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  1. Seriously depressing how many people couldn't look past the launch issues of this game. There's still technical issues here and there, tbh I barely notice them anymore, but the actual game is a masterclass for the AC series. The level design on some of these missions is everything I've ever wanted since they made the first Assassin's Creed game. Actually making you think tactically about how you're going to infiltrate an area and how you're going to get out before you do the thing you're supposed to be doing. Ammunition of stealth items is so low you can't spam them to get rid of guards anymore, so every time you consider using a bomb or a dart, every time you see a locked door, you have to really think about whether it's worth it or whether there is some other way. I've died in combat in this game more than I've died in total in all the AC games I've played (which is almost all of them), which gives you a flavor of how seriously they took people saying the combat has been too easy for too long. I smoke bomb my way out of most fights.
  2. I would love to see a story DLC or a sequel. I just think it would be difficult to do. For Stick of Truth they used so many of the best references and jokes from their show, it will be difficult to do more and have a similar or higher quality. I feel like they would have to do something completely different to make a sequel, like leave behind the fantasy stuff and go in a different direction.
  3. Finally got round to buying this. It's been an odd experience so far. My first 10 minutes of the game, I played for a while, it crashed, I restarted the game, played for a while the controls locked up. Not a very good start. But I persevered, and I'm actually rather enjoying it. The story, while a little bit of a rehash of AC2, is more insteresting than any of the stories since then. The "current time" story isn't too intrusive to the experience, offering interesting little breaks rather than confusing, boring and tedious breaks like it has done for a long time. I'm enjoying the gameplay, I think combat is much improved, I like the level of customisation included, and I really like Paris. It feels like the guys who came up with it made the best Assassins Creed game since AC2, then when it came to actually building it they handed it to a bunch of interns, and then they handed it up to corporate level and they were like "got to have some micro transactions in there, eh. A mobile phone app too!" It's sad, because I can see the potential and that will keep me playing, but it'll never be the game it was meant to be.
  4. Generally the main focus is the licensing. PES has the licence for the Champions League and Europa League, so they can only use the official kits, names and likenesses of teams in the CL or EL. FIFA has almost all the licenses for the leagues, so they can use all the official kits and likenesses for all the teams and players. But, for years there have been sites who specialise in making the kits and leagues which you can edit in game on PES to fix those issues. Main difference really is that PES is more arcadey and FIFA is more of a simulation. I started on FIFA because it was what was available when I was a kid, moved to PES because it was more fun, and then when I got really into football moved back to FIFA where I could use more teams =D
  5. It amazes me when I see stuff like this. Gamers being intolerant of other gamers. The fact is (not the sad fact, because there isn't anything sad about it), gamers who like sports will buy sports games and will play them year round, so they don't mind buying them for £40-50 when they come out because they'll get more use out of that game than any other game they buy for a year. I buy FIFA every year, because I know that I'm going to play the crap out of it every year. Back when I played the Pro Evolution Soccer games (also annual) when I looked at my "hours played" it was often over 400 hours played by the time the next years game would come out. It's not sad, it's just that when I get home from work and I'm tired I don't have the energy to play games with an intense story, I don't have the brainspace, so I stick on FIFA and play a few games instead. It's the same thing people do with MMOs, no energy to play anything intense so Ima go kill scorpions for an hour and try to level up. As for the price thing, you were probably in a shitty store, as the standard for pricing is that when the new years game comes out the previous year drops to below £10. That's probably the store trying to con a few people into buying the wrong game.
  6. Just to be clear, I totally understand the resentment of EA making annual sports games. However, you're wrong if you think they make no changes. I've been an avid football fan for the last 20 years, and I've played football games since FIFA 98. The last 5 or 6 years I've played them year round, minimum once a week. There are always gameplay changes, presentation changes, changes to graphics engines, physics engines, they always make edits. Not all of them are for the best, I'm not a fan of this years inclusion of about 1000 little cutscenes between gameplay some of which you can't skip. But if they didn't bring one out every year I'd have gotten bored long ago. I'm not the only one who does this, and it's not just sports games. It happens with Call of Duty and other games too. You play the game year round because it's fun and familiar and you don't have to think about it. But after 11 months (hell, sometimes even fewer) you need another one to play and master. There's a huge market for sports games because there is a huge fanbase of sports fans. If you aren't a fan of sports games it's a safe assumption you aren't into sports, which is why you can't understand the need.
