a gamer. right now, i browse the web, looking at things about games, but never playing. i want to play again.
    so help me please. 3DS XL (or wait for the new 3DS coming) or the wii U. do i take the portable console thats cheaper with more games, or get the more expensive home console (that can still use some games on the gamepad without the TV) with higher quality games and the wii back catalogue? ideally i want both, in the end, but what should i start with? money is limited, but i want to stretch for the best choice if i can.
    thanks bros.
  14. Lhouraii liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in Monster Hunter Guilt?   
    Good luck with the game, if you play on Wii U I can hunt with ya whenever I'm on.
  15. Lhouraii liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in Monster Hunter Guilt?   
    It really is a fun game, but I understand if something like that keeps you from enjoying it. Most tranquil monsters you dont need to kill unless a piece of equipment requires it.