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  1. Ship: The Traveler Ship Type: Type 6 Pilot: AScapeRunePlaya Kills: 6 Trade Rank: 26 Combat Rank: 0 Explorer Rank: 0
  2. Ship: USS Destroyer Ship Type: Python Pilot: AJSADylmah93 Kills: 34 Trade Rank: 63 Combat Rank: 27 Explorer Rank: 61 *Honors: Reached Colonia, Highest ranking explorer
  3. Ship: Nightmare Moon Ship Type: Python Pilot: SavvyDoomslayer Kills: 13 Trade Rank: 68 Combat Rank: 4 Explorer rank: 27 Federal Rank:
  4. Ship: Terminator Ship Type: Alliance Chieftan Pilot: CRAZYGREG0511 Kills: 311 Trade rank: 45 Combat rank: 37 Explorer rank: 2
  5. Ship: Bebop Ship Type: Anaconda Pilot: jjtitandog70 Kills: 650 Trade rank: 93 Combat rank: 53 Explorer rank: 31 Federal Navy: lieutenant Honors: Highest trade rank.
  6. Ship: Supremacy Ship type: Type 10 Defender Pilot: VALHALLAcallsME Kills: 145 Trade rank: 45 Combat rank: 25 Exploration rank: 0
  7. Ship: Oathkeeper Ship Type: Anaconda Pilot: Foxhart Kills: 997 Trade rank: 91 Combat rank: 58 Exploration rank: 50 Federal Navy: Petty Officer
  8. Ship: Cimmera Ship Type: Anaconda Pilot: MasterfulJoe101 Kills: 548 Trade rank: 76 Combat rank: 45 Exploration rank: 47 Federal Navy: Cadet
  9. This will be our forum post showing our AJSA fleet in elite. This is like our fleet roster or hall of fame if you prefer. *personal accolades will now be added. Send me a message and i will add some requests (though proof is needed) and i will ad some to those who hold top ranking and such
  10. Me ans a buddy should be on tomorrow ill send a message with the password then
  11. Ive set up an ajsa server in conan exiles on xbox. Ask for server name and password. Making the angry kingdom
  12. So i dont update this as much as i should. A new tip will deal with bounty hunting. (My favorite job) so as far as bounty hunting goes here are a few recommendations and tips for when you start going down this path. 1) get the right ship! Cant stress how important this is. Taking something like a type 6 or a dolphin into a combat heavy job is a recipe for disaster. For those starting out, go for the viper or cobra. Eagles are complete garbage stay away from them. 2) interdictors are a neccesity not an option. If you cant pull someone out of supercruise then you will have a hard hunt ahead of you. 3) if your intending to hunt for long period of time, buy lasers not kinetic. Kinetic do alot more damage though so if its specific targets and nkt an overall blanket hunt they may prove much better at bringing down your target. But, only until your out of ammo... 4) if you have a bigger ship with a friend in it go for turreted weapons. This way whatever angle those bastards get to, they aint getting away from the onslaught. And finnaly 5) hunt with friends when possible. Taking on a big target by yourself wont be just hard but costly. Its best to be in a wing or friendly with local military who will be happy to lend you a hand. Just watch your shots... friendly npcs tend to turn violent when shot upon.
  13. For the first tip or lesson or whatever. 1: supercruise- so this is always an area of frustration for alot of new players. So you have normal flight which is where you are during fights, salvaging, scanning objects, docking, etc. This is your ships normal flight without engaging your fsd. Supercruise is the mode that you will spend a bulk of your time in. Its the mode you use to travel around in various systems, navigate to stations and do the bulk of exploration and hunting in. The last is the jumping. Which is engaged when you are traveling to a new system. Supercruise is typically left without any hand holding. Which means the part of leaving to enter a destination is kinda left for you to figure out with most players trying to slow down and stop as they are trying to leave supercruise. Often over shooting and growing frustrated. So the trick i will tell you here is to simply dip straight down and then slow down as you pull up and into your spot instead of making a straight line for it. The reason i say this is your in space and propelling yourself forward at an insane rate. Hitting the breaks near your goal isnt going to do much and it will take alot more than slowing your speed down to actually stop you. So using the Inertia of a huge turn will provide you with the much needed resistance to come to a stop allowing you to be much closer to your target and able to have better control on your speed and distance. After that just bring both your speed and distance bars in the lower left coner into the blue are and allow the "safe to disengage" message to pop up in the center and your good to go.
  14. So im starting this thread to help with any having problems with the controls, features and anything else with elite dangerous. Along with this i will be doing game nights to help those who want to learn or get better to do so. I'm not claiming to be an expert and there may be people with more expierence than myself and i encourage asking them as well. But, with what knowledge i do have i will share. If there are any topics you wish covered specifically or are confused on, leave a comment or message me in discord or xbox. Same screen name for both.
  15. Agree on the warframe bit with psykogrl. We have a guild up on there been meaning to do another event now that the update hit consoles. Some other free games id recommend is dcuo, fortnite battle royal and as psyko said star trek is another game to entertain yourself with. Some decent cheap games i might recommend is battlground (pubg) releases next week, elite dangerous is awesome, the community plays alot on titanfall, battlefield 4, gta online and minecraft. Speak with rune or look up weekly events to see what the community is up to that week.