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  1. RuneX liked a post in a topic by JacobFay1 in Hello from the UK   
    Hay I’m Jacob a new here and exited to be a part of the angry army. See you around :-)
  2. JacobFay1 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Hey, new recruit here   
    Hello and welcome! Pleasure to meet you.

  3. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Tofunyan in Hello from Tofunyan!   

    I've been a fan of Angry Joe as long as I can remember. I picked up traces of Angry Joe on the Gametrailers forums back in the day, like, yeaaaaaars ago.
    I immediately fell in love with the ManChild he was and I saw myself in him. Being an adult but also being able to love the child in myself.
    His love for video games inspired me to love video games even more.
    As for myself, I'm 30 and I live in Norway and I wish I signed up here years ago. I've played games since i was around 5 or 6 when my dad introduced me to them on PC back in the old times. 
    I also had a friend from Finland move to Norway as a kid and that was the first time i played the Super Nintendo and the following Christmas.. I too was an owner of a Super Nintendo.
    And that's how it began. I started with the SNES but i played both sega models out at the time and the original NES. I then moved to the N64 and Playstation, which lead me to the XBOX and Playstation 2. Next system was a 360 which I bought when I got my first ever job, well, it was more of a trainee position as a web designer (no longer though) and then on tax returns I got a PS3! ... Later I bought the PS4 and I never really picked up the XBOX 1 as I have a gaming PC already.
    As for who I am outside gaming, I love helping people and without making this dramatic or sad, I've been taking care of my mother from the age of 13 along with my father. I understand that people struggle both mentally and physically and I respect them for their struggles and when I can help i do so. She passed in Feb. 7, 2018 at which point i made a choice that my father is never going to be alone, ever! He's 76 and in great shape and there are no dangers to his health, so I live together with him and I wouldn't want it any other way!

    I love and believe in people, even though people can be real rotten sometimes, thought there is generally a reason for that but, there are exceptions to that rule. I recognize good people pretty easily and the AJSA community from my perspective is a bunch of good people who join together for gaming!
    Also, Joe and OJ specifically
    I love you two more than most other youtube personalities. OJ always smiling, teasing AJ and AJ looking like a father inspiring OJ. I love this. I wish I could be your friend too!
    Maybe one day!
    But for now!

    AJSA all the way, I  only wish I had joined sooner. 
  4. RuneX liked a post in a topic by BatmanFan14 in Connecting my Xbox 360 account to Xbox One   
    Oh okay then, thanks for the info.
  5. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Toeken42 in Hello From Canada   
    After three and a half years of watching Joe, I finally got around to making it to the Army.  Love the content you put out and appreciate the truthfulness you bring to the reviews.  Thank you so much from for bringing us the fantastic content on YT and being out there and showing us the great games, and the not so great.  Now I got to go hit WArframe some more because holy hell this game is amazing.  I started playing it because of your review.  Thank you so much all of you with the AJ Show. Keep doing it guys cause w/o you, the video game world will fall to Corporate Commander.
  6. RuneX liked a post in a topic by BatmanFan14 in I got my first Xbox One game, and pre-ordered one too!   
    My friends, I've gotten my first Xbox One game on Saturday. My first game that I've gotten is, Batman: The Telltale Series. And last month, I've pre-ordered a game I'm looking forward too this October. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, I have finally now joined the Next Generation of Consoles. (Unless there's Xbox Two I have to get) so when I get the new TV hook up MAYBE this Christmas, I'm hoping I get to meet some people from the community to play some Xbox One with me. I'll update when I got it hooked up. 
  7. RuneX liked a post in a topic by PedroInMexico in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Likes to play: COD, Skyrim, Battlefield one, Fortnite.
    Timezone: Eastern Central
    I'm willing to play with anyone, don't be afraid to add me😁
  8. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Angry Hunters Squad Info (Monster Hunter World - Xbox One)   
    @ProfessorGodLike For PlayStation 4, reach out to the PS4 Commander WithAStick.
    I'm sure he will get you in touch with the folks who run the PS4 Monster Hunter Guild.
    Sending him a message on PSN, the forums, or even Discord will help you get started
  9. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Angry Fleet: elite dangerous   
    Ship: USS Destroyer
    Ship Type: Python
    Pilot: AJSADylmah93
    Kills: 34
    Trade Rank: 63
    Combat Rank: 27
    Explorer Rank: 61
    *Honors: Reached Colonia, Highest ranking explorer
  10. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Angry Fleet: elite dangerous   
    Ship: The Traveler
    Ship Type: Type 6
    Pilot: AScapeRunePlaya
    Kills: 6
    Trade Rank: 26
    Combat Rank: 0
    Explorer Rank: 0
  11. RuneX liked a post in a topic by ProfessorGodLike in Hey Everyone, I'm new around here.   
    Hey everyone, I've just joined today and let me say that I am loving this website and this community here. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm new around here and all but I just can't wait to meet everyone in this community and i hope to make some new friends too. Oh and also, if anybody wants to add me on PS4, my gamertag is ProfessorGodLike
  12. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in E3 Devolver Digital press conference..... thingy.   
    Oh cool, live show murders. And now the spokesperson has become Robo..... Nina. Way to hook me up, now I want to see next year's conference!  
    BTW that Pedro banana game looks sick. Definitely getting that.
  13. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Blurmania53 in Call of Duty News/Updates   
  14. O0PP34 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in 7 months....   
    Thank you for being such a awesome friend and member of the community!

