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  1. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Snapplemonkey in Star Citizen Pre-Order Bonus: THE ENTIRE SINGLE PLAYER!   
    I'm making a separate post about this and hopefully it will get this topic closed, because based on this Crazycrab is spreading disinformation.
    Cloud Imperium Games (developers of Star Citizen) are now offering the following packages:
    45$ - Star Citizen MMO + Mustang Alpha Ship + some ingame items
    45$ - Star Citizen MMO + Aurora MR Ship + some ingame items
    60$ - Squadron 42 + Star Citizen MMO + Mustang Alpha Ship + some ingame items
    60$ - Squadron 42 + Star Citizen MMO + Aurora MR Ship + some ingame items
    There are several other packages for higher ammounts depending on the ship you want but they all include both the Multiplayer and the Single player game.
    So they are not adding Squadron 42 as a pre-order bonus. All they have done is made a cheaper game package that people can purchase if they are only interested in the Online content.
    The author of the original article that was quoted in Crazycrab's post is full of misunderstandings by the author himself and the contents of the article is based of a live podcast hosted by two people from marketing and community managment. In which the whole situation was badly explained.
  2. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Snapplemonkey in Star Citizen Pre-Order Bonus: THE ENTIRE SINGLE PLAYER!   
    1. The game has had a long time to develop, yes. However because of it's ever-growing budget they keep adding more features that end up taking more time to develop. There are still entire modules of the MMO that hasn't even been finished for alpha testing.
    2. It's pretty common now a days to sell online only games for 40+ dollars. Overwatch is a perfect example of this, Battlefront is another online only game but it went for a lot more. Business wise there is nothing wrong with selling two different games seperately, because that's what they are, two different games. The reason people who pre-ordered it before Valentines day get both games are strictly for legal reasons, they were promised both games from the get-go, but since both games are turning out to be a lot more work and a lot more expensive to create than originally planned, they have to sell both games separately now.
    3. Micro transactions in an MMO is a perfectly fine business model, especially when any players have access to the same content without using real money on it.
    Sure people will defend this game, mostly because some have invested a lot of money in this project, also because it's a project they believe in. And having played the game so far I'm still pretty excited for it's release. But this is also a game people like to bash on a lot too, mostly because they listen to online personalities like Angry Joe and Totalbiscuit talking about pre-ordering, micro-transactions and crowdfunding and think they're all evil no matter what. It's not always that simple, due to Star Citizens crowdfunding nature, pre-ordering is kind of a given.
    All in all it mostly comes down to "Do YOU think it is worth investing money in?". I thought it was, and I haven't regretted it so far. Haters gonna hate, that's all.
    EDIT: Just a little addendum, many online personalities like Angry Joe has on occasion forgiven bad business decisions if the final product turned out to be better than expected or great. I'm reserving my full judgement for when the game is out. 
    EDIT 2: Did some minor research after making the post and this is what I got so far. Squadron 42 is going to be a full AAA title with an estimate of 20 hours of gameplay with additional expansion packs being release later (if they are free or not hasn't been determined).
    The current cast is as follows:
    Garry Oldman - (Zorg from Fifth Element, Comissionar Gordon from Batman)
    Mark Hammil  - (The Joke voice from various Batman animations/games, Luke Skywalker from Star Wars)
    Mark Strong - (Frank D'Macio from Kick-ass, Merlin from Kingsman)
    Gillian Anderson - (Scully from X-Files, Dr. Bedelia from Hannibal)
    Liam Cunningham - (Davos from Game of Thrones)
    John Rhys-Davies - (Sallah from Indiana Jones, Gimli/Treebeard  from Lord of the Rings)
    Andy Serkis - (Every fully fledged CGI character ever created in movies)
    And plenty other not so well known voice actors and whatnot. So this is pretty much a fully fledged stand alone single player game.
