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  1. Song: Mirage Artist: Oh Hiroshima Album: In Silence We Yearn
  2. I'm not sure if GTA online is a thing here,since I don't play it. I do know that members play GTA online on PS3,PS4 and PC. You could snoop around and ask around if anyone wants to set something up. If you want to make it official or something,you may want to contact staff.
  3. Song: Smile Like You Mean It Artist: The Killers Album Hot Fuss
  4. Welcome to the AJSA!
  5. I started playing it recently. Looking for others to group up with!
  6. I never had an interest in the Witcher series,but I can understand why a lot of people did. Sadly,everything must come to an end someday... I'm looking forward to what's coming up next!
  7. They will stop making CoD games, when it stops selling.
  8. It stands for how long you are registered on the forums. Something like that atleast...
  9. Song: Bored To Death Artist: blink-182 Album: California (This track is a single from the upcoming album)
  10. There is no room for hate here, only love.
  11. Welcome to the AJSA! If you want to get involved with the community, you should join the discord! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/0iHbkwYao3PpzVS2
  12. I like to torture myself with StarCraft II. What a surprise! I hate that game. I love that game.
  13. VS eh? Sure, I'll play a bit. Your PSN username:ProdiGY_DE Your Planetside 2 Username: ProdiGYVS (most likely, if we are going to play VS) Whether or not you have a Mic: I have a mic, but just the standard earbud thing. So...it might not be good...
  14. Hallöchen, bin auch ganz zufällig Deutsch. Nun ja...nicht ganz... We have a discord server set up, hop in and get involved! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/0iHbkwYao3PpzVS2
  15. New

    Welcome to the AJSA! Be sure to check out the Discord server and get involved with other AJSA members! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/0iHbkwYao3PpzVS2