  15. O0PP34 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in 7 months....   
    Thank you for being such a awesome friend and member of the community!

  16. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Angry Fleet: elite dangerous   
    Ship: Nightmare Moon
    Ship Type: Python
    Pilot: SavvyDoomslayer
    Kills: 13
    Trade Rank: 68
    Combat Rank: 4
    Explorer rank: 27
    Federal Rank:
  17. RuneX liked a post in a topic by kirkkh in Battlefield 5 "Deep Dive" Gameplay   
  18. RuneX liked a post in a topic by O0PP34 in 7 months....   
    Cant believe its been 7 months in the AJSA Xbox one Community. 
    its been a crazy 7 months, too bad work has me less active in the group but 
    when I am able to play its AMAZING. 
    Thanks everyone for being so friendly these 7 months, On to a year next!
    and this kinda sounds like a goodbye post weird. ( Its not )
  19. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Detroit Become Human Review. The best David Cage narrative game so far.   
    Well, Cage is at it again ladies and gentlemen. This time instead of tackling a murder mistery or supernatural fight to the death plotline, he decided to tackle what will happen if androids who are initially emotionless people without the ability to fight against their order actually gains a soul, fight back and become a human being. Kind of like Binary Domain but if the Hollow Children are initially helper robots who become people. This is Detroit Become Human.

    There's 3 main characters to play as here: Connor, an advanced detective android who is recently assigned to the police to help fight against an upcoming android revolt; Kara, a houseworker android who decided to rebel against her owner after the owner hurt his daughter in front of her; and Marcus, one poor poor guy who initially is just a caretaker for a famous painter, but was destroyed by the police in an accident, crawled back up from the grave, and then decided "you know what? Fuck this shit. We androids are people too, and we're not gonna stand for this!" What you decide to do with these characters is up to you to decide. With Connor, do you want to play him as a no nonsense cop who's dedicated to his mission no matter the cost, or will you bend the rules and show mercy whenever you can? Do you want to create a peaceful demonstration for android rights, or a straight up war as Marcus? Kara's the most straightforward one of them all in that she's taking care of a little girl the whole game, but even with her there's a lot of choices you can make which will determine if they make it out alive or not.
    This game is for people who have played David Cage's previous games like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Indigo Prophecy, and actually like those style of games, because the gameplay is pretty much Heavy Rain with superior graphics & voice acting, more futuristic touch & the ability to FINALLY control the camera like a normal third person adventure game. This is like taking Heavy Rain, and jack up the choices you can make so every single choices actually matters and create so many variables. Holy mother of God, there are SOOOO many variables in this game to choose from. It's so many, that the game actually have a flowchart to track your choices.

