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  1. Just voted, would not mine playing some Titanfall, but I happy with Halo too!
  2. ok I just got that done. Let me know if that did it. I want to start doing Co-op missions with some people. Thanks again.
  3. Sure I will handle that the next time Im on Unity. I will make sure to get that fixed.
  4. Hey, So it seems that I posted this in the wrong place the first time. I have set up a crew on Unity. So I'm inviting all you great people to join. We do Co-op, Heist, and missions. Lots of fun if your doing it with more people, obviously. Send in the invite and join the fun on Assassin's. Thanks Guys! Tag [AJSA]
  5. Also I have no clue why it posted three freaking times.... I was wondering the same thing..
  6. very sorry. I had a long night and I guess I threw this here on PC then on XBOX ONE. If you know anyone that would switch it to the other correct forums I would really appreciate it.
  7. Hey ya, Wanted to let all of you know that on XBOX ONE/ Assassin's Creed Unity I made a small crew based on AngryArmy. Everyone that wants to jump in is more than welcome. Coop, Heist, having Fun, and Story, anything that you all may want. I hope you guys with Xbox One Represent! Thanks!!! Tag is AJSA
  8. Hey Im new and just got the game. Im all game if your up for it.
  9. Hey if you do get it, hit me up. WE CAN GO APE SHIT together. Na, Jk, its fun though.