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  1. hears a slight addendum to that only wait till june if your a casual player if you like playing competitively you shouldint wait because well thats nerly 5 months whare other playeres will be getting better and better at the game whare you will not but like I said thats only a issue for us competitive players if all you care about is the story and arcade yes do wait on the game it is not worth the 60$ yet witch sucks because macanicly its probably one of the best street fighters to date and this fuck up on conames part is going to hurt a good game as a hole
  2. see I have a different issue I think even on hell the AI is paints on head retard
  3. they are its madcatz thats making the peripherals. well the name is sietech but sietechs owned by madcatz
  4. first off sorry for my spelling it has always coused me issues but I cant just sit buy with this I have one real question for you. You mention no one wants transmigration or subscriptions for MMOs witch is true but please do tell how do you think they can keep servers running without them. I hate shitty DLC and cash grabs as much as the next person but what CIG is doing isint anything like what EA or any other game company is doing they may be using the same business models as some but how and why they are using it is the difference. next Id like to adress thows harping on about the time and money being put into this game heare are some nummbers for you destiny development costs are listed at $500 million five times that of star citizen's and speeking of destiny the first bits of consept are was leeked back in 2012 meaning they where at the varry lest going threw pre production at the time for about a year or so. granted yes the game did relese in 2014 but it was clearly unfinished and took around 2 years to get to a point whare it was even worth playing so factor that in destiny effectively took around 5 years to get to whare it is now now hears the kicker yes star citizen was kickstarted in 2012 but it efectivly did start develupment till around 2013 everything till that point was mostly pre production and as of right now the game is getting constent patching making it more and more complent most resently wev seen a overhall of the EVA system as well as the implamentation of what will becomme the reputation system
  5. 100% with Eiousx about this 90% of the news storys about star citizen right now is comeing from people looking to make click paity posts and litraly all of them have done little to no real research on the game witch is sad because it would litraly only take 5 seconds on the site to see that CIG is really overly forthcoming with the development posses it would litraly take days to read over all the dev posts they have put out honestly they put out to much stuff witch has lead to so many people that dont activly keep up with it only seeing the bits and pises from the PRE ALPHA gameplay that the bakers put up and take that as the game not making any progress
  6. not a jab at you a jab at my custamers lol unless you happen to have ever HP smart friends or avast toltal saport lol(yes the same company handels bolth serveses)
  7. my sagestion DL something called blue screen viewer it will find the .DMP file your pc makes when you get BSOD thare will be a code listed in that info that starts with a 0x falowed by a lot of 0 look that code up that should tell you whats cosing the error (sadly as a help desk tech I deal with about 4 or 5 BSOD a day -__- rely wish people took better care of thare pcs)
  8. quickly ran thew the prior post all of them have good advice hears a little list of ways to keep incontrol of storig space 1: be mindfull of what your instaling/saving to your disc (thow thars a lot of space its still finite) 2: run disk cleanup/defrags over week to moth(only run defrag on HDD its pointless to try in a SSD as how they store data is fundamentaly difrent then HDD and as a result dont suffer fragmentation) 3: rutenly go threw and uninstail/delet files you are not using (if i havent opened a game in 3 months I pull it out) 4: seporate data (I have a disck for my os and basic programs and another one for games and persanel files this methoud requiers you to activly change the defult instail locantion of every game to instail but thats easy enough to do if you just keep a eye out during the instail prosses)
  9. as stated a few time you might want to switch over to a intel besed system theyr multie core tech is slightly better at the moment thow in the next gen of CPUs that might chang id AMDs new arcutecher is good as for the GPU thats a good card even if its got 1/2 a gig walled off and finaly the PSU wait on that till you know the fill power draw of your system including fans, leds ,ect Im curently running a 850W PSU thow I got that because Id rather not have to upgrade my PSU if I desied to switch out my GPU also you want to get atlest a gold rated PSU for power efishinsy
  10. well the good thing is if you go into the propertys of the game as in right click on the .exe file for the game and click on propertys you can run the game in compatabilaty mode as far back as windows 95 that should help
  11. well Im gana need to rebind some thing top and botem rail will be going on my side mouse butens and male in the center mouse lol
  12. No prob Iv been a backer of the game for over a year now and kinda got into it hard in the begining because i was a big fan of chris robers so I ended up reding all the dev notes and shit like that still do lol so if youv got any more questions ask away
  13. the only thing you can or will ever be able to ern in AC us REC you will not get to ern any UEC till the game gos in to full alpha and beta and even then once the gamr gos live they might reset everything ernd in alpha and beta (still dont know if thats the case or not yet) what REC allows CIG to do is get the ships in the hands of more players for testing without said players having to acholy buy the packege for that ship and they are rely genares with REC in the corse of 2 hours you should have enouph to rent a hornet for a week(in game time not real time)
  14. if you are just looking to get into the game at a basline and work your way up Id sagest stiking with one of the starter ships witch one you chuse should depend on how youd like to play in the game(do note if what you chose as a starter ship end up not being what youd like to fucus on dont worry once the game gos live you can just work twords a ship of your liking) right now thare are only two GAME PACKAGES that come with the arena camander pass(thow you can purches a pass for 5$ if you whant a ship that dosint have a pass) so if your looking to just get right in you might want one of them now about chusing the ship hears a list of ships I think are good starters lised with price and what they are best at AURORA MR: cost $45 with arena camander pass, this is the most basic of ships it can run small amounts of cargo and can fight thow if your going up any deadacated fighter ship youl need to be rely skilled at flinging to take them down MUSTANG ALPHA:cost $45 with arena camander pass, much like the aurora this is a basic starter ship but it can fight a bit better then the aurora mostly becase its a bit more nimble (the aurora flys like a show box) but what it gains in combat abilaty it loses in carga unlike the aurora this ship has no cargo capasaty ======= from this point on thare are no ships that come with a AC pass so youl need to add $5 onto the price of all this ships id youd want one Aruora LN: cost $45 , a more combat focused ver of the aurora it has bigger shelds and more guns but it dosint losse the cargo space making it slight better then the base MR but it still flys like a shew box mustang beta: cost $55, this is a camper ship its about a strong and fast as the alpha ver but has a sleeping qorder in the back still dosint have cargo capasaty 300I: cost $55, now then this ship has the same cargo space as the aruora's but packs a much bigger punch with a faster engin better handeling and larger shilds and weppons avenger: cost $75, much like the 300I it can pretty much do anything the other ships on this list can and still pack a good punch in a dog fight this ship used to be a cop ship so it would work good if youd like to do some bounty hunting all in all every one of the ships listed are good in thare own way and will server a perpus when the game gos live but if your just looking to get into AC and start learing how to fly and and dog fight Id sagest the avanger as your starter its no supper hornet but once you get to be better at flying you will be able to hold your own nicely in that ship ofcorse you can be someone like me and dump over 1K into this game with out a single ounce of regret but if your looking to just get your foot in the door Id try one of this ships
  15. that gos without saying lol