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  1. Cryptium liked a post in a topic by DoctorWorm in Recruitment.   
    In game name is SlightlyEvil.  Just started playing, looking forward to joining.
  2. Cryptium liked a post in a topic by strafumato in Recruitment.   
    jadelegion clan inv sent!! 
    if you see me ( strafumato ) online just talk to me for some tips , wisbin he can help you to ...or just ask some high level guys from the clan ...
    the tutorial from the game is not that god so we might have some beginner's guide , just ask for tips on the warframe forum , make a new topic beginners guide or something .
  3. Cryptium liked a post in a topic by strafumato in Recruitment.   
    crpytium clan inv sent
  4. Cryptium liked a post in a topic by wisbin in Lets build a new AJSA dojo, join us!   
    We have 3 floors ready and all is in place. The research is underway on all labs, duel rooms are ready, trading can be done on all floors, parcours is ready and the best time is 1:29 so far
    There are new teleporters in the dojo, so you dont have to walk that far. You can teleport to every important part of the dojo fast now.
    In a week or 2 we will be ready for solar rails research. We are trying to get the emblem also, but we like some more Tenno also.
    If you still like to join, send me a message in warframe or here and I will be happy to add you to our clan.
    In a couple of weeks we will see Update15, where we can fly outside our ships, with the introduction of the archwings. It looks like this will be a new vehicle with its own mods and powers, like having another warframe at your side.
    Cya on the dark side...
  5. Cryptium liked a post in a topic by Beany in Recruitment.   
    Welcome members of the Angry Joe Show Army !
    If you wanna be invited to the clan in Warframe, Leave your IGN in this thread or hop on Angry Joe's Teamspeak server  and ask a officer for a faster invite.
    If there's any need for help or wanna group up easily, Just ask and well gladly help out. 
    Since we have a teamspeak, It is easier to communicate, specially if you are hardcore busy shooting stuff then you dont have the time to chat. And its more fun on teamspeak
    See you ingame and hopefully on teamspeak !