  3. Frogfoot4 liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in Compatibility Issues   
    well the good thing is if you go into the propertys of the game as in right click on the .exe file for the game and click on propertys you can run the game in compatabilaty mode as far back as windows 95 that should help
  4. illutian liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in Running out of storage on my C:Drive, help!   
    quickly ran thew the prior post all of them have good advice hears a little list of ways to keep incontrol of storig space
    1: be mindfull of what your instaling/saving to your disc (thow thars a lot of space its still finite)
    2: run disk cleanup/defrags over week to moth(only run defrag on HDD its pointless to try in a SSD as how they store data is fundamentaly difrent then HDD and as a result dont suffer fragmentation)
    3: rutenly go threw and uninstail/delet files you are not using (if i havent opened a game in 3 months I pull it out)
    4: seporate data (I have a disck for my os and basic programs and another one for games and persanel files this methoud requiers you to activly change the defult instail locantion of every game to instail but thats easy enough to do if you just keep a eye out during the instail prosses)
  5. illutian liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in Bluescreen PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (portcls.sys)   
    my sagestion DL something called blue screen viewer it will find the .DMP file your pc makes when you get BSOD thare will be a code listed in that info that starts with a 0x falowed by a lot of 0 look that code up that should tell you whats cosing the error (sadly as a help desk tech I deal with about 4 or 5 BSOD a day -__- rely wish people took better care of thare pcs)
  6. Snakesoul liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in Question about Star Citizen   
    Snakesoul your post is great it offer a rely easy means of letting people now about then game kinda wish CIG would do somthing like this for thar home page lol
  7. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Jet Fusion in Avenger or 325A   
    Stats and loadouts as well as how much damage a gun will do in the end is subject to change. That is unknown. Simply go with what your eye pleases for now. One main difference between the two is the capability of holding more cargo for the Avenger.
  8. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Jet Fusion in Star Citizen flop???   
    How can a company flop when it already has customers that even payed more than 5x times for the final product? This world is suffering from troll journalism. It's a way of making money apparently.
  9. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Ninjaneer in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate from a newbies standpoint.   
    Well I do have to say that you chose the right one to start with because Monster Hunter series always had a hard time introducing new people to the game with its lack-luster tutorial. I'm still hoping they eventually make MH4 for WiiU.
  10. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Snakesoul in Question about Star Citizen   
    A quick list to help you on your way to become a SC Pilot . 
    1. Star Citizen requires Arena module 
    To play star Citizen you need an Arena Module Pass, this is $5 if you wish to buy it separate. NOTE: THIS DOESN'T GIVE YOU ACCESS TO OTHER MODULES SUCH AS FIRST PERSON OR GROUND, YOU NEED TO BUY THOSE MODULES SEPARATE FOR ADDITIONAL COST. You also need a ship, most single seat fighters have been added to the arena, however multi-passenger ships are still not in yet so if you buy a larger ship you will have to wait. Make sure to check the forums and site to see if your ship is SPACE READY.
    A good suggestion for new players is to buy the Arena Commander pack, this comes with a ship, some cash and the arena pass at a decent price. You can also wait for the limited $20 package but that goes by quick.
    2. Star Citizen Alpha Tester Pass
    Some packages will offer the Alpha tester pass, this allows you access to all modules in alpha stage without buying passes, if your package has this in the description DO NOT BUY ANY OTHER ARENA OR MODULE PASSES.
    3. Star Citizen Pay to Win?
    This has been flying around because of the ship market and packages, the only benefit to buying a ship now is the insurance (think eve online), some ships will offer life time insurance meaning if your poor ship blows up then it will be covered without you paying a cent, however the developers have decided to push into having restrictions to prevent abuse with LT insurance, some ideas is a cool down time before you can use your ship again after it was destroyed. Other then that all ships you see in the store page will be in the game and obtainable ingame without real money...just work and a lot of it. Same goes with items such as guns and batons, they can be obtained ingame the only difference is looks and I believe they are secured from being destroyed.
    4. Hanger?
    Hanger is open now for anyone that has a package/ship +hanger. You don't need an arena pass to access this area. The hanger serves as your home for now, you can view your ships and walk around them. That's it for now......
    5.  Beta? 
    Beta is said to be out next year, all packages have this. 
    6. Package vs individual items
    Packages are your easy steps into SC, they come with both games online and singleplayer (when released), beta and any extra items (all packages are different). Packages right now are cheap, however when SC leaves alpha and beta, developers have said that they might remove packages and leave just one likely to be the $60 game pack to allow players to get the game. Standalone ships might still stick around the store but nothing will have life time insurance (but that can change with $$$$...you never know). 