    This is just the flowchart for the first mission. Other missions has shorter or longer. I can't believe that even the littlest of detailed choice you make actually will have consequence in the far future. Like how when you're playing as Kara, if you decided to just get away from your abusive owner with his daughter instead of killing him, he'll return WAYY later in the game a changed man that realized his mistake. Or if you decided to recruit a particular android in a small mission as Marcus, he'll rescue you and save you from death way later in the game. These little details are awesome and it just encourages me to want to play the game again to see what different scenario I can make.
    Speaking of deaths, this game also ramps up the deaths WAAYY up here. You can pretty much die early in this game if you screw up your QTE prompt or make a wrong choice, especially Connor who has WAAAAYY more deaths than Marcus and Kara, and one character dying will cut his/her sections short until all 3 died and well, you get the worst ending of the game. Except Connor since there's a lot of replacement bodies for him by his employer. Each time he die, a replacement will continue his task with the previous version's memory, and if you look closely to his outfit, you can see that the new replacements will have different model numbers with them. The first Connor is model number 313 248 317 - 51, so when he die, he'll get replaced by model number 313 248 317 - 52/53/54 and so on. I like that little detail there. But not for Kara and Marcus. They die once and that's it. 
    I love how this game has quite a lot of genres put together to make each sections varied. One mission it's a murder mystery game, one mission it's a slasher film horror game where you have to hide from your attacker, and there's quite a lot of action game moments with a lot of running & shooting. Especially the final sections of the game which are fucking awesome to take part in. I got almost the best ending in the game where 3 of my characters survived, but 2 of the supporting characters are unfortunately dead because the path I took had them dying. I saw that in other paths, everyone including supporting characters will survive their ordeal and everything ends up happy for everyone, so I am definitely going to replay those parts and have them all live!
    Of course this game is in the end still a David Cage game, so the issues of the previous games are still here. Like the slow walking, the "move the right analog stick to interact" which can still get tricky in QTEs, they're here. But for some reason, there's a lot of shaky cams during action sequences here which I found quite jarring. It's like David Cage saw Kane and Lynch 2 and decided "alright, let's shake that bitch ass camera up a lot to make it better." Only he doesn't do it in moderation, he does it so damn much. It's hard to keep track of the QTE button prompts because of it.
    Also I don't quite get how in the trailer, the androids' hairs and skin are pretty much just holograph skin that can be turned on and off at will
    but in the game you can cut Kara's hair like it's actually there. But I thought they're just holograms?? It became even more confusing since after she cut her hair, she can change her hair color in an instant. So if she want to cut her hair short, why not just set it up in her settings??
    And lastly, I wonder why the creator of these androids give them human faces. Why not just give them their default white faces instead? That definitely means they are based on real people that give their likenesses as a template. It's too bad that this plot detail isn't touched upon further because I would love to see whether that means their consciousness and personality are also transferred to the androids, which would explain why the androids actually are people, or whether these androids are possessed by spirits of previously dead people, which is kind of alluded on. Maybe I'll find out more in one of the routes that I've not yet unlocked?
    This is the best David Cage game till now and I highly recommend it, but it's only for people who likes his previous games that isn't Omikron. I give this game the rating of "so many choices to make that you will replay this game over and over again until you find every variables." with a badass seal of approval!

