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    RPG's video games, Anime, Sci Fi, so many television shows, independent music, How can I really even begin?
  1. Ya I definitely wouldnt want a multiplayer tacked on. I enjoy the single player experiences that the Elder Scrolls provide us. I presume that this article is a fake though I couldnt resist reading. I havent done any research myself so I cant say one way or another. I presume that fallout 4 would come before another elderscrolls series. I unlike some enjoyed ESO but I definitely want my SP experience back. I hope we can get a new next gen game sooner than later Being that I have a brother I really wouldnt mind some type of co op though but it would still have to be with the single player type narrative or at least a well made add on. In the end though really I enjoy what Bethesda does with their content so I would rather have them focus on one aspect but I trust them to do what they do best.
  2. I would love some more players to mess around looking for legendary items with. I usually just play with my brother at times but a guild with the Angry Army would be great. I just got Reaper of Souls recently when it went on sale so I have been having fun with that. IF anyone wants to add me my main character is Atlus and my battle tag number is #1544. I didnt read this entire thread but if anyone wants to try sometime out I am definitely down for playing a game.
  3. Id love for this to happen. Especially with the .hack series. Xenosaga was definitely a great classic series that I love spending time with. I love RPGs and they bring back a lot of great memories in my childhood. I love games were I can always get the base price out of them. Games were you can sink hours into them and fade away into the storyline and the experience. Those games made me think a bit and got me to take interest in their characters. It was a good time
  4. I still love RPGs and they hold a lot of nostalgic memories. I started as kid playing Mario and then Sonic as well as a few other goodies like Vectorman. When I really started gaming myself though it was more on the playstation. Final Fantasy 7 and Kings Field really helped me fall in love with the genre but maybe even more so when I played Breath of Fire 3 after I watched a friend playing it at his house. Then after I started getting Playstation magazine I played a game called Grandia as a demo. Once I played that full game I was in love and i still my most beloved game to date. Even rivaling TLoU to me. Legend of Dragoon has good memories to me as I remember playing with that with my longest friend whom I still game with once in a while. Anyone else feel similar?
  5. I certainly hope he does as I am looking forward to it. It is always nice to play with friends and I was hoping now after joining this community find more people to play with. I will also be getting Assassins Creed Unity as I have had that pre ordered that for a long time. I hope Joe enjoys his time with the games he chooses one way or another. If anyone wants to find some friends to join up as well when Borderlands the Pre Sequel comes out then feel free to message me.
  6. Oh ya I especially remember playing Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance. I think I was a little too young to get into the original games and the Icewind Dale series. That and my parents didn't make the best money. I enjoy the classics now more as an adult though. I play Never winter nights and loved that. Anything to do wit hD&D is mostly fun for sure. I quite like the Dragon Age series but love the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. Bethesda Softworks are my heroes. The Mass Effect series has been pretty fun and interesting. Sci Fi Rpgs are quite fun. I do love the Witcher games and am excited for 3rd. My brother got me into them and is super exicted himself. I didnt much care for Two Worlds Two by the end of it. The Risen series was good enough and I only played the first Legend of Heroes but loved it. I am still enjoying Diablo 3 (after they updated it and made it a lot better than the original release) The Metal Gear solid series though not RPGs are one of my favorite franchises. I love the story line and characters. The Tomb Raider series is always fun. Some of my favorites definitely includes Naughty Dogs Uncharted series and The Last of Us. I can never stop praising TLoU. So many great memories from childhood. Thinking of that the Legend of Dragoon was a great RPG. I will have to take the time to think of more anime to post about. Just an update on my thoughts about some series you listed. Thanks for the reply again, It is very nice to meet you
  7. Well Servius for RPGs as I mentioned Breath of Fire 3 and Grandia for the ps1. I do love the Final Fantasy series on the ps1 and ps2 as well. Didn't care much for final fantasy 12's story line but loved the gameplay. Atlus games like Shin Megami Tensei and the Persona series. Kingdom of Amalur was great and I do love the Borderlands series is so much fun. SO many classic games I enjoyed playing honestly it is hard to list them all but there is some I guess. Deus Ex was really fun too. As for anime I absolutely love Yu Yu Hakusho the most. I do love Trigun and have met Johnny Yong Bosch several times. He is a super nice man and I love seeing him every convention I get a chance. As I mentioned I help put conventions together in the midwest so I have been fortunate to meet many voice actors. Hmm I love most of the original Cartoon Network animes. I have branched out a little but but find it harder to make time to keep watching more. Cowboy Bebop is classic and I do love Samurai X. Samurai Seven, Bleach, Knights of Sedonia, Dragon Ball Z, and again plenty more. How about you eh?
  8. I did read some of the rankings and such before I posted but of course thanks for sharing. I will certainly be respectful to everyone and hope to just be able to find some like minded gamers to eventually join up in some video games or just discuss what we all love about the ones we hold closest to out heart. As for my name it comes from the tv show Stargate SG-1 which I have been a huge fan of for a long time. I once created a little group on the Sci-Fi boards back when Sg-1 and Atlantis were on the Sci-Fi channel. I called i Asgard SGC (stargate command) and based it of the fans love for the asgard alien race. We of course also just became a community of friends as we all got to know each other more on a website we created for the group. I still use the email and name as it was one of my first forays into a community. In the same way I still use Atlus Kheldeque from LOTR forums I use to go to and role play at. It was quite fun and also quite a while ago. It makes a great fantasy name and is based off of the Dwarves/Misty Mountains. I really want to play Shadow of Mordor but I can't quite right now as I need to save up money but hopefully I will get it for the ps4 soon. I can't wait till Angry Joe does a full review
  9. Hello, How are all of you doing today? I hope everything has been well in the gaming community. I just wanted to introduce myself and some various things I love. Games obviously are something I love though I have many fandoms in tv shows as well. (particularly enjoying Supernatural right now) I do enjoy Anime and help put on anime conventions across the Midwest. I love RPG's mostly and love that games seem to be heading in the direction with light RPG aspect. I cant wait to play Assassins Creed Unity(ps4) and Borderlands the pre sequel(steam) here soon. I am currently playing Destiny (PS4) and Diablo 3 : Reaper of Souls (PC). I love old rpgs and the classic SNES games. Breath of Fire and Grandia are among my favorite of all time. Feel free to write me and discuss anything you want.