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  1. Well, I ended up getting it cheap, so I threw down the money on it. Really enjoying it quite a bit for the last couple of days. Seems like one I could get my teeth into. AJSA_Dr_Zeus on uplay if anyone wants to hit me up!
  2. I'm debating picking this one up. Do you guys think it warrants the price tag? I've heard that it's pretty light on content, but what's there is good. Still feeling burned by Battlefront, so I might wait until the new year.
  3. Just sent a request to join as well! Edit: probably should have read the post above mine...
  4. I'm down.
  5. Any appetite for a Blood Bowl 2 event?
  6. I already have it preinstalled Gonna get some quality Borderlands co-op time in with my son!
  7. I still play all the time. Add me on X1 and we'll get a few matches going.
  8. I'll be playing it during the day tomorrow, for sure. Got it loaded up tonight, but no time to play right now.
  9. Had a great time playing Evolve with Sanctus. If anyone else is interested at all, let us know after the full launch on 10 Feb!
  10. Been playing the open beta for a couple days, and played the alpha last month. I love the game, but I get frustrated when playing with randoms. Anyone playing it now, in beta, or plan to play at launch? I'd love to get a regular group of hunters together. GT: Gruzbad
  11. Just reinstalling, would love an invite. Give me a little bit to switch over to Shiverpeaks, as I'm not currently on that server. Gruzbad.9056