    PS. I also like how the main menu of the game has this robot girl named Chloe who interact with you and even ask you to do a survey, and like all the other characters slowly change from an emotionless robot girl to an actual girl as you go further into the game. I like that little touch.
  20. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Hero-Behind-Glasses in Greetings Comrades!   
    Gawd I'm terrible at Introductions, So I'm just gonna keep this short.
    Been a gamer for most of my life but haven't really gotten deep into the community side of things until recently.
    At the moment I'm mainly playing on PS4 and Switch but looking to possibly branch into PC gaming soon.
    So yeah, Hello and hope to see you guys around.
  21. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Babayaga in GTA V? Anyone?... My name is Adam, Nice to meet you! ^^   
    Hello everyone! My name is Adam. I'm a big GTA V fanboy. I always enjoyed the grind of the game and the challenge! I Own every single DLC with no glitches and no shark cards! What has motivated me all that time to grind all this is the challenge; the risk of always being destroyed by griefers/other players looking to make money, whether it's my product, cars, VIP mission, etc... Another thing that kept me playing is the great ability to roleplay, especially being a CEO and have 3 other associates with me. Now I know people wouldn't like it back because it doesn't pay so I started giving the cash from missions and challenges to my associates and in turn, they help me with my business. The thing is I haven't had good luck with finding people to actually show them this so I ended up with no one to play with other than my griefers, glitching friends with tons and tons of easily earned cash and annoying orbital cannon strikes, and it's not enjoyable at all. So I don't play with them anymore. I even started my own crew SSSC (SecuroServ) with a greatly constructed logo, but no one to play with...  Check out the crew page at https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/securoserverssecureif you want to join (The logo may not appear for some reason but it's legit well-constructed SecuroServ logo) Add me on PSN: X-Z-_D, tell me you came from this forum too! I always make sure that my men (or Women :D) are well-payed, even if it means they would send a mugger on me. So make sure to add me if you want to hop back into GTAV! (It pays very well btw)
  22. RuneX liked a post in a topic by at_korvus in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Hi Guys,
    I am 80korvus on X-Box, and I mostly play Destiny 2 (although I have been meaning to get back to Halo). I live currently in India (GMT+5:30) and log on for at least a couple of hours on the weekends afternoon here ( roughly 10-11 PM Pacific).
  23. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in My first ever fighting game tournament competition experience at Battle Arena Melbourne 10. It's awesome!   
    I've been playing Dragonball FighterZ and loving it very much since its release, and I found out that there will be a fighting game tournament event called Battle Arena Melbourne 10 that's running from 18th - 20th of May.

    So I decided to compete in the Dragonball FighterZ tournament, see how far I can get in it and just enjoy my first ever fighting game tournament event.
    It was so..... so...... SOOOO much different than what I thought it would ended up being. For one thing, it used the same venue as PAX Australia that I visited last year, but it only uses the entrance side for PAX, and surprisingly it can fit a ton of stuff in it. This is what it looks like for 1/8 of the entrance venue.

     This is the individual sections for the Dragonball FighterZ tournament which also has Soul Calibur 6 set up for people to play.

    The Tekken 7 tournaments section,

    And the Street Fighter V section.

    These 3 are only 1/4 of the entrance for PAX that was used for this event. It's amazing that it can fit this much!
    Other than Soul Calibur 6, which unfortunately when I played it has no Geralt in it since it's a limited demo, such a shame....... there's also the upcoming Fighting EX Layer

    And 3 other games which are Australian made games. There's one game that's an upcoming Smash Bros esque game called Dimensions VS
    A hectic multiplayer game called Hyperjam 
    And this game called Dash Blitz
    I actually got a free code for this game because I beat the developers. YAY! Free game!  It's quite fun too, so keep an eye out for this game. It's currently in early access so wait for the full version.
    Ahem anyway, my Dragonball FighterZ tournament starts on Saturday 19, and 122 people including myself joined in which are seperated to 8 brackets. A - D 1 & 2. I played in the B - 2 bracket at 12 pm. And let me tell ya, it was way more scarier than I expected. This is not just a casual Dragonball FighterZ tournament where you just play and have fun. Oh no. So many people in this tournament, and for the other tournaments for that matter, actually knows how to play the game and are extremely skilled, so going into this tournament requires you to be calm and know the inside out of the games to actually proceed high in the bracket. In my second match of the bracket, I fought against a player that's so skilled, he decimated my characters easily without breaking a sweat. So I had to fight the rest of my matches in the losers bracket, where I have to climb an even higher mountain to get up the rank.
    Somehow, someway, I managed to get rank 13th in the whole competition, and I actually managed to beat 3 top players who are heavily favored to win the whole tournament before that: Magnum Infinity, Tomo009 and DaBeast. These 3 are no jokes man, they are so damn good at this game. 
    This was the match where I managed to win against Magnum Infinity to get into the top 32 spot. It's at the very start of the video.
    lol, btw I just picked the name Agent17805 because it has a nice fit to it. I'm not an agent of anything man.  
    I played online against him and he's really damn good too. And after this we play another rounds of the game while he congratulate me on beating him, and then saying he's a bit salty for that, to which I apologized for beating him and then he's like "It's alright man, you deserve the win." Thanks man, we both gave it our all.
    Funny thing is when I told the event coordinator that I beat Tomo009 and DaBeast, he suddenly said "WHAT? YOU BEAT THEM?? BUT THEY'RE MY PICK TO WIN THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT!" And then he congratulate me and said "you got my respect my man. You beat 2 of Melbourne's best player just now. Congrats!" while I was like "I know! I was so scared fighting against them since I know they're going whoop my ass!"  
    I now have a whole new level of appreciation for everyone who actually plays at EVO every year. They had to beat hundreds of people in other tournaments just to get a spot in that event and be so damn good that they beat 100 - 200 + other people. I fucking salute you all good sirs!
    And here's another thing that I didn't expect. I thought the players attending this event will be showoffs that's all cocky and smug that they don't want to talk to you, but I was so wrong. They are all really damn nice people. We all congratulate each other on giving our all in our matches, no matter if we win or lose, and then afterwards we play some more Dragonballs for fun & for practice to the ones advancing to the next brackets. Some of the people are just as scared as I was and we couldn't even believe we made it as far as we did in our tournaments. One guy named CheesyChi drank 2 giant bottles of water with him while his legs are shaking, and another named Flade was like "I didn't expect that I would go this far! I thought I would just lost early and go home, but now I have to wait till night! I want to go home and sleep already!" lol, I feel ya both man, I feel ya both!
    Even the top players are nice guys too! I managed to took pictures with Tokido and Knee before, of course, they won their tournaments. And as expected, they both completely dominated their opponents.

