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  1. Caddicarus ClanOfTheGrayWolf Continue? DYKGaming icklenellierose Jim Sterling JonTronShow Lazy Game Reviews Markiplier Pixelmusement (just for the sake of it - newest content to be found on http://www.pixelships.com/ ) PushingUpRoses Satchbag's Goods
  2. No, he has reasonable arguments. There may be rare exceptions of good dubs out there, but I went with subs right from the start.
  3. I used the raffle as an opportunity to give a bit support for his cause, since I don't consider monthly membership fees. The PS4 was a neat motivation, but I didn't expect to be the lucky guy in the end.
  4. Beyond Good & Evil and Psychonauts are two very overlooked, awesome action-adventure platformers. True gems of the genre. And a lot of people have to catch up on Spec Ops: The Line. There is so much more to this game than most people think. And if you get into it, you should consider reading Killing is Harmless.
  5. No, never. Which is a good thing, as I don't like paying money for testing their hardware.
  6. 13 years ago, randomly picking nicknames for each other for fun with the help of a dictionary. When it was my turn, I ended up with firefly - meh! The next try, 'isolation', was kinda pointless, although I liked the sound of it. So I took the opposite of fire, added a z and... well, that's how I ended up with mine. Don't tell me it's a lame story! ... I know that myself :>
  7. Google should return to the old comment system, since there are still too many immature people on the internet which abuse the system.
  8. PC, PS3 (which main purpose is media serving and some games), PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, one or two GCs (I dunno why I have those oO ).
  9. Favorite COD: Call of Duty 2 Worst COD: Every single one after MW1
  10. Here you go.
  11. 3/10 Seen that symbol way too often.
  12. Might as well join the raffle party. Good luck, mates!
  13. Although I have the feeling that I won't be able to watch most of the streams when they're live (timezones anyone? ), I watch the recorded footage now and then. Joe, you even make me watch videos of games that I'd never play myself in a thousand years. It's always nice to see people who are able to step over the boundaries of genres and even platforms through the pure love for what they are doing. And you should keep doing that.
  14. 27. I tend to get along with people that are older than me.
  15. Boycotting since Origin. Same with Ubisoft games that come with uPlay.