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  1. leovic liked a post in a topic by Jackschmit in New AJSA invite/promotion thread (PC - NA server)   
    Just starting a new thread for invites and promotions. If you need a guild invite to AJSA on the NA server please post here.
    Also if you are in need of a promotion to member or Veteran, post here (Rank is determined by your forum rank, read
    AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks  for more info)
    PLEASE include your @name with your post!
    Official Faction is still AD but members lay on all factions. I wouldn't want to be one of the guilds that boot anybody playing on another faction because that seems a little harsh.
  2. leovic liked a post in a topic by Toriko in More info for HoT   
    We now have news on how guild missions are changing. Certain missions such as Puzzle and Challenge that get backed up from time to time will now be instanced to allow for easier access without having to wait for a guild to finish. Players will also receive an item that will teleport you to the nearest waypoint for that mission. A huge portal will be in the guild hall that will do the same function. 
    A new crafting profession is coming called scribe. It's purpose so far seems to be making advanced upgrades for the guild hall beyond what you could buy from a vendor.
    On a side note, I think we should create a megathread for HoT news that gets continuously updated.
  3. leovic liked a post in a topic by Toriko in What is the Fastest Way to Get Gold in GW2?   
    Please don't post gold seller websites. Most of the gold they sell you comes from accounts that were hacked then destroyed for gold.
  4. leovic liked a post in a topic by jebby in EXPANSION PACK EVENT PLANS   
    as the release date is unknown this is all subject to change (more so if in July as i am out of country for 2 weeks in Scotland) but this post is to lay out the plan for event for the 2 weeks after the ex pack hits.
    first week = no events a part form the guild mission, this is give me and the rest of the leadership to get knowledge on how the ex paxk content works and also just to play some of it 
    WEEK 2 = 7 DAYS 7 EVENTS , this will be a large operation to do this and a lot of planing will go in this , the current plan is day 
    day 1 - pve event 1 
    day 2 - pve event 2
    day 3 - wvw event 
    day 4- pve event 3
    day 5 - pvp (stronghold if pos)
    day 6- pve event 4
    day 7 - guild missions and surpise some sort 
    also at each event 2 random weapons form the guild bank will be given out (1 random and the other in some sort of silly challenge then there will also be 3 more given to people who turn up to at least 3 event in the week , this will require list the people that turn up , then raffle the names that run up 3 time or more ) .
     what do you guys think of the idea , remember this can change based on feedback or launch date
  5. leovic liked a post in a topic by jebby in NA GUILD WARS EVENT MONTHY TIME TABLE   
       ASTROS NIGHT OF CAZY (you are at the mercy of astro good luck)(9pm sever)
       THRID WEEK: 
     DCs  WVW NIGHT ( 8  PM SEVER TIME  ) 
  6. leovic liked a post in a topic by jebby in wvw 2.0   
    long with a new borderlands there will be changes to upgrades , yaks  and  wvw ranks 
    upgrades are now happen automatically and yaks drop less supply (yaks also speed up upgrades )
    upgrades are group into tier 1,2,3 and all tier 1 upgrade all happen at once  (same with all the upgrade tiers) 
    wvw ranks  are change and the points required to tait into different things. all the change to wvw ranks are below 
    We reduced the total number of ability ranks of Guard Killer and Defense Against Guards from 10 to 5. The Applied Fortitude and Applied Strength effects have been removed. Ability lines that increased percentages from 1% to 5% now increase percentages from 2% to 10%. We reduced the total cost of specific siege weapon lines from 75 points to 60 points. We reduced the total cost of the Supply Capacity line from 300 points to 145 points. The Supply Master and Mercenary’s Bane lines remain at 15 points. We normalized all ability progression tracks of five ranks per line to 35 points. We normalized all ability progression tracks of four ranks per line to 15 points. for more info https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/upgrading-world-vs-world-upgrades/ 
  7. Treeps liked a post in a topic by leovic in Official Guild Wars 2 NA sign up - Reply for an invite if you're committed   
  8. leovic liked a post in a topic by Treeps in Official Guild Wars 2 NA sign up - Reply for an invite if you're committed   
    Invitation sent, leovic! Welcome to The Angry Army! 
  9. leovic liked a post in a topic by wisbin in Lets build a new AJSA dojo, join us!   
    Hi there,
    There is a new AJSA dojo in Warframe.
    It was build by strafumato and me to facilitate all our fun in Warframe.
    The old AJSA dojo is no more, the new AJSA dojo is just starting.
    We are building the first floor, but it is rather slow with only 2 members
    We do not want to keep the AJSA dojo to ourselves when we quit Warframe.
    Therefore it would be wise to build it with more AJSA members if there is enough interest.
    If we get 10 clan members the dojo will be finished within a week or 2.
    Then we can go for 30 or even more and rule the galaxy!

    So ....if you are playing Warframe and want to join the new AJSA clan,
    please help us out now with the building proces (and have fun along the way).
    We need some people who are willing to help out with the resources (forma!).
    We are experienced players and have enough credits and other resources to start a solar rail already,
    but we need to build all of the dojo rooms and labs first.
    If you are willing to help out, need a clan and are still a happy Tenno, join us.
    Leave your Warframe ingame name here and we will invite you to AJSA clan and dojo.
    Strafumato  & wisbin
    (You must be without a clan to be able to accept our invitiation, you will receive a clan key which you need to craft in the foundry. You can only join one clan at the same time) 
    PS if you are a retired Tenno and still have some unused resources, that you would like to donate to AJSA clan in Warframe, please also let us know and you are very welcome too. 8)