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Posts posted by RuneX

  1. There is a new video live over on the AJSA Gaming Youtube channel and this week we're sharing with the community gameplay from the Mortal Kombat 11 Beta. This video was created by @SickShock6 where he shows off gameplay (several full length matches are featured) and provides commentary to folks an idea on how the game works.

    Sick is a huge fighting game fan so when the MK11 Beta rolled around, he had to get involved! Thank you Sick for taking the time to make the video for the channel!


  2. JT I'd like to say once again it was a pleasure meeting you!!!!

    I'm happy you were able meet other members of the community as well while participating in our Division 2 Game Night.

    We're looking forward playing with you more.


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  3. Game: Assassin's Creed: Rogue Remastered

    Platform: Xbox One

    Finally after missing out years ago on playing this game I was able to experience it for the first time and completed it over the weekend. I purchased this game a month or two ago when it was on sale on Xbox during an Ubisoft promotion. I've been on a playthrough since and I'm happy with how everything turned out. I was intrigued by the story of the main character, Shay Cormac, who was originally a member of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins turned Templar. Without giving too much away this game serves as a good tie-in between Black Flag and Assassin's Creed III plus it also helps lead into Assassin Creed Unity which I really liked.

  4. We're the non-wrestling branch of ECW...the 'Hardcore Gamers'!

    Welcome to the forums!

    If you have not already be sure to check out our Discord (a link is on the main forum page). Another way to connect with other folks from the group.


  5. Highlight video from the Overwatch Game Night held on February 16th, 2019. This video captures two matches we had from our Evolve/Monster vs Hunter and 5v5 Assault custom games. This is meant to really capture the Game Night party chat, randomness, jokes, and gameplay from members without too much editing. Enjoy:


  6. On February 7th, 2019 we gathered up a few AJSA members on Xbox to play the Division 2 Private Beta. We recorded our mishaps and adventures to share with the community. Thank you to Dylmah, Fuzzball, Garza, Sickshock, and Spartan for playing and being part of the video.


    For more AJSA Xbox videos, check out our playlist here.

  7. Game: Hitman 2 [2018]

    Platform: Xbox One

    I've been a fan of the Hitman series since 'Codename 47' on the PC in the early 2000s. I've played them all, following the story and antics of Agent 47 closely. I regard Silent Assassin, Contracts, and Blood Money to be three of the best games in the series. 

    Hitman 2 is a fun and interesting game, plenty of freedom and opportunities to go about playing your missions. The story throws hints to past games and characters as well which is a nice touch for long-time players. This is my first game of 2019 that I've beat and I hope to showcase more completed games in this thread as the year goes on.

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  8. Hello all,

    The survey has closed and we are no longer accepting votes. We're in the process of organizing all the data and forming the Top 10 List of 2018. Results will be published during Christmas week. Thank you to all who participated in the survey. Have a great holiday season!

    - Rune