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  1. Banned for being the opposite of alive.
  2. I have a sinking feeling this might get political. That said, I would like to go at some point. If only to see the memorial and such. Bear in mind, anyone that may want to go see it as well- I know a few people who went to see it a few months back and security was really (and rather understandably) tight. So pack like you're going to the airport. Or the Holocaust museum in DC. It's as haunting a place as you can get without flying over to Auschwitz or Buchenwald. If you've never been, and you're in the DC area, it's definitely worth a visit. Really, though, any monument or museum dedicated to any tragedy is bound to be a somber place.
  3. Banned because of the C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!
  4. Wait, shouldn't it be the Emperor running? Or is he too busy campaigning for 2016 here in the States? I know where my vote's going! I mean, why vote for the lesser evil? This guy, at least, knows how to get things done in politics! And everyone talks about the destruction of Alderaan- they had it coming! They were harboring rebels! *insert clever WMDs crack here*
  5. Banned because wait, there's a topic to be off?
  6. Banned because at least Mr. Mime doesn't look like some kind of creepy pedophile like Hypno does.
  7. Plague Inc's kinda fun. Create a disease, infect humanity, kill everything. It's good for those days when you've had to deal with too many idiots and just want to watch the world burn. Or as I like to call them: "Any day that ends in 'Y'."
  8. Banned because goddamn, what is this, Ninja'd Fest 2014?
  9. Banned because that's preposterous! Not David Cage is clearly Martin Scorsese.
  10. Banned because WHAT THE FUCK, I didn't even start this level yet!
  11. Neither do I, and I do apologize if at any point it seemed like I was being a little harsh on the fanservice (though, if anything, I felt I mostly ignored it outside of the first spoiler). Frankly, when you have a scene where you have a girl's jiggling breasts going all Neo on a high caliber round, you've moved past the point where the fanservice has any potential to offend me and moved into "in awe of the audacity of the act" territory. Though the requisite bath scene was still extremely blatant. But, again, not as bad as some that I've seen (not including straight-up porn, mind). As for the characters, really only Kohta (the gun-nut otaku kid) has stuck with me in terms of name and traits, and that's mostly because he's named and modeled after Hellsing's mangaka (and also because we share a tendency to nerdgasm over weapons). Outside of that... I don't know, didn't the girl with the sword kill a guy in self defense and like the feeling it gave her, or something? I seem to remember the brown-haired protagonist guy being kind of generic, so I guess that puts him leagues ahead of everyone else in the cast in terms of what I remember about them. But, hey, I guess some things stick more easily for some people than others (I can barely remember most of everything I learned in math class, but ask me to do a Monty Python skit? Shit, let's just hope the ceiling's high enough!). I don't know, I almost kind of want to rewatch it to see what I remember. Then again, with the new Civ coming up, I doubt I'll have the time before I'm declared legally dead and they cut off the internet. But speaking of fanservicey shows-
  12. Surprisingly enough, no. And you know what? I think I can handle this one.
  13. Oh my god... This game... The main character looks like Nathan Explosion if he went off the deep end, sounds like every emo "badass" main character EVER, the script reads like something you'd hear from a parody game commercial on a TV show, the gameplay trying so hard to be brutal and shocking that it just comes off as adorable on the dev's part, and lest we forget the title art looks to be aping Doom, of all things... Oh, and the name. Was "Lack of Creative Wit" taken? I've not laughed this hard at someone seriously trying to make me shocked in far, far too long.
  14. Ensemble. Oh, the things I'd do for a proper Age of Empires 4 from them. Hell, I'd settle for Halo Wars 2.