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    Gaming, surfing, music , skateboarding, woemen, and other stuff
  1. Psn kjrocksoutloud.
  2. Sounds like fun
  3. Psn kjrocksoutloud
  4. Hey guys I had a clan for ghost and it carried over stick knows about it 2 freind me on psn kjrocksoutloud if you want in and I'll invite you but there's a bug that I can't invite people to the clan other clans are having that issue to but I'll keep trying to get you guys on the clan if you want in
  5. I honestly enjoy destiny a lot frankly I was done with fps till planat side 2 for ps4 came out but hey I really like destiny the only time I don't like it is when I play alone. This game is fun with freinds but sucks solo but I'll still be playing it.
  6. Oh also do you no what faction will be playing as?
  7. Can't wait for destiny can't wait to play with you all if you want to add me on psn it's kjrocksoutloud
  8. Also thanks for doing this for the ps4 community greatly appreciate it
  9. My psn Is same as my username kjrocksoutloud I prefer to play as combat medic I'm on summer break so I'll be able to be on pretty much every day so ya put me in this im a. Great team player can't wait to see you all on the battlefield
  10. I'm down to go competitive for call of duty ghost and advanced warfare when it comes out Also down for any other game for the playstation community cuz I'll play on ps4 and ps3 and xbox 360 as well I might get the xbox one I'm primarily console so yeah I'm down
  11. I really want to do a cod ghost clan for the Ajsa I'll make one on the cod website I need at lest 3 people to be down to do it so we can have a 4 people team if nobody wants to do it I won't make it
  12. I read this article on how the creator of dayz wants it to come to xbox one and ps4 he went on saying that it would be hard to put on xbox 1 because Microsoft makes you pay to patch your game wile sony lets you do it for free then he said the ps4 would be the best option if he had to choose 1. And at the end he said once dayz is out of alpha and officially on PC he would like to put it on ps4 a lot. So what you guys think would you like to play dayz on your ps4 ? Let me know below. And remember stay angry my freinds.
  13. I can't wait it's gonna be epic
  14. The date is august something So it'll most likely be either another delay or something revolving around gameplay
  15. I'm kjrocksoutloud on psn