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  1. are we refering to BLOPS 2 on PC or consoles?
  2. ^Bump guys remember you can always request a signature from here or you can message me or even contact me on Teamspeak if im on the server
  3. What do you think of this?
  4. what you think of this?
  5. Hey Guys, I dont know if this is the right area to post this but some of you may know and most of you probably dont but I do Forum Signatures and other graphic arts as a hobby if you wanna request one you can post here or send me a pm (If you post here please keep the posts only for requests if you have questions pm me if you need an adjustment if i have started then pm me if i havent then update your OP I will post if i have started or not in this post but please keep in mine these are the only details i will use although if possible i will use the image that you request Type: Signature, Display Pic.. etc File Type PNG, GIF, JPEG Catagory Halo Character: Master Chief * THE SIZE I WILL BE USING IS 500 X 200 * just as a reference here is one that i did for myself
  6. I believe the problem does not lie in the the DLC existing I believe the problem lies in how it is implemented as well as developers being sneaky and sleezy by having the DLC on the Disk and "unlocked" once you bypass the paywall DLC SHOULD BE EXTRA CONTENT THAT IS NOT RIPPED FROM THE FINAL GAME BUT EXTRA THAT WAS CREATED AFTER THE GAME IS 100% DONE AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL *COUGH* BF4 xD But other then that i completely support the idea of DLC cause it extends the life of a game by quite a lot depending on the company and game it is made for
  7. yeah i got this too at least i only have one account with them xD
  8. yeah i would agree with that 10 TB is a bit much for people who arent into severe image editing or video editing or anything like that about the only thing i could see this used for is something like a office workstation maybe. other then that yeah i would say its complete and utter overkill
  9. Honestly what i would love to see is a real time IM Shoutbox it would allow constant interaction on the site and i believe it would draw the AJSA closer
  10. Would anyone be willinng to support the acceptance of TERA EU or Vindictus as a unofficial/official AJSA game?
  11. Does anyone else want a call to arms to make Tera EU a official AJSA game (i live on the west coast US and have no lag) Seeing as how wow and a few other Open MMORPGs are official games i think its time we add Tera EU to that list
  12. Title says it all guys would anyone be interested in either of the aforementioned games in a branch capacity? cause as it is there arent any branches that i am able to join
  13. Hey Im new to the AJSA but ive been a follower of Angry Joe for quite a while umm anything about me you guys will more then likely learn more just by talking to me then by me explaing anything here... as far as games i have Vindictus PC Warframe PC Saints Row 3/4 and Gat out of hell Xbox 360 Tera EU PC and a bunch more on 360 so if you guys want to hmu and mayb we can play Oh btw i am a signature maker
  14. As some of you may be aware LS has been going rampant with attacks against companies like Sony and Xbox well this may soon be over but we need our government to get off their asses and do something with this petition we are hoping to get that action to happen https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-infamous-ddos-hackers-and-fake-bomb-threat-callers-called-lizard-squad/TvqcSC47