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  1. Also this is NOT a 24/7 server it opens at 530ish Est (after im off work) till around 2AM EST. (About midnight my time) if its not up Message me in discord or via xbox (Foxhart) and if i can run it i will otherwise im not home to run the server.
  2. Hey guys so I'm running a Xbox and Windows 10 crossplay server. I know ive seen a few people say they wanted to link up in ark and play together in the forums, discord and chat before so i figured i'd make my own server. Any are welcome to join. The server is "Foxhart's Server" and the password is "AJSA" so you can all remember it. There arent any restrictions aside from repeated spawn killing. Now this is again available to windows 10 and xbox users. Sadly ps4 and steam are ark islands onto themselves... As another important note i would like to make it clear that this is NOT and official AJSA server but rather MY server that im opening to ajsa members and friends.
  3. AJSA Black Desert Online - Xbox Guild For any fellow Black Desert Online players in the community, we have an AJSA Guild set up on Xbox. If you're new to the game or a seasoned player, we'd love to have you join our ranks and willing to help out getting you set up in Black Desert. We don't have any sort of special requirements like being a certain level or class or anything like that. Our primary goal right now is to build our resources by leveling up and raising Guild funds through missions with eventually trying our hand at Guild warfare down the line. Our Guild operates in the Mediah 1 server. - How To Join - If you would like to join the Guild please get in contact with Guildmaster Fox [Gamertag: Foxhart], or with one of the Guild admins, to get the process started. Both you and a Guild admin will have to be online at the same time for the invite to work properly. You will be sent a 'Guild Contract' that you will have to accept to become a full member. - Guild Contacts - For any questions or if you need assistance, please reach out to any of our Guild admins: Guildmaster: Foxhart Quartermaster: AJSADylmah93 Messenger of Love: JJTitandog70 All names shown are their Xbox Live Gamertags
  4. With bdo coming to xbox im currently setting up a clan with possibility of turning it into a full guild later. If any are interested in joining on xbox hit me up. My gamertag is also foxhart.
  5. Also a new and updated roster/hall of fame will be put in here to chronical our adventures.
  6. So with last years chapter 4 of beyond we made our squadron. Its name is the angry armada. If you desire to join the angry army squadron on elite dangerous for xbox please reach out to MasterfulJoe101, AJSADylmah93, jjtitandog70 or myself foxhart. For no the plan is to gain expierence, money, rank and strength. Overtime we shall see what avenues becomes available to us. Especially when we see what frontier has in store for the year
  7. As of now this may be redone as we now have the angry armada as our squadron.
  8. Ship: The Traveler Ship Type: Type 6 Pilot: AScapeRunePlaya Kills: 6 Trade Rank: 26 Combat Rank: 0 Explorer Rank: 0
  9. Ship: USS Destroyer Ship Type: Python Pilot: AJSADylmah93 Kills: 34 Trade Rank: 63 Combat Rank: 27 Explorer Rank: 61 *Honors: Reached Colonia, Highest ranking explorer
  10. Ship: Nightmare Moon Ship Type: Python Pilot: SavvyDoomslayer Kills: 13 Trade Rank: 68 Combat Rank: 4 Explorer rank: 27 Federal Rank:
  11. Ship: Terminator Ship Type: Alliance Chieftan Pilot: CRAZYGREG0511 Kills: 311 Trade rank: 45 Combat rank: 37 Explorer rank: 2
  12. Ship: Bebop Ship Type: Anaconda Pilot: jjtitandog70 Kills: 650 Trade rank: 93 Combat rank: 53 Explorer rank: 31 Federal Navy: lieutenant Honors: Highest trade rank.
  13. Ship: Supremacy Ship type: Type 10 Defender Pilot: VALHALLAcallsME Kills: 145 Trade rank: 45 Combat rank: 25 Exploration rank: 0
  14. Ship: Oathkeeper Ship Type: Anaconda Pilot: Foxhart Kills: 997 Trade rank: 91 Combat rank: 58 Exploration rank: 50 Federal Navy: Petty Officer
  15. Ship: Cimmera Ship Type: Anaconda Pilot: MasterfulJoe101 Kills: 548 Trade rank: 76 Combat rank: 45 Exploration rank: 47 Federal Navy: Cadet