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  1. So we havent had a fight night on xbox in a while. And ive been thinking that with the 4th season hitting we should do a fight night in For Honor with the AJSA. Maybe even have it lead to a tournement? It will be custom matches and AJSA members only. So hit me up if interested. Could be fun to stab the holy hell out of each other.
  2. So I've posted for this game before but Elite dangerous. I've seen quiet a few people play on Xbox, PlayStation and pc. And since minor factions are across platforms (supposedly. May have been changed or something who knows) I'm curious as to who would want to make our own controlling faction, what type of governing body would we have, where it would be and our backstory. I'm thinking of putting in for an AJSA minor faction (clan). And I know the ideas we came up with before with the Xbox division. But this would span further than us so with that. If you play, what are your thoughts?
  3. Man I need to check my forum posts more. So by involved I meant establishing ourselves as a minor faction in the game (or making a clan). I've been trying to see if anyone has already done this within the community. I already know it hasn't been done on the Xbox one division, however (from what I've read) the factions are cross platform. And before i start stepping on the shoes of the other divisions I wish to see if this has been done already, How would i or other member join, or if not then could we start one? I already had a discussion with some of the Xbox players and now I'm checking with everyone else
  4. Eh kinda. The race selection have some awesome untapped more behind it. And to make it kinda worth it, you need alot of players. Until they make thrall npcs do more
  5. One thing I should mention... make sure it's multiplayer. And to kinda help with suggestions here's mine. Conan exiles. It's alot like ARK survival evolved but with Conan the barbarian.
  6. So, I know we all like to play different games and linking up with other or new players on obscure titles can be a royal pain. Sometimes I see suggestions for new or even old games to see if people are up for trying it. And for the most part you just need those few to kinda get the ball rolling along. Rather than start searching through and try to link post in the forum I came up with a thought to suggest some new games here. I'm certainly up for trying new ones as I'm sure a lot of other ajsa members are. So suggest away and let's see if we can't get some ajsa gaming together.
  7. After the last Warframe event, I'm still getting more messages on Xbox asking about the clan on Warframe. So here are some guidelines and rules for our clan: How to Join Simply message me and let me know you wish to join the clan, my Gamertag is "Foxhart". I will add you as a friend on Xbox and I'd recommend doing the same for me for better communication in the future. I will ask that you leave any clan you are already affiliated with as you can only join one clan at a time. The other thing is I ask you join the AJSA Xbox Club if you're not yet a member, this is because as a community I feel it is important to keep together and while anyone can join, I would like to keep Angry Army in the Angry Army. A few other notes- 1. If your're looking to squad up, send me a message or one of the other AJSA members. 2. All AJSA rules and actions are applied. 3. If you have a problem or need help come to me or one of the other members and we will do what we can to help. 4. While clan colors aren't a requirement if you are looking to sport your ajsa pride its black, red and white. 5. In order to freely come and go from the dojo you need to make a clan key. It will pop up in your foundry after joining the clan and takes up to 12 hours to make. Adversely a clan member with the key can pull you into the dojo without you owning a key yet via a squad. If you have any questions, send me a message.
  8. With the warframe event going up on friday, i figured i should get the word out on a few things. First off if you wish to join the clan and enter the dojoon your own, you must make a clan key in your foundry. This will enable you to freely come and go at your leisure and use the dojo equipment to your hearts content. Second, come friday depending on how many actually participate in the event we will be splitting up. And while we will be able to help out alot of beginners i strongly recommend if you wish to do some of the better missons that you finish the starting quest line first. Also after some consideration we will try to place some experienced players with some new. This is to help new players with any questions as well as allow our experienced to pull them forward into later areas if so desired by the squad. And finally third, some minor heads up. I opted for no clan taxes on traded however apparently there are still some that pop up and dont go to the clan for whatever reason, i have no idea why or how but just be aware of it should you trade at the dojo. While clan colors are not mandatory they can help as easy identifiers when in pvp. And lastly if you should have any questions or need help ill be on through out the week so hit me up and ill do what i can.
  9. No requirement. No trade tax, no required color code, or specific frame requirements. You want to sport black and red with white accents like i did be my guest if not then go nuts. If you decide to help contribute resources great if not no big deal. Trying to get the ajsa emblem added on but holy shit are they a pain about it. And if it is uo and you decide you dont want to sport it. No worries. That being said ive based the hierarchy on some fantasy/medieval ranks and there are perks for higher ranks. (Nothing game changing just clan stuff. ) message me for questions or anything. Or any ideas and such
  10. Eh not so much about the help but welcome to link up and have fun if you like. Again just swnd me a message and ill add you on the clan. Which is up now
  11. So, like all of those who saw what was coming to Warframe after tennocon, I was excited. I jumped back on Warframe after it being a few months since the last time i played (plus switching from pc to xbox on it). And have decided to start playing a little more frequently so as to get my gear and levels up to take on fricken Kaiju when it finally drops. After a bit i decided to start prospecting for a clan or something to help add both some fun and advantages. Checked for axbox clan only to find out its been derelict for so long it no longer exists. So, i started "The Angry Army" on xbox. This way we have our presence back in the game and any in the angry army may enjoy being in a clan and even maybe getting some tips, tricks and trades from some of the more expierenced players. Hit me up on xbox or discord if your up for joining. My gamertag is the same.
  12. Foxhart, can call me fox. The games I tend to play are battlefield, gta, for honor, over watch, eso, dcuo, wildland, division, etc. If you need a player and I'm on feel free to hit me up.
  13. Then I guess I'll still make one for ebonheart. I'd rather kick ass together than fight against you guys on my own. Plus I will probably go imperial anyways
  14. Frankly I've been looking for a game to scratch that itch too. not necessarily free to play but something to let me loose as a giant sword wielding paladin and ive been jumping from game to game trying to find it. (for honor could have helped...) Ive been jumping back on to a lot of games looking for ajsa members too. As well as some new ones. If your looking for good free ones most of them on here are hitting on it right on the head. Guild Wars 2, Star Wars the old republic, or even warframe to an extent. (grindy but jumping through the air like a crazy robot ninja using a variety of weapons will more than make up for it)
  15. so I have no idea if you guys have suggested this yet or if its been discussed, but why not start getting the ajsa involved in elite dangerous? I find it odd that in my search on here for the topics for it that I find little to actually organize joining on there together. especially with the Multi-crew system being implemented soon. I mean does the inner nerd in you not geek out just the slightest at playing in what is an essentially evolving mmo that lets you and your friends on the same ship fly around the galaxy becoming involved in wars, commerce, politics, trade and tons of other things? I mean fans of star wars, firefly and especially fans of star trek should be all over this. also unlike EVE online... you actually feel like your flying rather than point and clicking. hell who knows, maybe the ajsa can make itself into a minor faction if we get into it enough.