    Individual items are for those just wanting certain ships that might not be in a package or already have a package but want to add more ships to their hanger. There isn't anything extra to them just the ship most times.
    7. I BOUGHT THE WRONG PACK!!! or found a better one . 
    Don't worry if you buy the wrong pack or find something better down the road, if you already have a package and want to trade it or get rid of it because the new pack or another pack in general seems better to you then you can melt any packages you have already bought gaining the equal value back...this helps players pick the right ship...however be careful as any rare or special limited offer packages are melted down they are gone for good 
    Example you bought a life time 330000 feet carrier with life time insurance that was only offered during November 2011 and decide to melt it for a police ship that has 6 month insurance....your poor carrier is gone forever if you melt it and that LT insurance is gone too...you can't get it back. So make sure you think carefully before you decide.
    8. Is it worth it to join now or later. 
    It comes down to you. If you join SC now you are able to gain special items that are given now and then such as fish tank or models (these are given for beating a certain goal marketing goal as a community or just owning a package and landing on a nice holiday such as christmas). However any items earned before you joined you don't get , but don't worry there is a small shop and other ways to obtain them down the road. 
    But when think about it right now, it still 50/50 there is still a lot of promises to be met such as first person module should be coming soon to prove that the gameplay footage they showed during a event is true with all the mechanics. If your really interested you can always buy a cheaper pack ($30 to $50) and give it a shot and get most of the perks down the road. But here is a quick list of what is coming up according to a live stream and some info posted
    a. First person module (this year) - allows you to try out the ground combat on a space station. Expect it to have issues, however there is rumor of a boarding test coming with this, having a large test ship connected to another test ship to try out ship boarding but this is just rumored. 
    b. First Chapter of single player (this year/next) - Depending on schedule they do want to release the first bit of the singleplayer story
    c. Planet side (this year/next) -very early test, and has been mention if released that it will be limited and buggy but will grow like the arena. 
    d. 2016 hoping to get into Beta with everything connected on the online world
    9. What ship is good for me?
    That is a really hard question for anyone to answer, everyone will recommend a ship but it comes down to the pilot to decide. For example I'm a heavy support pilot so coming in with big guns or a trooper transport is the way for me as I love to fly through a hot LZ or battle. But you may enjoy stealth combat or policing or medical or exploration the list is limitless. 
    However SC and Robert have created the best tool for pilots, if you go onto their site and look through the ship section, it will give you a break down of the ship layout, abilities , equipment and main job task....but lets say you don't know what anything means...don't worry they got you covered, most ships will have a lovely brochure giving detailed information and equipment design to help you decide and anything you see now is of course not final and of course equipment and gear on a ship can be switched out when full released.
    A good example would be a carrack as it can be used for exploration but has modules underneath to allow more custom design such as becoming a medical transport, cargo transport and more. Just make sure you read up. Also now and then Arena Module will have a test week which has a good number of ships to try out, these are at random but give you a better idea on certain ships you were 50/50 on.
    If you have any other questions let me know, I do live stream this now and then and willing to show you some ships , the hanger and space combat as well as answer questions. Good LUCK PILOT and don't forget to join the Angry Army Fleet
  11. Arch liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in Nintendo Network ID option for AJSA account [Request Granted]   
    100% yes Im a PC gamer mostly but I do own one console and one hand held and thows are my WiiU and 3DS Id love to have the option to show my ID on hear
  12. Langbein_ liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in Star Citizen flop???   
    and this is the point so many news outlest skip over they focuse on that fact that the guys at CIG want to put so much into the game but ignor the fact that even they now they cant get it all in right away and tell us that much
  13. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Langbein_ in Star Citizen flop???   
    They are open about that they will start with Squadron 42 and then add content as they get further into development.
    They don't promise everything from day one.
  14. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Zegers in Researching PC builders   
    Myself, and just about every person you talk to that knows their stuff about computers will tell you to build the PC yourself. It is honestly not as sisyphean a task as many people would probably believe it to be. If you can put together a decently difficult Lego kit, you can put together a PC, not to mention that there are hundreds, probably thousands, of fantastic guides available all over the internet that will give you instructions on how to build a PC. Whether it be Intel or AMD based. You're also going to be looking at saving quite a bit of money if you up and build one yourself. If you're lucky and shop sales well enough you can find yourself an i3 and a 280X to fit inside a 500 dollar budget. 