  7. None so far. But I have money, and my birthday is in 4 days.
  8. As it's turned midnight over here in the UK, Merry Christmas everybody. Go stuff your face with food and drink and play with your Christmas toys all day long!
  9. Here's my top games of the year out if the games I've played (which isn't much, because I'm poor). South Park: The Stick of Truth That's my game of the year. Brilliantly written and produced, it has the look and feel of a South Park season. Gameplay wise it's quite reserved but at the same time has the depth you expect from an RPG. And the best interpretation I've seen of this game is that it's an RPG for adults. It's not one of these timesinks which takes 50, 60, 70 hours to explore and complete, it's 12 hours, but it's 12 hours of real quality game. The Wolf Among Us I wasn't expecting much from this when it came out and it was surprising how good it actually was. Some people don't like the Telltale games because it's all dialogue trees and quick time events but this one nailed it and the story was amazing, keeping you guessing right to the last episode. I hope that all the stuff Telltale has planned doesn't mean we've seen the last of Wolf Among Us. The Walking Dead season 2 I wasn't sure how it would go with Clementine as the protagonist but the first couple of episodes really set the pace and by the end I was absolutely hooked on Clementine and I was properly sucked into her situation. Some of the choices were really difficult and (while it seems not liked by all), the subplot of Clementine struggling to be herself and not let the world turn her into a monster was a really gripping story for me. Destiny Before you get your pitchforks this maybe needs some context. I got Destiny with my PS4 months after it came out, I knew exactly what I was getting myself in for and all the negativity it pulls, and I couldn't give a shit. The battle system is brilliantly done, I really like the different enemy types and classes, I like the music, the environments. I've finished the story and I can easily see myself playing it more and more. So what if it's not the game it was built up to be? I like it. Maybe it wouldn't feature on my list if I'd played more games this year, but I didn't.
  10. The biggest issue for the WiiU was they couldn't get the third party support. It was too gimmicky, the hardware wasn't good enough, and it didn't sell the gamers. Can't sell a console without games. Make a console with quality hardware, keep the gimmicks if they must but make them interesting for developers to make games for. In terms of the morality of bringing out a console 5 years after their last one, it seems more like an admission that the WiiU was a massive flop. If they offer WiiU users a discount on games or hardware it won't be an issue.
  11. I think the reason for it is more to do with seeing the options available to us. Back in the day, there weren't as many options for MMOs, it was pay monthlies or play a really crap freeby, and that was it. Now we have more choice, we see that developers can make free to play MMOs that are as high in quality as the pay monthlies, so why play the pay monthlies? People are more willing to pay out the $60/£50 or whatever for a new console game because nobody offers anything different. When indy games can offer the same experience as a full price console game (and there are some that do), you can watch them rocket to fame because they are showing it is possible to have that experience for less cost. But games like that come few and far between, so in the mean time, people will lay down their money hand over fist for console games. Personally, I stopped buying full price console games about a year ago, simply because I can't afford it. Economy is a heartless bitch, but I'm starting to see the benefits too, not just in terms of how much money I shell out, but the quality of my gaming experience. When I buy games they are cheaper, patched, with DLC out, and after the reviews have come in. Which means no more disappointment, I get what I pay for every time.
  12. Assassins Creed Revelations. I just couldn't latch onto the story or the setting in any way at all. I didn't like Old Man Ezio, I didn't like the Desmond segments, I thought the Altair segments were mindnumbing, it just didn't do anything for me. And yet I powered through it because AC3 was about to come out and I still hadn't finished it, so I thought I'd power through it in a couple of days.
  13. Action games Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Far Cry 4 Assassins Creed Unity (if you're into that, and you haven't been scared off by millions of people blowing some glitches out of proportion) RPGs Dragon Age Inquisition Diablo 3 Destiny (when it's a bit cheaper, and only if you've got friends to play with) Racing The Crew Re-releases GTA V Sleeping Dogs The Last of Us I think thats a fair list of the decent games that are out.
  14. If I was at a computer, I'd be posting a Jackie Chan "WTF?" The thing is though, I have complete faith they can make a good story of Minecraft. Hell, if we can have a LEGO movie, why not a Minecraft story? Only thing that bugs me about this is that they're taking up yet another project, which means delays on Walking Dead season 3 and Wolf Among Us season 2. But hey, more time they get to work on the story, better it's going to be.