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  1. Not a bad setup either
  2. Aw sorry dude:/ if you want you can add me and i can protect you while you lag
  3. If you play on pc run it on your monitors native resi and use the optimal settings hardware function in the game, editing my hardware preferences was one of the worst things i have done on that game.
  4. So far this game is pretty good. i was thinking last night that it is sort of a new genre like arena multiplayer. even though i remember the titanfall beta feeling very similar
  5. +2
  6. Dont you love when you work all week and come home to find out your favorite game needs to patch for half an hour..
  7. i am ready to play on pc in 7 hours exactly do we have an exsisting group?
  8. Windows 7 MSI A78-E35 AMD A8-5500 (x4) Nvidia GTX 750ti 8g Ram on a 32 inch dynex and x2 24 inch westinghouse anyone else ever get really fucked up lag when trying to record webcam and gameplay at the same time? I have to rewatch all my videos slower to basically sync everything together. Its really just ruining the experience for me.
  9. I Love it. Here is a screenshot
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4wIu5xBD4U I made this gaming compilation just to dink around with my pc. you guys should totally check it out.
  11. Who has the pre order? i cant wait.
  12. Wait its not coming out till next year? Literally just ruined my day Wow this is not happening.
  13. Are we going to have a pc community for GTA? we have less than a month
  14. My name is Milan I Have a decent rig and most new games coming out. Stuck on eso runescape, popular fps (cod, Bf4), and willing to buy games for grouping up Lets burn it down!