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  1. IKR, I have 4 Gigs too. And I cannot upgrade my Rigs because I'm still a cash-strapped college student.
  2. They probably have Faction DLCs or Expansion in the future. Because of that I'm probably buy it when they have Complete Edition.
  3. I will do that just incase, at least I can disable it if I want to.
  4. All right, Now my account is back and it's now back to White Glint. My steam wallet is still intact. My inventory nothing missing. But my Friend list and Group list are all gone. Apparently my account is hacked by Russian guy. He even change my Profile. I will keep an eye on my Steam account just incase if this Fucker want to Hijack my account again.
  5. *Update : Now my account is back to me, but I will keep an eye on it, just incase this fucker wants to hijack my account again* Today my steam account is hijacked for NO REASON. I never enter suspicious sites or links, I never run any virus file in my computer, and my antivirus is online. Please, I'm panicking right now and I have contacted Steam Customer Services. I have tracked my hijacked account his display name is changing everytime . And his SteamID is SlitoGGFuck . I attachd this SS and he still changing my display name. My previous name is White Glint, Ornstein, and so on you can see below. He changed into AmegaSlit and still changing. Please if you tracked him, Report for violation and pick Suspected Hijacker or Phising. Please I need my Steam account back.
  6. Any Google Play random games that I downloaded in my Smartphone for my curiosity and for my boredom. Most of them have many atrocious micro-transaction and way to long grind games. Many of them I played for few minutes and then I deleted them.
  7. That could be worked, Or maybe Chromehounds. Besides, Metal Wolf Chaos Reboot would makes me a hot-blooded patriot
  8. http://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2016/04/27/hidetaka-miyazaki-puts-the-souls-series-on-hold-wants-to-do-more-mecha-games/#41e4db321845 New Armored Core....????
  9. http://www.pcgamer.com/leaked-doom-trailer-showcases-single-player-action/ These "Leaked" Single Player Trailer is makes me more excited about DooM unlike previous trailers that only focusing on Multiplayer aspect.
  10. Source : http://gnn.gamer.com.tw/2/130902.html It's written on Taiwanese but I just points out some interesting part. Dark Souls Director Hidetaka Miyazaki said that Dark Souls Series is over and already begun a new IP. Although he said that Dark Souls is over, DLCs is currently planned to be released in Fall 2016 and Early 2017. Personal Thoughts: Dark Souls is a great game series and now it's time to take a rest. It's good to see that developer whilling to stop developing a new sequel after sequel in short time that will hurt their own IP. Unlike some yearly released games series *Cough* AssCreed and CoD *Cough* that now only care about Quantity over Quality to milking our wallet. While I actually want From Software to back to it's Armored Core series but we will see this New IP turns out to be good.
  11. Thunder. Thunder! Thunder!! Thundercats!!! HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Yeah I know it's not from game but this song is like from some legit Thundercats NES Games.
  12. Armored Core : My best game for my entire life and my childhood right there. If not because of this game I'm probably not become active gamer right now. But FromSoftware now focusing about Souls / Borne series, no indication that they will bring back Armored Core. Star Wars Battlefront 3 : Star Wars Battlefront 3 that Lucasart developed. But sadly it never released despite it has 99% ready to be released. You can listen entire history in youtube, Did you know gaming? Star Wars. I rather give all my money to this Battlefront rather than crap that it's Battlefront EA. MechWarrior 5 : There's old trailer that announced MW:5. But now all it's assets become MW:Online. While MW:O is still good as PvP Multiplayer but I just want Single-Player experiences about MechWarrior. Soul Calibur : Namco Bandai now focusing to other games especially Tekken Series. Chance to have new sequel to Soul Calibur is thin right now.
  13. My Favorite games series EVER. I want new Armored Core series or at least Port AC:VD and AC:FA to PC could bring smile to my face. But sadly FromSoftware seems more focusing on their Souls / Borne games. In this games you could creates or combine many parts of Gundam Plastic Model then ride it into the battle. The Customization is best part of this game. But this game only available only in Japan. But I heard that Gundam Breaker 3 have English subtitle option in it. From the makers of former-developers of Westwood Studio that brought us Command & Conquer. Each Faction have unique units, ability and plays differently. I used play but no one never mention it ever.
  14. Some theses music are obliviously from Initial D anime. But actually these songs actually in Dance Dance Revolution if I'm remember correctly.
  15. Want to play it. But my wallet is not enough souls money. I'm in middle making my essay in my college and I'm afraid if I'm playing right now I'm will become hollow stressed how hard it is. Also my computer isn't powerful enough playing this. Maybe when I have many free times and I'm have enough money I don't mind getting this. In mean time enjoy Honest Trailer