    If you do end up deciding to build your own computer, but get hung up on what parts you should get or what certain things do, please feel free to ask.
    Finally, I'll link you a few YouTube channels that have some fantastic guides on how to build a PC (You can also check out /r/BuildaPC for even more help): 
    Tek Syndicate
  15. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in PC Specs GO!!!   
    Il place the specs of the PC Im cerently in the proses of building

    cpu. core I5 4670 3.4(3.9 to 4.0 with over clock)
    MOBO. Gigabyte z97-ud3h
    GPU. asus AMD R9 280x
    ram. 16 gigs of Crucial ballistix DDR3 PC3 14900
    HHD. x2 1tb hitachi 7200RPM Enterprise Grade 3.5"
    psu. 1000W xion 
    case . Rosewill THOR V2 Gaming ATX Full Tower
  16. ThE_MarD liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in The Windows 10 Thread!   
    I dont have a issue with bring the UI back but Im just saying from a professional IT standpoint thars almost no reson for windows 10 to egsist they could have just pushed the new ui  but then again with all the bull that people have been dealing with windows 8 to 8.1 updating I can see why they might just want to scrap 8 and start fresh
  17. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by illutian in The Windows 10 Thread!   
    Well, they tried changing things and people bitched.
    oh my god....the start menu now takes up an entire screen allowing for easier viewing of pinned item...*everyone panic and forget how to navigate*
  18. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Ninjaneer in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U hunting party?   
    I'm probably going to get this game with my next pay check, I will try to follow this up later when I get the game
  19. Lhouraii liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in Monster Hunter Guilt?   
    your not soft you just havent found the monster that makes you see red to the point whare you sloaughter everything in your path yet lol
  20. illutian liked a post in a topic by newtype89 in Built a PC, didn't turn on, help?   
    I was about to ask the same thing if thars no BOST beep then he might have a MB with a built in POST card dos the MB have a POST LED  if so put the code up her that will help with truble shooting also if its not making a post beep take a look at the power butten it could be blinking signafing a BOST issue
  21. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Puntosmx in Question about Hardware   
    The memory that the Motherboard uses is independent from the memory that is included in a GPU.
    What you need to match is the slot for the GPU.
    Is it a PCI, AGP, or PCIe GPU? Does the MB have the same slot avialable?
    Those are the two questions you have to answer to know if it's compatible.
    Now, as we've commented before, it's easier if you tell us the model of your MB (just open the case and look for numbers and letters) and what GPU you're planning to get (again, names and numbers are most useful).

    La memoria de tu tarjeta madre es independiente de la memoria que está incluída en tu tarjeta de video.
    Lo que necesita ser compatible es el espacio para la tarjeta de video.
    Es una tarjeta PCI, AGP o PCIe? La tarjeta madre tiene un slot del mismo tipo?
    Esas son las dos preguntas que tienes que responder para saber si son compatibles.
    Ahoa, como hemos comentado antes, es más fácil que nos des el modelo de tu tarjeta madre (símplemente abre el gabinete y busca números y letras) y qué tarjeta de video planeas comprar (de nuevo, los nombres y números son lo más útil).
    Saludos hasta Honduras.
  22. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Do you lose your ship?   
    You can buy Ship Insurance in game. What that means, Is that even if your ship gets destroyed; As long as It's insured, you get a free replacement.
    EDIT: For the current Dogfighting module, you won't have to. I believe you can use the ships available without consequence.
  23. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Deathcall in Operation Pitchfork. Will you be there?   
    Forgive me but... What does it say in the AJSA logo?
    Never give up! Never surrender! Victory or Death!
  24. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in ... we need more Connies   
    And be ready to defend it... when we take it over, we'll then have a 1.5 km long target for pretty much everyone else to aim for.
  25. newtype89 liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Citizencon 2014 recap   
    Obligatory ship size comparison (3D), pulled from the holoviewer and includes the 890 jump:

    EDIT: More ship porn: