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Judge Paradox

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  1. Judge Paradox
  2. Hey sounds fun hope you don't mind i bought the game not to long ago.
  3. Invite Emiya1 please and thank you
  4. IGN:Musicparadox
  5. Then why post here
  6. Cod here buddy GT: Judge Paradox
  7. Not really if your shooting for new games only
  8. Hello everyone i'm looking for people to play cod ghost on Xbox 360 with GT:Judge Paradox message me if your interested
  9. I would like to game with you and try to make a clan on xbox GT: Judge Paradox message me sometime we will play
  10. If there is one someone message me GT: Judge Paradox
  11. I prefer Fallout it better gets across the feeling of one man vs all. The elder scrolls series made sure you knew that there was always people to help while fallout made you question whether or not you was alone in this digital landscape
  12. I'm looking for other people in the Darkhaven server to play with add me musicparadox.6310
  13. Musicparadox add me always looking for people to play with
  14. Add me Musicparadox.6310 i'm willing to change servers for a good group to play with
  15. I'm in Darkheaven but willing to change for a good group to play with