    Tokido especially wished me good luck for my Dragonball FighterZ tournament, right after I told him he'll definitely win the whole tournament & wished him a great victory. Thanks man! 
    And at the final day of the tournament on Sunday the 20th, I cheered the top 8 players. I even practiced a game with the 2nd place winner Dailou before the tournament began. He's the second guy on the left next to Baxter the champion.

    I actually played against Dailou and Baxter a lot online, and they whooped my ass so damn much. Dailou actually sent the winner Baxter to the losers bracket, but Baxter moved up against Ando, the guy on the far right, and then proceeds to change his characters to win the whole tournament. Congrats man, you all deserves your spots! 
    And after this, I congratulated Dailou and Ando personally, Ando and other people in the tournament I met looked forward to meeting me again next time in other upcoming tournaments, and we all spend the rest of our days either playing other games in the event, looking at other top 8 matches for the other games which are all so fucking intense, and then go back home to rest. All in all, I had a blast with this event. To be in an actual game tournament event and watch high leveled people play against each other is so damn awesome! I can't wait to see other gaming tournament events & play with other great players too!
    Let me tell you all this message: if you have a fighting game event in your country, attend it, maybe even participate in the event and see first hand how awesome it can be. Well, if you're a fighting game fan that is. But still, even if you're not a fighting game fan, just go in and have a great time. You'll not be disappointed!  
  24. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in RAGE 2 is official. Remember the first game?   
    RAGE was an underrated fps game back in 2011. The gunplay & driving was solid, the futuristic Mad Max setting is interesting, it has one of the best character body language for dialogues in any game, and I love just seeing the different characters and their animations when they talk to you. I remember this girl the most because she's the early npc, and she's cute!

    It is a real shame that there's no 1 character npc that sticks with you till the end of the game. The story is just.... there. It's all just an excuse for you to go to different locations and shoot people. All of the characters are varied, but they're like that it's a small world ride in Disneyland attractions that you pass through.
    And it has a gigantic blue balling cliffhanger ending, which I fucking hate. I've been waiting for the sequel since that anticlimactic end, until now.
    Recently RAGE 2 was leaked by Walmart, and Bethesda's community manager playfully schooled the thing to pieces

    And now the actual game is finally revealed!
    Gonna be honest, this looks like a Destiny Mad Max expansion pack, but better since there will be no bullshit Diablo grinding & looting where you have to switch guns over and over again when you can just have a gun that you can upgrade to your liking. Or at least I'm hoping there will be none of those things because I just want simple fast paced FPS action like DOOM, with cars. So I'm looking forward to this game already. Can't wait to use my wingsticks once more & blow shit up!
  25. RuneX liked a post in a topic by halo masterchief in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    My gamer tag is Angryfuzzball68 and  my time zone is eastern. I like to play mainly anything and if we have the same games we’ll play together.