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  1. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was far and away my favorite game shown at E3. I mean, it looks so fucking dope I briefly considered pre-ordering it like I did with TNO. Probably won't end up doing that due to general principles, but still- my God does it look glorious. And to think I nearly gave up on modern gaming... here's hoping Bethesda doesn't find a way to fuck it up like they did with Fallout 4. I doubt that'll happen, but it only takes an impatient bunch of shareholders to force an unfinished game in a foolhardy attempt to make money to ruin everything. But given that I literally shouted "GET PSYCHED!" multiple times while watching the gorgeous* trailer, it seems the Koch Brothers themselves couldn't ruin this game. So, yeah- GET PSYCHED!!! * Yes, I know it'll likely look less impressive on console. But never fear, comrade! I have been liberated by the power of being able to pay my rent out to July, thus allowing me to regain the means of production from the evil Corporate Commander! I studied numerous online PC gaming resources, and through hard work I was able to sow the seeds of REVOLUCIÒN! You need no longer fear for my independence, comrades, for I have regained liberty from the vile clutches of the masked mascot of corporate greed! I have built a virtual superweapon that crushes polygons like Stalin crushed the lives of millions of his countrymen! Like Lenin had his dreams crushed by the Vohzd! Like Trotsky wanted to crush the whole world in a revolutionary vise of terror! I, Mr. Molotov, architect of all forms of revolutionary vacillation and computerization, finally unleashed the ultimate terror upon broken gaming consoles, for our time has come! THE RED SLEDGE HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!! If you're wondering what the hell I just typed, well, I finally built a gaming PC after my PS4 ate my brand new copy of DOOM, took a shit and then died like a little bitch. In case you didn't know, it was ninth console to self-destruct on me, the third console to do so with one of my games in it, and the last fucking straw. So I decided I'd be better off putting money into building a gaming rig. Took about six months to buy all the parts needed, and another two days to decorate it with the Red Faction: Guerilla logo and the words Red Sledge, but I'm finally free. Well, more free than I was on consoles. Also, I mean no disrespect to console gamers. Building a gaming PC, especially a good one, is quite an investment and rather time consuming, and understand not everybody has the time or money to do so.
  2. I live in Montana, so I'm excited to see just how badly they fuck up my home state. And I mean that in the best way possible, too. Not only will I take a perverse joy in seeing Pope- I mean Hope County turned into Syria in the Rockies, I will also have fun mocking all the stupid stereotypes that will likely be in the game.
  3. Banned because drinking human tears is a telltale sign of devotion to the Dark Gods of Chaos, specifically Slaanesh. He/she/it seems like it'd get off on that. Sexually.
  4. I'd recommend The Man In The High Castle, The Strain, Mr. Robot, Preacher, Into the Badlands and Adventure Time if you want some darker entertainment. And yes, Adventure Time can be pretty dark for a kids cartoon- it even features Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty on a few episodes.
  5. I think I'd to see a Call of Duty game done like Hardcore Henry- a "first-person cinematic action masterpiece" advertising tagline would work a helluva a lot better if it were actually shown in cinema (as with any game described as cinematic), IMO.
  6. Banned because this thread isn't the only thing back from the dead...
  7. Fallout: New Vegas is my favorite for two reasons- one, it is a true RPG where you actually play a role, and two it has the best gear/loot system out of any Fallout game IMO.
  8. Have yet to watch BoJack Horseman, but Rick and Morty is the shit. Seriously, IMO it is both the best sitcom, best cartoon, and is tied with The Expanse for the best sci-fi on TV. It also is the only show that has the distinction of making me both laugh and cry at thee same time, during the Season 2 finale. Watch it ASAP.
  9. Thanks! Glad to know I'm still known.
  10. Hey-O! Your favorite communist is back from the abyss! It's been awhile, huh? My year long absence was caused by a combination of factors, from moving out on my own to temporarily losing interest in video games all the way up to legal troubles, but now I'm back. Talk to me, what's changed up in here? Any new rules I should now about? Is RE 7 as good as Joe says? Does anyone even remember my ass? And sorry for the absence, guys. I should've popped back up sooner.
  11. Artist: Angelspit Track: Bullet Proof Artist: Death Grips Track: Giving Bad People Good Ideas
  12. Personally, I frigging love it. As I've said elsewhere on these forums, Mick Gordon has the uncanny ability to mimic a certain band (in the case of Doom 2016 he mimics Nine Inch Nails, or more broadly anything Trent Reznor's been associated with since 1989), while simultaneously staying unique and paying homage to the original games sound. That is a very rare skill.
  13. Artist: KMFDM Track: Headcase
  14. Yeah. It's the kind of thing that makes me regret playing video games altogether- because I hate having to give these fuckers money so they can continue making everything worse. I actually haven't played any video games in well over a week, since all the games I like seem to be marketed exclusively by assholes or restricted to platforms marketed exclusively by assholes.
  15. I like this. I'd like it a helluva a lot more if they'd stop calling it Call of Duty.